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Academy Awards

Academy awards is one of the most prestigious and wonderful awards that is given to the film fraternity. The concept of Oscar award was coined by MGM art director, Mr. Cedric Gibbons and was given in the year 1929. Since that time, there have been big praises and amazing reviews about the greatness of this award. This year on Feb 28th 2016, the 88th Academy awards was held in Los Angles and was celebrated at its glory by the entire Hollywood film fraternity. Joy, happiness and fun was filled by the actors, technicians and famous celebrities. The icing on the cake was when Priyanka Chopra, Bollwood actress was asked to present an award during the ceremony.

This is the first time that an Indian celebrity is called to the Oscars for the handing over of the honorable award. We all know that Priyanka Chopra has been in the limelight for quite a while now with her famous Hollywood series Quantico where she plays the main lead. Also, she has done her recording and started her music career in the USA and has been doing really well. We also know that she is ready to act in her first Hollywood movie, Bay Watch. While all this is in store for our Bollywood queen, let’s quickly take a look at all the top winners and nominees of Oscar 2016 Academy awards for the top and most important categories.

Top Winners and Nominees of Academy Awards, 2016

1Best Picture award

Best Picture award

We all know how a picture can totally change the way a person can look at movies. Yes, movies are the best thing that can change a person’s life, alter his feelings and show some light to the dark. Even when you are dull, you will end up watching a movie to lighten your heart. A movie plays a very important role in a person’s life. So, the nominees for the best pictures are ‘The Big Short’, ‘Bridge of Spices’, ‘Brooklyn’, ‘Mad Max’, ‘The Revenant’, ‘The Martin’, ‘Room’, ‘Spotlight’. The winner of this category was given to ‘Spotlight’ for its bold attempt on child sex abuse and bringing out the hideous crime into the limelight. Directed by Tom McCarthy, this movie was given the best picture award and was praised all along.

2Best Actor in a leading role

Best Actor in a leading role

After a movie, the best thing about the story is the person playing it. Yes, the person who plays the story is definitely an impact on the world today. People learn from the actor, they make sure to imbibe acts that the actor does and so much more like that. Having said, the nominees for the best actor in a leading role are ‘Bryan Cranston’ for ‘Trumbo’, ‘Matt Damon’ for ‘The Martin’, ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ for ‘The Revenant’, ‘Michael Fassbender’ for ‘Steve jobs’, ‘Eddy Redmayne’ for ‘The Danish Girl’. The winner of this category was given to the much awaited, a lot brilliant and the most amazing actor ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ for ‘The Revenant’. ‘Leo’ has been in the acting field for so many years now and had deserved to win the awards much prior to this movie, but in this movie, he has taken excellent and brilliant hard work to act out his character.

3Best Actress in a leading role

Best Actress in a leading role

In Hollywood industry, they are very particular about one thing – Equal importance. If the actor of the movie has done something great, the Hollywood industry gives the same amount of value to the actress of the movie as well. So, it is very important for them to make their heroines look great and strong in the eyes of the audience. The nominees for this category are ‘Cate Blanchett’ for ‘Carol’, ‘Brie Larson’ for ‘Room’, ‘Jennifer Lawrence’ for ‘Joy’, ‘Charlotte Rampling’ for ’45 Years’ and ‘Saoirse Ronan’ for ‘Brooklyn’. The winner of this category was given to the Room actress – Brie Larson for her brilliant performance as the mother of a 6 year old and how she suffered inside a room for more than 12 years.

4Best Animated Movie

Best Animated Movie

Sometimes, when you are bored of the regular movies, mind sets its path towards something totally different. Yes, animated movies are great for kids and for elders as well. Two hours of non-stop laugh, emotions, animation and what not? Who wouldn’t like to watch something that doesn’t even exist? It is one of the most brilliant kind of movie in the movie making business. The nominees for this category are ‘Anamolisa’, ‘Boy and the World’, ‘Inside Out’, ‘Shaun and the Sheep movie’, ‘When Marnie was there’. The winner of this category was given to ‘Inside out’ for its brilliant conceptualization of how emotions work inside a person’s head. The beautiful story was conceptualized by ‘Pete Docter’ and ‘Ronnie Del Carmen’

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5Best Direction

Best Direction

The captain of the crew has been the director always. Any movie doesn’t go well if the movie doesn’t have a good director to run it through. A director makes sure that he doesn’t compromise in his screenplay, his assistants, he satisfied both the producers and the actors and also makes sure everything goes on track. It definitely isn’t easy to be the director at all. But, we have a few nominees who have done their excellent best to make a wonderful movie. The nominees are ‘ Adam Mckay’ for ‘The Big Short’, ‘Geroge Miller’ for ‘ Mad Max’, ‘Alejandro G. Iñárritu’ for ‘the Revenant’, ‘Lenny Abrahamson’ for ‘Room’ and ‘Tom Mccarthy’ for ‘Spotlight’. The winner of this category was given to ‘Alejandro G. Iñárritu’ for ‘The Revenant’. He is one of the directors who has constantly been awarded for his direction the second time. Last year he won the award in the same category for the movie ‘Birdman’.

Other winners

The other winners of the night were

Actor in Supporting Role – ‘Mark Rylance’ for ‘Bridge of Spices’

Actress in Supporting Role – ‘Alicia Vikander’ for ‘The Danish Girl’

Best Cinematography – ‘Emmanual Lubezki’ for ‘The Revenant’

Costume Design – ‘Jenny Beavan’ for ‘Mad Max’

Best Documentary – ‘Asif Kapadia’ and ‘James’ for ‘Amy’

Short subject Documentary – ‘Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’ for ‘A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness’

Film Editing – ‘Margaret Sixel’ for ‘Mad Max’

Foreign Language film – ‘Son of Saul’, Hungary for ‘Laszlo Nemes’

Music (Original Score) – ‘Ennio Morricone’ for ‘The Hateful Eight’

Visual Effects – ‘Andrew Whitehurst’ for ‘Ex Machina’

Adapted Screenplay – ‘Charles Randolph and Adam McKay’ for ‘The Big Short’

Original Screenplay writer – ‘Josh Singer’ and ‘Tom McCarthy’ for ‘Spotlight’

-Pavithra Ravi

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