Reasons why we all must watch ‘Game of Thrones’


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Reasons to Watch Game of Thrones

We might have heard that ‘Game Of Thrones’ received the most Emmy Award this year, beating ‘Frasier’ in in fictional drama series and all we are thinking about is getting a Netflix subscription to watch ‘GOT’. But do you know that the entire series is based on books written by George R. R. Martin. If you don’t get time to read books, then here are few a reasons to watch Game Of Thrones this year.

Game of ThronesReasons to watch ‘GOT’

1The game of power and geeks

The game of power and geeks

‘Game of Thrones’ is full of power, castles, dragons, Kings, Knights, Crowns and sword fighting. It deals with the struggle of the Iron Throne and the seven kingdoms that come together. The main antagonist are two rival families the Starks and the Lannisters and also there is a lot of entertainment and elaborate battles fought by guys in armour. Pretty geeky right?

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2Compelling story

Compelling story

As just like the book, the story is packed with abrupt end in cliffhangers. The dialogues are often funny, heart-breaking and also bitter. The story is written in dialects. Just like the book, the story moves quickly and guarantees to surprise you. It has a lot of plot twisting which may come quite shocking according to you.



Every episode from its beginning to the end will keep you on your toes. You will always wonder what can happen next, even after you have read the books. A full hour of the program might seem too long, but when you will start watching, you might feel why this an hour show seems so short.

You might find directors work as a great job done because of all the balancing between the characters, emotions and locations, to paint various kinds of overlapping events with care and perfectness.

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4Character driven

Character driven

You might not find ‘GOT’ as a fantasy tale, but you will enjoy the show. It is mostly character driven drama, that happens to set in a fantasy land. The end results are very tangled web of deceit, intrigue and power plays. Which will make it the most watchable show.

5Incredible writing

Incredible writing

‘Game Of Thrones’ is based on great writing. The author weaves a incredible story that encompasses dozens of characters, thousands of miles and a history long before thousands of years. The author is being credited along with producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss.

6Job done well

Job done well

HBO has done its job better than anyone else. HBO records show how good it is in making series like True Blood, The Wire, Deadwood, John Adams, Six Feet Under, etc. The more mature content in the ‘GOT’ series is so tough to imagine it being on the network television.

7Creative Differences

Creative Differences

The ‘GOT’ series will surprise you no matter if you have read the book or not. Some might think it in different ways, but it is true. Some characters has given the change in the story. Whereas some might have stand tall and proud instead of being feverish.



This reason might not seem much. But it is definitely making a perfect picture. All the landscapes and lands used really makes a medieval-looking Westeros (imaginary place in the series). It looks very unbelievably real.

The world of Kings, magic, dragons and knights is what what makes the show more enjoyable, and is the most important enjoyable part in the series.

9Faithful adaptation

Faithful adaptation

The series is a faithful adaptation adaptation from the book. The author of the book is also deeply involved with the production from the beginning. With all the set photography, behind-the-scene vignettes, images of the cast, major location for the story, etc., describes that the series makers really understood about the book. Not only this, even the producers hired people to create an authentic language for ‘Dothraki’.

Do you have any more reasons to watch ‘Game of Throne’ series? Let us know and till then enjoy the series.

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