Now Rhythm Your Style, With These Top Trending Tattoo Designs In India

Trending Tattoo Designs In India

Getting a tattoo now-a-days, is not only a style statement but some people believe that it is a way to express their own belief, phase or thinking, that they are going through in life. If you do a little digging before getting a tattoo, you might find many interesting facts about, existing tattoo culture in India.

In order to find out, what are the top trending tattoos in India these days; here are some trending tattoo designs in India that you must know.

Trending Tattoo Designs

1Sports Related Tattoos

Sports Related Tattoos

These types of tattoos are most popular among the sports enthusiasts. There is no such specific place in the body, to get this type of tattoo. There are many types of tattoos as such like cricket tattoos, during the t20 season or world cup season; football tattoo, this tattoo fever rises during the FIFA World Cup; flags of different countries showing your support; or famous sports celebrities. This type of tattoos only reflects the passion for sports.

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2Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrity Tattoos

These types of tattoos is, mostly done by the girls between the age group of 13 to 25. It is about getting the same tattoo as their favourite Bollywood or Hollywood celebrity, in the same place. It is one of the most ongoing tattoo trends these days. According to some tattoo artists, youth these days are pretty fascinated with the celebrities as well as the sports stars, and the youths getting a tattoo like their favourite stars is in fashion.

3Religious Tattoos

Religious Tattoos

These types of tattoos are mostly done by men, on their arms, biceps, and shoulders. There is no obvious reason for doing these type of tattoos, except that some people want to show and express their religious beliefs in a more creative way. Some are very funky and creative in representing their own religious beliefs and then the final result looks magnificent.

4Fashionable tribal design

Fashionable tribal design

These types of tattoos are mostly done by both the sex. According to some tattoo artists, girls mostly get inked on their wrist, ankle, or shoulders, because these are the body parts that they like to show off. Whereas, men on the other hand, mostly get inked on their arms, and biceps because of the fitness fever.

In the past tribal tattoos, had a lot of traditions as well as, the spiritual thinking behind them. But, these days, it mostly simplifies fashion and became a statement. They also prefer more on getting inked in black, rather than any other colour, because it stands out more, and also lasts long.

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5Animal and Pet Tattoos

Animal and Pet Tattoos

These types of tattoos are mostly done by teenage girls, on their shoulder, wrist, or ankle. Girls have a soft spot for their pets these days, which make them get inked in the memory of their pet, instead of family member’s names. They also use cute designs and quotes and permanently ink, in the memory of their love for the domestic pets.

According to some tattoo artists, girls these days have more tattoo compared to boys, and also have a wide range of places on their bodies, like shoulders, lower back, back, wrist area, and much more. Girls also love to show off their tattoos.

6Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos

These types of tattoos are mostly done by girls, and Butterfly tattoo makes it top the list because of tattoo craze among girls, more than boys. This tattoo signifies grace, elegance, and beauty. The vibrant colours on the wings of the butterfly are soul soothing as well as eye-catching. These designs will always continue to be the favourite tattoos for women.

7Name Tattoos

Name Tattoos

These types of tattoos are most popular among men. But, girls are also not very far behind. Teenagers now-a-days, have an ongoing trend of getting their own name or the person they love most tattooed on themselves. As the way of showing how trendy and cool they are.

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