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College Students

College is one of those times when everything looks vague. You don’t know what you are going to do with life and most of all, you don’t know what you are doing with yourself too. It is a confused state that requires you to be steady and finish up all your work on time. College assignments are the most confusing part of the lot. Yes, you are loaded with projects and assignments, you are expected to study for your term exams, you are supposed to enjoy college life and be a lazy ass too.

College is a mixture of too many unknown things and you will figure it out for sure in the run of the mill. If you think that you are unaware of what you are doing with your life, don’t worry because it’s just not. Every college student is the same. They don’t know their aim,but they will figure out.This article however is going to be all about various things that college students can relate to.

Yes, we are going to list down a few things that are very much relatable to college students and this article is totally written in a fun and light mood. If you are one of the college students, then go ahead and read this article to relate every word of it.

Top things college students can relate to about their life

1‘I am done’

‘I am done’

It may seem like as if your projects are assignments are a never ending process that takes out all the energy you have left. You may feel like even before finishing half of your work, you are done for good. Yes, it is true that your classes start to get overwhelming and your breaks don’t feel like breaks at all because all you do is talk about exams, projects and how to score better marks. But, that’s fine, because this is how you are supposed to feel people!

2‘I’ll finish my work tomorrow, promise!’

‘I’ll finish my work tomorrow

This is one of the most famous dialogues and feeling that is uttered, and felt by a college student. Yes, you may convince yourself that you will definitely wake up the next day and finish your work or your assignment. You all know subconsciously that this is not going to happen at all. You are just tired of thinking and you want to hit the bed.

But, convincing yourself that you will finish tomorrow will make you sleep at ease and comfort. You will probably rush through some random books or copy it from one of your friends before 5 minutes of your submission time. Or, even better, you may think of a kick ass reason/excuse to tell your lecturer as to why you need extra time to finish your work.

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3‘I can repeat this outfit again’

‘I can repeat this outfit again’

College students are known for repeating outfits at least 3 times in a week. Noone cares, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t notice. They sure do, but they let it go because they know that being a college student is a lot of work. And if you live in a hostel, it’s even worse. You may probably not wash your clothes at all. You will convince yourself about repeating the clothes every alternate day and assume that people won’t notice the outfit reputation. Well, to be honest, people do notice, but they are already too tired to even speak. So, it’s mostly all about not caring.

4‘What? Did we even have an assignment?’

Did we even have an assignment

You are so swamped with different subjects and their sub projects that you tend to forget if you have assignments in a particular subject. Sunday noons and evenings are for you to laze around, sleep or just go out to a movie or something. The thought of homework doesn’t hit your mind until the time hits 10. Only in the night, you tend to discuss your homework and most of the times you are lost. You don’t know what subject’s project should be submitted when.

5‘Vodka is my answer for everything’

‘Vodka is my answer for everything’

Whether you have tasted hot drinks before in life or not, college is the place for every kind of experiment. You are so tensed, bored and sucked into the exams, projects, submissions and impositions, that you are automatically also sucked into partying, drinks and trying out different things. Vodka is your answer to almost everything. Vodka mixes really well with a lot of things and it is the easiest route to fun for you.

6‘My future is officially down the drain’

My future is officially down

You feel like your future is flushed down the drain and you start blabbering things like this to your friends. You start to find out jobs for students who failed their graduation and you start looking for ways to escape the real world. You are also probably one of those students, who thinks that you are so done that you can’t even face your parents. Trust me on this, every college student is supposed to be this confused. Only then, you will start finding answers. So, if you are shit confused, don’t give up keep figuring out just yet.

Every college student is going to feel defeated, unseen, unheard and most of all, they are going to feel like it is a never ending life. But by the end of 4 years or 3 years, you are going to figure out something so amazing and wonderful that the decision will surprise you. Whether you fail in your exams or top them, a person will be where he is destined to be. So, to all the college students out there, this is a shout out to tell you that you all rock and nothing can stop you. It is fine to be confused, scared and unaware of life. When you cross these hurdles, life will get clearer and brighter. Remember, that you should fight for your life and nothing comes easy!

Let us know more about what you feel and if you related to this particular article.

-Pavithra Ravi

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