How to Apply Gold Eyeshadow Makeup Perfectly?


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Gold EyeShadow Makeup

A gold eyeshadow on your eyelids is the ultimate festive look for any indian dress. But it also perfectly goes with almost any other western dress too. This extremely feminine makeup colour imparts an instant royal touch to any outfit. But to achieve this golden eyeshadow look to perfection there are minor things you should follow. Here is how to do it perfectly.

How To Apply Gold Eyeshadow?

How to apply gold eyeshadow
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To perfectly apply gold eyeshadow makeup on your lids, follow some simple steps.

1. Collect all the products required for makeup

Doing the makeup by ourselves is pretty simple when we have all the makeup tools in possession. The materials and tools required are as follows

  • Eyeshadows of the preferred color
  • Eyeliner
  • Blending brush
  • Liner brush
  • A wide flat brush
  • A small fluffy brush
  • Black mascara
  • A crease brush

2. Make the base neutral

Make the base neutralThe initial step is to apply a preferably white colored eyeshadow to the eyelids. The eyeshadow should reach the eyebrow line. Covering the entire area is important. This will act as the base and will help to distribute the Gold Eyeshadow evenly. This base will also ensure that the color stays intact for a long period. We can even use primer on our eyelids for longer lasting effect.

The color of the eyeshadow should be so chosen that it is compatible with the skin color. If we have a bronze colored skin we should go for a similar color eyeshadow whereas in case of fair skin we should use white color eyeshadow.

3. Colour the crease

Colour the creaseNext, we should put on light brown colored eyeshadow to our creases. For this application, we need to use the crease brush. The eyeshadow is applied to the eyelid creases. The shade of this color should always be darker than our normal skin color. The reference picture shows how you can use a spoon to define the crease line. The eyeshadow should be evenly blended into the creases making sure it looks natural.

4. A tinge of black eyeshadow

A tinge of black eyeshadow
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We should preferably apply a light black eyeshadow which will cover up any mistake while applying the black eyeshadow and we do not have to clean up the whole thing.

But this is not compulsory as one who does not possess one of these light eyeshadow can opt out. We who do not want to apply two shades can also go for a single time usage of the black eyeshadow.

5. Don’t forget the lower lash line

Don't forget the lower lash lineFor the lower lid of the eye, the lashes can be brushed with a small flat brush for the application of the eyeshadow. The flat brush will ensure we have a good finishing touch.

Next what comes to use is the blending brush from the list of tools. This is used to apply the eyeshadow in the outer and inner corners of our eyes. The blending brush is very important as it will help in blending the makeup well.

A Jazzy Black and Gold Eye Makeup

Golden Eye Makeup offers our eyes an elegant look and adding a pinch of black eyeshadow to it gives it a bold and impressive effect. The look that comes from this combination of gold and black eyeshadow can be worn on many occasions be it a party or a normal working day. it suits all occasions. It does not require to be very experienced when trying a Golden Eye Makeup. So to hold a bold look on any simple day even a beginner can put on this makeup with perfection. Black and gold eyeshadow makeup goes hand in hand in case of eye makeup.

Tips And Tricks In The Pure Gold Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Golden is a color very popular among all especially the royal. The Royals of several nations have for years worn this color. The fashion of gold has never faded away with time. Even in present days it is, used by many important persons to show their class. It is considered to be used by very classy people.

Actors also prefer the gold make up to make a statement in awards and occasions. This eye makeup brings in an extraordinary effect making our eyes look gorgeous. The intensity of the makeup can alter by changing the intensity of gold color applied. The gold eye makeup is available in multiple shades.

We can choose anyone that goes well with our skin shade and dress we are wearing. Golden is such a color that it suits all color dress and all styles. It can make us stand out and look different at a party. There are several ways and tricks of applying this eye makeup to make it enhance our look to a completely different level. So to transform our look we need to follow the following important but easy tips.

Products and tools required in the process of makeup are

  • Gold eyeshadow
  • Primer
  • Dark brown eyeshadow
  • Base shade
  • Mascara
  • Kajal
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Concealer

To bring about the perfection in our look we have to keep in mind the following steps

1. Applying the primer

Applying the primerSmoothing the surface of the eyelid is important. So to make it even we apply primer. In the complete procedure, this is the initial and most important of all. Everything depends on how evenly the primer has been applied. It helps in making the makeup long lasting and makes it crease free. Thus the primer should be applied to as high as the eyebrow line and blended well to see better effects.

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2. Application of base shade

Next, above the primer, we have to apply base shade. It is applied not only on the eyelids but also up to a small area above it. This shade acts as a mediator and covers up any line or mismatch between our skin color and the gold color eyeshadow.

3. Application of the golden eyeshadow

Golden shadow is the most vital thing in the complete process. We have to put on the eyeshadow on the inner side as well as the center of the eyelid and blend it in the outside direction with a blending brush. The blending should reach the crease of the eyes. Blending it properly is important to get a perfect look.

4. Application of the dark brown shade

Application of the dark brown shadeThe darker brown shade is for the outer corner of the eye which is evenly blended up to the crease. We can apply more amount of golden eyeshadow in case there is scarcity an of color in the center of the lid. The lash line should also be blended with some of these eyeshadow else it will look left out and abrupt.

4. Using the concealer

The concealer is used to cover up fallouts. After following the above tips are are chances that by this step there are several fallouts that start to be seen resulting from the eyeshadow. Concealer plays the final role here by concealing all out the fallout. A bit of concealer does the trick. We just need to remember blending it properly into the skin. Even the slightest of mistake can be covered up and the heavy fallouts are also sure to be rectified.

5. Application of eyeliner

Application of eyelinerWe now use the liner preferably black to bring out the look or even a gel liner can be really great. We can create a winged line with the help of these liners. The design of the line with the liner depends on what look we want.

We can either keep it simple or make it winged. One of them offers a dramatic look and the other offers a more sober look. Even though both make the eyes look gorgeous but it completely depends on us as to what type of look we actually want from the liner and for what type of occasion we are putting up the makeup.

6. Adding kajal to the eye

Adding kajal to the eyeKajal helps to gain an intense look. We can apply kajal on both the upper and lower waterline of our eyes. We can even smudge the lower waterline application to soften it a bit giving it a light look.

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7. Mascara

MascaraFinally, we can add mascara to the eyelashes to make it brighter, longer and blacker in appearance.

This utterly beautiful makeup look of golden eyeshadow will definitely bring in oodles of charm and glamour to any outfit. Especially if you are dressing for festivals, there can be no other better colour for your lids. Get dolled up in this amazing gold eyeshadow look and do share with us if this information was useful. We will be thrilled to hear back from you.

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