Tips On How To Make Mehndi Long Lasting And Dark


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There is an immense importance of mehndi in our culture. It can for any occasions like bridal, Holi, Karwachauth, Rakhi, Diwali and many more. Not many occasion is totally complete without this wonderful ritual. For the brides, we even relate to mehndi as the parameter of love. Every woman in India like to get their hands and feet dressed gorgeously, and they apply it in almost all the occasions. Apply mehndi is an art in itself, because of its gorgeous designs. It adds to the beauty of the bride in a more impressive level. So, here are some tips on how to make mehndi long lasting and dark.

Tips To Make Mehndi Dark And Long Lasting

1Wash your hands

1. Wash your hands

This is one of the most important parts to follow before you start doing mehndi. You must wash your hands before applying mehndi, as by this any kind of oil and dirt gets completely removed and the mehndi will be absorbed better.

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2Leave henna to dry on itself

Leave henna to dry on itself

This is the most crucial stage after applying henna. You must leave your henna or mehndi to dry itself. You must never try to quickly dry it on by sitting in the sun or putting it under a blow drier.

3Leave it for a longer time

Leave it for a longer time

Remember that it is always better to leave it for as long as possible. It is sometimes best to apply on the night as it can be kept overnight. The much longer you keep the mehndi the darker it gets. Even you can try to keep at least for seven to eight hours.

4Clear yourself out before applying

Clear yourself out before applying

It’s better to clear yourself, in a bathroom way, out before you even sit to apply. It can be helpful. It is because applying mehndi can take a long time and even drying out too. So, this suggestion can come to be very helpful as well as handy.

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5Dab lemon sugar mixture

Dab lemon sugar mixture

After the mehndi is done applying, and it is completely dried out, try to dab some of the lemon as well as the sugar mixture on the mehndi. The sugar helps in keeping the mehndi in contact with the skin, for deeper penetration and lemon helps in acting as an catalyst for dye release of the colour.

6Dry with cloves

Dry with cloves

Now, when the mehndi is completely dried with lemon and sugar mixture. Try to give it a clove smoke dry. For this put some cloves on the frying pan, and turn on the gas. Now, place your hands in such a way that the mehndi gets properly exposed to the smoke, which are coming from the cloves. Remove the hands after keeping for some time.

7Apply oil or vicks for colour

Apply oil or vicks for colour

When everything is done, you can apply an of your favourite essential oil on the mehndi. It can be eucalyptus oil, which can give you a wonderful smell and also work wonders on the colour. My personal favourite is Mustard oil, as it can help in building the colour more and more dark; you can even try coconut oil.

Vicks or even some pickle oil is also a great remedy for gorgeous colour.

8Do not wash your hands

Do not wash your hands

Stop there! Are you planning to wash your hands after the mehndi dries off? Then the recommendation for a much darker and longer lasting mehndi is, do not and never wash your hands. Washing hands can degrade the colour formation. Normally, when the mehndi dries, the crust falls automatically. But if some parts you see are very stubborn and are not coming out properly, then you can try rubbing off with the knife gently, or with any kind of scrubber you have.

These techniques can make your mehndi look brighter and darker and leave your wedding look more beautiful as well as mesmerizing.


  • Try not to shave your hands after application of the henna. As it can scrape the upper layer of the skin, with the mehndi.
  • Do not use the sugar as well as the lemon mixture too much.
  • Avoid drinking water or any kind of juice too much.
  • Avoid sitting under direct sunlight.
  • Using a blow dryer can make the henna bleed and also ruin the beautiful design.

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