Periods Postpone – Follow The Natural Remedies And Measurements


Woman would face the time when she is only left with delaying periods. It is happening naturally as per your desire, then you are happy with it. What if you get your periods in the wrong time or sensing it in the wrong time? Then, pills are the quick option to stop the periods.

By stopping the periods you are reversing something natural in your body. Home remedies are good for your health and workable at the same time.

When you see the periods symptoms or sense it, then start following the remedies. You have safe measures along with the remedies. You have the related information that you always wanted to know about delaying the periods. So, you have everything covered in this article. You can know about periods postpone before you get a thought of it.

Is It Safe To Postpone Periods?

Postponing periods once in a while is safe. If postponing of periods is practiced frequently there could be some side effects. When you try to delay periods by using pills it will take some time for the hormones to come back to normal as the hormones go through a number of changes. The effects of postponing periods can differ from person to person.

It is not important that every person will have the same effects or same results. The best and safe way is to try home remedies rather than taking pills. Natural remedies will not result in side effects. Also, it is advisable to not take any pills without consulting a doctor. Consult a doctor and get the medication prescribed.

Home Remedies To Postpone Periods – Regulate Safely and Naturally

1. Gram lentils


Gram lentils is one such ingredient which is safe and successful to postpone your periods. Consume gram lentils for a few days prior periods and it will show good results. Purchase gram lentils and fry them.Then make a fine powder out of the fried gram lentils.

If you don’t want to take the pain of frying, then purchase a gram lentils flour. Consume this powder by making a soup, stew, salad or a smoothie out of it. This will help you delay your periods and is the most easy way.

Gram lentils will result in bloating, gastrointestinal effects and stomach distress. This is because gram.lentils are full of fibre. You may have these side effects if you overeat gram lentils.

2. Apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits and is an effective ingredient to delay your periods. Apple cider vinegar delays the periods and also helps in controlling over bleeding.

All you have to do is take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and dilute it in one glass of water.

Mix it well because apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and remember that the perfect dilution will work well. Remember to drink this before having your meal so that it doesn’t affect the blood sugar spikes.

Also see to it that you don’t get apple cider vinegar in direct contact with teeth as it can damage your tooth enamel and esophagus. Do this twice or thrice a week prior periods and it will naturally help you out.

3. Gelatin


Gelatin is a protein source and a perfect home remedy to delay periods. Take a pack of gelatin and mix it with warm water. This will show quick results in delaying periods. If you need the bet result then you should repeat the same for a few days.

There is no research to say what makes gelatin delay periods. But this is an experiment that can work for some women and can fail for some women. Also don’t drink too much of gelatin as it results in bloating and digestive problems.

4. Lemon juice


Lemon juice is the best source for vitamin C. It is a citrus fruit. It is said that citrus fruits will delay periods as it is acidic in nature. It is used to detoxify the body and naturally delays periods. Lemon juice will also make the period flow lighter and makes you relieved from period problems.

All you have to do is take one tablespoon of lime juice and dilute it in a glass of water. Have the lime juice often to delay periods. You can do this a couple of days prior to the period’s date.

5. Watermelon


Watermelon has the cooling properties and it calms down your body. Over heat in the body can lead to heavy periods or early periods. So, watermelon is the best remedy to balance the heat and delay your menstrual cycle.

After eating watermelon, your body feels lighter as it contains water. The water content in the fruit hydrates your body and flushes out the heat. Start having watermelon, making it part of your diet for 3-4 days. You can also consume a big glass of watermelon juice.

6. Cucumber


Cucumber is a vegetable that must be part of your diet kit. When you are near to get your periods, start consuming cucumber. Include it in your salads and while having meals. This removes the heat out of the body and delays the periods.

The cold foods can keep you away from periods. Cucumber also hydrates your body quickly. It is the best food that you can take in summers.

What Makes You To Postpone Periods?

Women postpone their periods for various reasons. Some delay it for special days and others do it to avoid the difficulty at inconvenient times. There are things like occasions, vacations, weddings, pilgrims to visit during which none of us want to face discomfort.

Few people delay periods during exams, surgeries or sports events. We all want to postpone periods because it affects our mental and physical health. Women also experience premenstrual syndrome(PMS) which refers to emotional and physical symptoms that are caused in women before 2 weeks of periods.

They see physical changes like bloated tummy, cramps, tender breasts, hunger, headache, muscle ache, joint pain, swollen hands and feet, pimples, weight gain, constipation or diarrhea. They also see emotional changes like being anxious, tense, depressed, crying, mood swings, want to be lonely, anger outbursts and sleeplessness. Also women tend to forget things and are too tired during periods.

There are several different menstrual problems. It is really annoying to have periods in chaos. It becomes hard to juggle between work and cramps. So women often try to postpone periods because it messes the hormones. They become moody and more agitated than normal.

Tips To Consider Before Postpone Periods

It is unnatural to control periods completely. Periods are a natural occurrence and are a sign of a healthy body. It is recommended for you to follow something before trying to delay your periods.So below are few tips to consider before postpone of periods

1. Consult a doctor

It is always important to consider a doctor before taking any kind of steps regarding your health. Any reactions on bodies can have risks as well benefits. Risk could be less if you use home remedies but it is a must if you are doing it for the first time. Discuss every single idea and let them suggest the best to keep you healthy and happy.

2. Don’t overdo

Always remember to do things only if there is an emergency. But don’t make this delaying of periods a habit. By overdoing, it can lead to breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding means bleeding at unexpected times. This is because of hormonal fluctuations. This happens when your hormone levels will fall and you will have your periods as usual. So it is not safe to keep repeating this home remedy process back to back.

3. Lifestyle factors

Don’t let any lifestyle factors affect your process of home remedies. Over eating, eating junk and eating unhealthy will make your stomach upset and can lead to many problems. When you eat or overeat there is a chance of constipation, gas and bloating. So try to have a normal diet. Smoking during this condition is a bad idea and it affects your health and can result in something worse. Also try to get an adequate amount of sleep.

If you don’t sleep enough you’ll be stressed and restless. That can make you feel more cranky. Drinking water is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy. Dehydration can lead to hormonal fluctuation and results in bloated belly. These can result in periods and cramps. So it’s better to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Always carry a medical kit

It is important to be prepared because there are no proper and foolproof ways to make periods delay. There is no guarantee of when and where you would get your periods because periods can be more likely to be early or late. Bring enough of tampons or pads to face all aspects of sudden periods.

Your medical kit should have painkillers if you’re a person who has severe cramps. Also make sure you have tissue rolls and bags to dispose of the pads or tampons. Also carry hand sanitizers to maintain hygiene. Make sure you carry some wipes in order to avoid irritation. Carry your period underwear to avoid stains on new underwear or clothes.

Side Effects For Postpone Periods

Always remember every action has a reaction. All actions on the body lead to some risk of side effects. There will be different reactions in different ages of women/girls. The effects change from person to person. Side effects are more likely to occur when you keep delaying it for longer.

Below are some side effects you need to know

1. Effects your body

Your body will have excessive weight loss or weight gain. Low body weight is often a sign of missed or irregular periods. Your body will have illness and can cause hormone problems. It will cause change in hormonal levels and the body can’t support menstruation at this stage.

2. Leads to over bleeding

Heavy blood flow and cramps are a sign of missing periods. Delay of periods can interrupt the cycle and lead to heavy flow. This over bleeding can be heavy, painful and unbearable. Sometimes it leads to bleeding disorder where it becomes difficult to stop the blood flow.

3. Menstrual cycle issues

It will take a lot of time for your natural cycle to return. Any remedies or medicine to delay periods can interfere with your menstrual cycle and lead to long term issues. Your menstrual cycle can be unpredictable like it can be lighter, less frequent, more frequent or skipped periods or no periods at all.

If your cycle does not become normal you’ll also face problems like cramps, breast soreness, headaches, acne, bad sleep patterns, bloating and mood swings.

Take all the remedies mentioned here. If you are choosing the effective way to postpone your periods then also see that it is safe. Food consumption and some additional tips can naturally postpone your periods where you don’t take pills and trouble your body in the long run.

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