Hot Yoga Tips – Part 2


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Hot Yoga

Hot yoga always was the fitness trend nowadays. Since we had already covered a few benefits of hot yoga and how one should prepare them for the same, today I’m going to give you a few more tips. This is a continuation of the previous article on hot yoga. You should know that this type of yoga is a connection of three to four elements in your body. When you do hot yoga, your mind and your body becomes one. There will be a lot of stress at first but once you get practiced, you will love the way you feel after every class. So, here are a few more tips to follow for hot yoga and how to suit yourself in a hot yoga class for the first time.

Part Two Of Hot Yoga Tips

1Yoga etiquette is essential

Yoga etiquette is essential

Yoga is all about discipline and etiquettes. So there are a few yoga etiquette, that one has to follow when you go to yoga class. You will definitely understand the environment and the kind of people in the class through the first week. But, knowing a few things beforehand will help you in avoiding anything that can turn embarrassing or annoying to people around you. As soon as you enter inside the yoga class, try to keep your conversations limited.

Don’t keep talking, because people might want to meditate before the class starts. It is important that you observe other practitioners and yogis as they are your guides. Don’t do anything else on your own without their consent. You are going to sweat profusely. It is important that you don’t keep that in mind and load yourself with a lot of perfume or scented cologne.

The problem is that since you will sweat profusely and since there is a lot more exposure to the smell, it might get stronger than you expect. Not many people will be comfortable with the smell. Don’t keep entering and leaving the room every 15 minutes. If you want, you can leave the room leave once for all or if you have once in for all. The problem with leaving the room every 5 to 10 minutes is that it is very distracting for other yogis as well. The class will be very quiet and calm. So, don’t do anything that involves noise or irritation. Keep yourself composed and act like an adult.

2Be on time

Be on time

The first rule of yoga is discipline and time sense. The very first class will be used for you to sign a few papers and discuss your comfort level with your practitioners. Also, locker facilities and other rules would be discussed on the first day. So, coming late can make you lose all the introductory part. For the following classes, it is not feasible to come in late because there are lockers to store your stuff before the yoga starts. So arriving early is one of the best ways to get a good space to keep your personal stuff.

You should always remember that if you come late, you wouldn’t get the best of the seats. So, asking others to push their mats for you or asking them to move, just because you’re late is rude. At least show up 15 minutes before your class, so that you can meditate, relax and get into the groove. Time keeping is very important and that is how it works on yoga.

3Never eat before class

Never eat before class

A lot of women undergo nausea and puking sensation during the first few classes of hot yoga. This is because of the different positions, backbends and putting your heart blow your head, controlling your mind and heart in a stuffed room of 105 degrees temperature can be overwhelming for you. It would cause severe nausea and you might want to puke at some level.

So it is always better to not eat anything before your yoga class. But if you are in a compulsion of eating something before the class, then it is highly recommended to stick to biscuits, fruits or crackers. Drink a lot of water and eat limited food at least 3 hours before class.

4Don’t judge a class by its teacher

Don't judge a class by its teacher

You have to understand that every person or practitioner is different from the other. If at all you don’t feel comfortable in the class for various reasons like playing music, the flow, the positions, etc, you can ask for a change of class. There are so many Bikram and Vinyasa classes outside and you don’t have to stick to just one because you have paid the fees. You can very much ask them to return your fees if you’re not comfortable with certain things.Also, it is highly important that you don’t judge the class just because of the teacher.

There are few instructors in Bikram class who will be veryprofessional and straightforward in their approach. If you look at Vinyasa teachers, they might not be that intense with you. These teachers can generally be more gentle and smooth in their approach.

This depends on the intensity of the yoga and not the teacher’s character. Spiritual Eastern roots and the art of finding peace can differ from teacher to teacher. Just because you had a bad experience in one class, don’t ditch the entire practice. You can definitely find an instructor who will click with you and will teach you in the way you want. If you click with one such instructor you will find the class more peaceful and deserving.

-Pavithra Ravi

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