How to Avoid Getting Sick in the Office?


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Getting Sick
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While working in the office you have to interact with a lot of people, there is a high possibility that someone among your coworkers may be suffering from cold or flu and may end up being around you. In such cases, the infected person’s bacteria or virus may end up landing in your system and you may contract the same sickness. A lot of times we cannot avoid such situations but to keep yourself safe from infections most amount of time follow these simple tricks to steer clear of such infections and prevent falling sick in the office.

1. Use sanitizers and tissues handy

Use sanitizers and tissues handyWhile working in the office you come across a lot of things of common uses. for example your office system, the desk, stationery, vending machines, washroom soap dispenser etc. Co-workers, who are suffering from contagious conditions like flu or viral infections can leave behind there bacteria on common utility items and spread the sickness forward. To stay away from sickness induced by such pathogens it is best that you use a sanitizer regularly after getting in contact with common utility items. Also, use wet tissues or sanitizer before every meal and after shaking hands with people.

2. Hot water with lemon remedy

Hot water with lemon remedyConsuming a glass of warm water with a little bit of lemon can take your immunity and the metabolism of your body a long way. it is a great way to keep your body working healthy and promoting immunity. the lemon helps you flush out toxins and keep your body alkaline. it also makes your body less susceptible to catch infections.

3. Practice breathing exercises

Practice breathing exercises
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Working in a very stressful environment can sometimes take a toll on your health. to keep your body rejuvenated, take small breaks every few hours and practice breathing exercises. This can be very easily done even at your desk. all you have to do is inhale and exhale. this will remove the stagnant stale air from your lungs and the fresh influx of Oxygen will help your body by increasing the immunity. breathing exercises like Pranayam etc. have been known to help fight bacteria causing common cold infection

4. Soak In the Sun

Soak In the SunSoaking in the sun is very important for the natural immune response of every human body. vitamin D is extremely important in developing a mechanism to fight back infections. lower levels of vitamin D in your body can lead to lowered defence mechanism against cold and flu. to keep your immunity perfect and working take some time out to walk in the sun everyday.

5. Reduce the amount of stress

Reduce the amount of stressIncreased amount a stress can lead to hormonal imbalances by promoting the growth of cortisol hormone. this can lead to a lower immune response to infections like cold and flu. to keep yourself free from any infections contracted from office, make sure you indulge in relaxing activities like listening to music, meditating and taking small walks. Exercising regularly also reduces the amount of stress in your body. even if you practice 5 minutes of breathing exercise everyday it can reduce your stress level by a substantial amount.

6. Avoid using the candy vending machine

Avoid using the candy vending machineMake it a practice to avoid using the Candy vending machines excessively, the more you stress the more you end up unnecessarily eating Candy or some other and healthy snack and increasing your amount of calories. other than this the carbohydrates in the candy can lead to inflammation in your body, this information can thus, reduce your immune response and we can your immunity. this will make you an easy target in the office. instead of eating Candy always carry a healthy snack like an apple or fruit juice with you.

7. Sleep well every day

Sleep well everydayResearch paper published a connection between sleep deprivation and lower immune response. to keep your immune system healthy and functioning properly make sure that you catch up on at least 8 hours of sleep every day. erratic sleep patterns or insomnia can we can your immune system and make it difficult for your body to recover from illness. this can also induce stress in your body and make you an easy target for infections at a workplace. to prevent this from happening Sleepwell everyday.

8. Consume more antioxidants

Consume more antioxidantsAre you addicted to your everyday cup of coffee at work? do you end up adding a few more cubes of sugar then you know are right for you? well, we all are guilty of this crime at some point in our life, but if you have been falling sick quite a lot these days it is a clear indication to take more care of your body. exchange this sugary drink with the healthy cup of green tea which is full of antioxidants that is good not just for your weight loss process but also for a strong healthy body and perfect immune system. You may also consume dark chocolate with 80% cacao or higher. it is also a great source of antioxidants. other than providing you with good immunity against infections, these antioxidants are also good for your face and will prevent premature ageing.

9. Keep hydrating yourself

Keep hydrating yourselfAlong with the set of sanitizer and tissues, one of the most important things to keep by a desk in the office is a bottle of water. a lot of times when people are extremely dehydrated they mistake it to be hunger and end up eating unnecessary calories. dehydration is very common for employees working for long hours, having a Bottle by a desk reminds you constantly to keep drinking this will keep your body well hydrated and keep you full. a hydrated body is much more capable of generating an immune response then a dehydrated one. after finishing every bottle when you walk around to refill it, you also get the advantages of a 5 minute walk.

10. Take more breaks

Take more breaksThis may seem completely absurd, but sitting at your desk constantly for hours at a time can really harm your body. taking short breaks after every while and taking walks in between can help you release endorphins, these hormones can help reduce blood pressure, relax your brain and calm your stress down. if you have an option of going to the gym in your workplace then they couldn’t be a better thing. This can improve your overall health of the body and keep your immune system working fine. just follow the simple rule of thumb and you will never experience a sick day at work.

This work some of the most simple things you should follow not to get sick in office, by following these simple life hacks you can easily build up a healthy immune system and keep yourself away from falling sick at work. Infections like cold and flu are really common at a workplace, but by following these simple tricks you can prevent contracting these infections and keep yourself healthy wealthy and wise.

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