Simple Tips To Do That Perfect Makeup For A Gold Dress


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makeup for gold dress
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There can be a variety of makeup ideas for a gold dress. The gold color is very bright and remarks excellence and sophistication. The makeup that suits the color gold needs to be comparatively flamboyant as compared to the color. The following are some steps and varieties of makeups that can be applied when an individual wears a shining golden dress.

Golden Dress Makeup

Look 1

  • Apply a smooth and foggy base on the skin before commencing the makeup procedure. The face needs to be cleansed and moisturized simultaneously. The primer must be applied in such a way that it reflects a base that is visibly glowing. The finer the glow, the more are the coverage for the pores and the lines on the skin.
  • The following step must be getting an even tone on the skin. This can be done by using a light colored foundation which gives a natural tone. The foundation must be applied with the help of a brush with flat edges. The look can be smoldered with the fine blending of the foundation.
  • Concealer needs to be applied to the foundation covering in order to cover up all the blemishes present of the layer.
  • For applying the concealer, the best effective means is by using a brush that is peachy in nature. This helps in giving a sun-kissed look and radiance on the face.
  • Eye makeup must be concentrated after the initial makeup for the face is completed. The smoky eye is the most apt eye makeup for a golden dress. Use a kajal that can darken the upper and the lower lashes as well as the waterline too.
  • Mascara helps in making the eye look much longer than natural and give a beautiful shine to the eyes. Double coats of mascara serve the best makeup with the gold dress.
  • The entire look can be defined by this final step. A lipstick colour. A nude or neutral color will go perfect here.Top the lipstick with either a sheer shiny gloss or a same color lip gloss.

Look 2

Golden Dress MakeupFirstly. We need to apply primer on the skin of the face. This helps in maintain the makeup and helps it to stay on for a long time.

  • A brush with stippling edges is mandatory for applying the complete foundation to enhance complete covering of the chin, cheekbones, forehead, and the nose. The brush with stippling edges helps in revealing a flawless feel for the makeup to go with the gold dress.
  • A face palette needs to be put on the foundation layer. The darker shades on the face need special care during the application of the palette to bridge all the gaps present. The blending needs to be done perfectly.
  • The makeup looks for a gold dress with special makeup applied to the eyes. An eyeliner is the best match for the upper and the lower lines of the eye. This should be applied with a darker shade.
  • Double coats of mascara are mandatory for this makeup on the upper and the lower lashes. This is the element that would add all the drama to your look. Do not miss out on this.
  • The finishing touch is to properly enhance the lip makeup to make it visibly bolder. The lip makeup helps in the refining of the complete procedure with proper timing. The color red matches best. A lip brush is required to swipe the red shade across the lip in an even manner.

Gold Dress Makeup Ideas

Makeup Applied To Face

Makeup applied to face

Gold is such a color which goes well with all skin colors. But we must be sure enough about what shade to use as a mismatch can make things really disheartening. A smooth skin is normally preferred for a golden outfit. It enhances the charm of the dress. An even skin is compatible with whatever outfit we have put on.

Thus we must concentrate on concealing any flaw in the skin. Skin is the most vital factor in the makeup is taken care the most followed by lips and eyeshadow colors which are no less. As the base is important in every sector of our life so it is in case of makeup. Thus once the skin is done the rest will surely end up being perfect. For covering up mistakes and skin flaws we can use concealer.

The concealer varies with the skin tone. Thus when purchasing one we should be careful to match it with our skin tone. The area under the eye requires a concealer of lighter by 2 to 3 shades. It will help us to look shiny and younger. It helps us to cover the lines of aging. We can apply the concealer with our finger or even brush as blending it well is important. The smoother the surface of the skin the easier it becomes to carry on with the other steps.

The Blush To Be Applied To The Face

The blush to be applied to the face

Light and simple blushes are compatible with the golden dress. What is important is to add a glow to the skin with the help of blush. We should apply it in a particular amount so that it does not make the face look fake and unnatural.

Highlighters can be used for cheekbones to make them more prominent. On top, some contouring powder can make the face appear slimmer. Blending all these things should be done with extreme care as patched makeups spoil the complete look. Thus we should make use of a brush and calmly blend the complete makeup that has been applied.

Lips Made Dark

Lips made dark
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When making the lips we should make then dark as it offers a stunning look to the makeup. A light blended face with eyes golden and winged liner this dark lips will make the complete look gorgeous and extravagant. Red should be our first choice or a deep wine color will do the same wonder. Many of us prefer magenta but makeup experts still believe nothing can beat red and a simple eye makeup for a golden dress.

Obtaining a Bronzy Glowing Face:

Obtaining a bronzy glowing faceA glowing face is the best match for a gold dress. This is best observed when the shimmering is applied in a limited quantity and is not irregular. A peach colored lipstick with eye makeup of bronzy color is perfect matches with the gold dress. The eye makeup must be done with an eyeshadow of bronze color. The lining must be darkened with a light brown color to mark the separation and give a mesmerizing feel.

A darker shade of either grey or charcoal needs to be applied. The bronze lining of the eyeshadow needs to be done for the lower part of the lids also. In case of occasions like marriages and parties, one can simply either use fake eyelashes or put on some mascara to darken the eyelashes.

The lips play an essential factor towards completing the makeup. For the gold dress, a glowing lip is the best match. The best colors of lipsticks or lip glosses that can be chosen for the lip makeup are peach, dead orange, pink, dead pink, and even skin-toned colors.

The boldness of the gold dress is magnified with a red lipstick applied for the lip makeup. This denotes class and is a brilliant combination from which people cannot resist and move their eyes away.

With the red lip makeup, eye makeups must be neutralized with the colors like gold, bronze, light brown etc. The cheekbones need to be highlighted for enhancing the glow on the face and give a matching effect.

Wear that gold dress with elan accompanied by the above makeup ideas. If you wish to shine out make sure you keep the makeup subtle yet dramatic and to achieve it follow some simple tips that we gave you. Choose a look that best defines your personality and most importantly.

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