Manage Your Relationship With Your Dominating Partners


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Dominating Relationship

We all have been in a relationship at some point of a time. Some of us might have faced the most unfortunate relationships like dominating partners. In the beginning, we might feel good and nice but after some time we might end up feeling miserable. Sometimes in front of this person we become spineless and end up doing whatever he wants. Sometime we blindly follow his rules for us like not to meet with friends, not to speak to our male friends, etc. Sometimes we even feel the anxiety of not standing up and speaking our mind.

Here are a few steps you must know about dominating relationship before you commit, and how you must recognize whether your partner is dominant or not.

Things To Know About Dominant Partners

1Signs he is dominant

Signs he is dominant

There are many signs you must notice before committing in a relationship about your man. Some signs are very effective, like when he controls everything in your life and makes rules on what you must do or where you must go or whom you must see. Sometimes, he starts blackmailing you emotionally to make you feel intimidated. Sometime, your partner can continuously make you feel that you are incompetent, alone and helpless without him. Your partner can argue to get things done according to his way. Also, some times, he becomes over possessive about you.

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2Stop giving everything

Stop giving everything

Try to stop giving everything he wants you to do, if you want your partner to stop controlling you. Tell him that you can take some of your decisions on your own. If once you start letting your partner enter every aspect of your life, then they might start controlling everything you do.

3Be clear and assertive

Be clear and assertive

Be clear and sure that you let your partner know that you don’t appreciate his controlling behaviour. Most of the time controlling partners react to those who doesn’t stand up for themselves and fight back. Try to deal with him strongly and try to resolve every situation. While communicating be assertive and clear about your views. Let him know that they can be concerned about you, but you do not like being over possessive about every small thing.

4Work on your relationship together

Work on your relationship together

Try to work on your relationship together. Consult your parents or friends explain them the situation make him understand where he is going wrong and how you both must contribute in a relationship and how much you both are working hard to be in the relationship. Or else try to take time out and discuss the issue with him and try to bond.

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5Do not ignore this behaviour

Do not ignore this behaviour

When you start noticing this type of behaviour in your partner, do not try to ignore them. If you ignore in the beginning then you might feel miserable and stuck with him soon in the relationship. He might start feeling that you are ok, on him controlling you.

6Stay Calm

Stay Calm

Whenever you are in a controlling relationship, trying to stay calm, because if you behave violently, then things can get worse, you might end up saying mean things to each other, which will only hurt your relationship. Just calmly tell him that why you are not ok with his point of view, explain and reason with him. In the beginning, it may seem difficult but with time you will learn everything.

7Show Them How Their Actions Hurt You

Show Them How Their Actions Hurt You

When you start working on solving your issue with your partner tell him that how his action is hurting you. Tell him that how he is making everything uncomfortable and messy. How he is destroying your self-esteem and your self-confidence.

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