15 Toxic Effects Of Texting Habit In A Relationship


Relationships are an ocean of emotions. All the emotions don’t make the moment pleasant and happy. Some complications make it hard to stay in the relationship itself. One thing that is affecting modern couples is texting. Texting is a con for relationships in many ways despite some pros. You must remember that doing something to an extreme level becomes toxic.

If you are having a conversation over chatting, then you can preserve the chats. You can capture the lovely moments but it is totally different from directly talking to your beloved. For all who are preferring chatting over direct meeting discussions need to know the effects of it.

Of course! A couple don’t lead their relationship to break up just because of texting. But it also matters where you both are leading in your relationship. Here you have more inzicht on what texting is doing to your relationship.

Effects Of Texting In Relationship

Initially texting seems amazing. The quick catch up of your sweetheart is exciting for you. This becomes a habit for both of you where you find it as a problem later. Changes in your lifestyle and relationship may not match but expectations would be high by then. Most of the couples who loved connecting over texting feel regret. That is the reason we want you to know the effects.

If you want to adopt healthy relationship habits then you must exclude texting from it. You have many reasons to get out of the texting habit as you want to keep your precious relationship live and alive too.

1. A great lead for misunderstandings


You mean something and the opposite understands it differently. If this happens during the direct conversation you will find the difference right there. Though the person is an introvert or expressionless, you will know the inside feelings. It’s not the same with chatting.

You can’t expect the person to read in a positive tone just because you sent something good. Even a joke sounds like an insult in texting. This raises the misunderstanding that you really don’t want in your relationship. It happens without knowledge or any actual intentions. When you have the conflicts all this becomes a noted point. Did you really say that? May not be but it sounded like that.

2. More texting is also more confusions


A mature conversation between two people gets them closer. Be it their relationship, future or a casual topic but talking deep about something is a great thing. You will know each other’s thought process, opinions and intentions.

Do you think texting is that qualitative for a deep conversation? You may end up explaining more but still it’s a doubt if the other person got it or not. Relationship talks don’t have a software to understand your opinions.

Once the confusions start it becomes the toughest puzzle of your relationship. Mainly do not try to sort out your conflicts through texting. You may start with something but end up with something. Try to have a conversation directly over a coffee or in a pleasant atmosphere. Having fun conversations and general talks is still better but not to try solving your problems.

3. Expressions say a lot


When you miss your partner, what do you remember? Missing someone is an unexplainable feeling. The flash of expressions, laughter, touch and everything that attracts you in him. You miss everything that you feel is precious for you. And what if you are just used to texting than direct contact.

Once an experience of love is an experience forever. But we are also trying to say that expressions are important. Expressions are precious. You want to recollect and live in thoughts of the person. Meeting helps more than texting to experience these magical moments.

4. Affects the connection


There are many differences like we have similarities. You connect with the similarities and respect the differences in love. Every couple would have some similarities that they love to do together. And they need to do it throughout to enjoy the togetherness.

If you are not able to connect this way through texting, then you lose the spark in the relationship. It affects a bit at least which also hurts you both sometimes.

This is the saddest part in long distance relationships. There are few ways to maintain the long distance relationship. Both of you must make mutual efforts.

5. Signals don’t favor you all the time


Signals are deadly dangerous! When you want to convey something very important to your partner and are not able to reach it. This is a big turn off. You get the bug of being patient in such situations. You blame each other finally and it may lead to a clash.

A few times of experiencing something like this can affect your relationship. If you are facing something of this sort, I advise you to find a solution to save your precious relationship. And the solution is not switching the network. It could be reducing texting and making some quality time once in a while at least. Connect directly and discuss it all. May your relationship live long!

6. Sometimes feelings are to show than just said


Happiness, pain or fear, anything is different when shown than said. These extreme emotions and feelings are to be shared together staying beside. You may encourage the person from being apart but it’s better when doing it directly. The direct hug is more soothing than virtual one.

The sparks that you lighten to show your happiness directly is unbeatable that you send on whatsapp. So, my request is to make time for your partner, for your relationship at least once in a while. You will cherish those moments together. You need to!

7. Eye contact is a must


Did you ever feel your partner’s eye contact is flattering? Anyone in love feels this. Eye contact is not just important for a couple to come closer. A direct eye contact shows the purity in love. Betrayal or hidden feelings also are caught with eye contact than words.

I must link to this saying “the eyes don’t lie”. Agree that technology is a medium to share and care. But all that we want to say is eye contact has its own importance. And you need to consider it for a long lasting relationship than just keep it to texting.

8. Virtual connection creates distance


When you are adjusted to texting and making it a comfortable platform then distance is the natural effect. Some people are habituated to chatting and virtual dating. But one point is undeniable- how much ever you are happy with virtual talks,you must live together in long term relationships.

You would find it strange or unwilling to stay together when you live together. But be strange in person. And for this you must not rely on texting but give space for your love in your busy life.

9. You need to see what’s going on other side


Knowing the happenings in your partner’s life is your responsibility. It is not snatching his space or stalking him but knowing the least is the best. You both must know what you are up to in life.

Things that are said and seen are different. It is not the same as you imagine. The world is full of fake smiles, hidden pain and cunning thoughts. To keep an eye or to help your partner, don’t do it through texting. It complicates your relationship. Have a direct discussion and have a check on things.

10. Happy times to celebrate together


Celebrating success together is a healthy habit for relationships. The bond becomes stronger and better when you take time and celebrate each other’s success.

Celebrations are part of couples growing together. If you are restricting the celebrations to texting and sharing it through social media platforms then you are not having all of it.

Another point to be mentioned here is, as you share your happiness through texting for then and postpone the real celebrations for some other time. But you are just delaying your happy moments again and again. This is not a good sign for your relationship.

11. Need a shoulder to cry


When there is success and happiness,everyone would be around but during low times only dear ones help healing it. A couple grow being part of their ups and downs. A partner is the dearest to share sadness as equally as happiness.

Friends and family may show unconditional love but expecting from a partner is natural too. So, don’t try to show your care through texting. If possible, visit him, be the support and boost the strength to face it. You must expect the same from your partner. When texting and virtual meeting is the mere option then you can’t do anything more except that.

12. It’s not lively


Liveliness is a crucial part of every relationship. If you are feeling that texting is lively as well, then it is great. But not in every moment or situation. The surprises and something happy news or show affection, all these are a must in relationships. These keep it lively and filled with enthusiasm. While you are sticking to texting, you are missing such precious moments in life.

Just keep it lively, you can’t stick to your partner or expect him to stick to you. It happens eventually and it turns out into a wonderful moment when you cherish it. Such moments are not for everyday. And you also cannot plan such lively moments. This becomes artificial if you are just trying to do it from far away.

Busy lives create the urge of giving importance to texting. But don’t let your relationship get affected by losing the lively feelings and experiences.

13. No boundaries


You feel the need of knowing every small detail in your partner’s present life. This is when you both only catch up virtually. You will forget to give space to each other. This becomes a toxic habit for you both.

It brings unhealthy differences and arguments. Giving space is crucial in a relationship. If you are making time for each other , directly then the tendency of knowing everything stays in control.When you both are together, still you would want to know. But mostly, then things will be seen without saying. It is not the same with texting.

14. Tendency of faking things


Don’t you think you tend to fake the little things? You must check on this if you are doing so. Apart from your relationship, you would have your family, career and your very personal life too. As your partner and you got habituated to share everything, you do it in flow still. But at some point, of you or both of you would get bugged with your own habit of texting. Then, you tend to fake things and happenings.

It is not a sure tendency for every couple but there are chances of faking or managing things. It is petty things that you are hiding or keeping secrets, then it is still fine. But don’t let your chatting habit affect your relationship in an unhealthy way.

15. Virtual intimacy is another effect


Relationships don’t stand with intimacy but it helps build it. Intimacy that comes from affection and attraction is better to show directly. As it is a precious thing for a couple in love, it is not good to make it too virtual. They get affected after becoming addicted to much virtual intimacy. Intimacy and romance via texting is good as well but only to some extent. Maybe texting helps for a couple to overcome shyness for intimacy. But not further where you will make it the only way to connect.

For long term relationships, it is important to explore each other’s wishes. You again cannot discuss over a chat session about your wishes and sexual desires.

As we are listing the cons of texting it doesn’t mean it is bad. For many couples it is the only option left to share their life and exchange their love. But it is a need to make time for each other and meet. It is better not to rely on texting.

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