Easy Lemonade

Easy Lemonade

How do you make lemonade? Sugar, lemon, water and ice right? Did you know that your lemonade can get easier? If you are wondering how, you need to make a syrup using warm water + sugar, after which add the lemon and water. When you make the water + sugar syrup, you will not miss the taste and your sugar will dissolve properly. This way, you will get the renewed taste and your drink would not turn out to be bland.

A good lemonade demands appreciation from everyone. To add more intensity to this, grate zest from one fresh lemon and add the pulp into the making of your lemonade. Once the sugar has dissolved in the water, remove from heat and let the zest seep in the simple syrup for several minutes, then strain out the zest when you add the simple syrup to the lemon juice.


1 cup white, granulated sugar (can reduce to 3/4 cup)
1 cup water (for the simple syrup)
1 cup lemon juice
2 to 3 cups cold water (to dilute)


1.Firstly, make “simple syrup”. In a saucepan, place the sugar and water and bring to a simmer. Keep stirring till the sugar dissolves completely and remove from heat.

2.While the water is heating for the simple syrup, juice your lemons. Juice the lemons depending on the size. 4 to 6 of them should be enough for one cup of juice.

3.Pour the juice and the simple syrup sugar water into a serving pitcher. Add 2 to 3 cups of cold water and taste. Add more water if you would like it to be more diluted (though note that when you add ice, it will melt and naturally dilute the lemonade). If the lemonade is a little sweet for your taste, add a little more straight lemon juice to it.

You can also add mint leaves to the lemonade to make it interesting and tasty.
Refrigerate 30 to 40 minutes.
Serve with ice, sliced lemons

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