Fashion style lessons to learn from Priyanka Chopra


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Priyanka Chopra

Indian diva Priyanka Chopra has not only conquered her home country, but also has done a great job with impressing people all over the world. Her acting, philanthropy and of course her sense of dressing has come a long way and now the dashing actress knows how to perfectly carry herself. We just saw her beautiful white gown with sheer material during the 88th Acadamy Award function where she presented an award. Her confidence, perseverance and of course her style is what demands to be applauded. She does a great job with juggling her careers from the Bollywood industry to pursuing her pop music to even managing Hollywood movies and shows. Her style stays chic and perfectly even after a boring/tiring 20 hour flight.

You simply can’t do anything but feel proud and happy that she is one among us who is rocking it big time in the Hollywood industry. Whether it is an official outfit or casual wear, Priyanka Chopra never misses a chance to show off her beautiful sense of fashion. It isn’t easy to be amongst a hundred superstars, fashionistas and style bombs of Hollywood. On this occasion, we thought of putting down all her outfit ideas and all the fashion style lessons or fashion tips to steal from Priyanka Chopra (the beautiful actress).

Some Fashion Tips to Learn from Priyanka Chopra

1Denim with a quirk

Denim with a quirk

Everyone wants to wear jeans because not only is it comfortable but is also one of the most easy to wear dresses for any occasion. Priyanka is no different. She loves blue jeans and we have seen her wearing a blue jean almost to all her launches. But what makes her stand out of the herd is that she has her own way of styling the jeans. Or at least, she picks up jeans that are weirdly cute. Rips, patchworks and quirky flared fits are some of her famous collection. The ripped, patch work jeans are not very attractive as such. But when you top it with a proper shirt or t shirt, it goes great and looks super stylish. This is one secret she knows perfectly and makes even bad looking attire look great.

2Voluminous outfits

Voluminous outfits

Most actresses don’t go with fluffy clothes or jatang colors. Take it from the actress, she doesn’t care to show off her sleek body in a voluminous outfit with bold colors. A lot of people think that a big gown or a downy big outfit may drown their body into it and might not go well with their figure. The actress makes sure that she experiments with her style and wears things that are opposite to the contrary belief. Isn’t that bold enough and of course takes a hell lot of confidence on herself and her body.

3Say yes to Vertical stripes

Say yes to Vertical stripes

Ladies have a wrong judgment when it comes to striped and body shapes. A lot of you out there might believe that a horizontal striped tee shirt or a dress would look good on thin people and for people who are chubby, vertical stripes would look good. One important style sense, we have got to steal from the beauty of the moment is her experimentation. She tries new stuff and one of her famous outfits also involves vertical striped dress. Instead of t shirt, she wears a dress with monochromatic colors. Ladies and girls out there, experiment and try new trends like our girl!

4Pointed pumps

Denim with a quirk

She was one of the very few celebrities who bought back the pointed pumps back in fashion. Until then, everyone else was dependent on wedges, stilettos and of course flats. And it is tacky and different to wear a totally weird color and match it with a toned town dress. That way, your shoes and your dress will stand out. She wears pop colors, spiked shoes and makes her swag go around. You can definitely try this and make your own trend. The Trend starts when you start it, so don’t hesitate to try something new. Also, would you dare to wear a sock with your pointed pumps? Well, Priyanka wouldn’t care to do that because she knows how to carry herself.

5Explore with dresses

Explore with dresses

Don’t always get settled on something that is tried and tested. Don’t go for a Little black dress and call it a day! Everyone has seen it, everyone has worn it and everyone has become bored of it. Go for different colors, different patterns, different sizes and shapes. Your dress doesn’t have to be short or long necessarily. It can be in between and have crazy patterns on it. You will get to know more about fashion and trends only when you try and test something of your own. Look for prints, texture and hemlines specifically while buying a dress.

6Open hair is not your answer

Open hair is not your answer

Yes, open hair could be most of the times the answer to your hair problems, but let’s face it! Always going open hair wouldn’t do any good to you and your looks. Take PC for example. She makes sure to look fab even in a tied up-do. Even if her hair isn’t falling on her face, she makes sure she looks elegant, chic and fashionable. Get to know different hairstyles and learn the techniques.

-Pavithra Ravi

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