Amazing Benefits Of Rosemary Oil For Hair Growth


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Rosemary Oil

Rosemary has been considered to be a very sacred plant by ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians as well as Hebrews, and is much more than just an aromatic herb which tastes good. It is also known to be one of the most powerful herb and essential oil on the planet.

Rosemary leaves have a very woody, evergreen like scents and is also the member of the mint family. In recent study, it has been known to boost the nerve growth factor as well as support the healing of the neurological tissue as well as its brain function.

It is also known native to the Mediterranean, the wooded evergreen has also been used in the folk medicine for thousands of years, in order to:

a. Improve memory
b. Soothe the digestive system
c. Relieve the muscle from aches as well as pains

More recently, it has also become one of the most popular ingredient in skin as well as hair care products, because of its antiseptic properties.

Now rosemary essential oil for hair growth is one of the natural hair growth process that can be performed. So here, are some rosemary essential oil related hair growth process that you can follow

Most Common Causes Of Hair Loss?

Causes Of Hair LossHere are some of the most common causes of hair loss, that are mentioned:

1. Physical Stress

Any type of physical trauma, that is, surgery, an accident, or even any type of severe illness, like flu, can sometimes cause temporary hair loss. This type of stress can also trigger a type of hair loss that is known as ‘telogen effluvium’. Human hair have programmed life cycle, like growth phase, rest phase as well as shedding phase. So when, you are going through a stressful event, it can shock the hair cycle pushing more hair in the shedding phase. Hair loss becomes more noticeable three-to-six months after the trauma.

2. Heredity

Female-pattern of hair loss, is known as androgenic or androgenetic alopecia, and it is basically the female version of the male pattern baldness. If you are from a family where women have the hair loss at a certain age, then you can also be more prone towards it. But unlike men, women do not tend to have the receding hairline, instead the part can widen and it might be noticeable thinning of the hair.

3. Female Hormones

Just like the pregnancy hormone, which changes can sometimes cause the hair loss, so does switching or even going off from the birth-control pills. It can cause the rise of telogen effluvium, and can even be more likely, if you are having the family history of hair loss. The changes in the hormonal balance which occurs during menopause can also even have the same amount of result.

4. Emotional Stress

Emotional stress is more or less likely to cause the hair loss than the physical stress, but it can happen, for instance, work related stress, or family related stress, or anything that concerns you more. More often, though, these emotional stress would not actually precipitate hair loss. It can also exacerbate the problem that has been already there.

5. Weight Loss

Suddenly losing weight is also a form of physical trauma which can be resulted in the thinning of hair. This can happen even when the weight loss is good for you. It can be possible that the weight loss is stressing the body or that by not eating properly can result in the vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Loss of hair along with the noticeable weight loss can be the sign of eating disorder such as the anorexia or even bulimia.

6. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is another imbalance in the female sex hormones. An excess of these androgens can even lead to the ovarian cysts, risk of diabetes, weight gain, changes in the menstrual period, infertility, as well as hair thinning. It is because male hormones are overly represented in the system of PCOS, women will experience more hair on the face as well as body.

7. Antidepressants, Blood Thinners, and more

Some other classes of the medication can even promote the hair loss. More common medications among them are the blood thinners as well as the blood-pressure drugs known to be as beta-blockers. Other types of drugs that can cause the hair loss also include methotrexate, that is, used to treat the rheumatic conditions and some types of skin conditions, lithium for the bipolar disorder, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs; that is, including ibuprofen, and possibly antidepressants.

8. Overstyling

Vigorous way of styling as well as hair treatments all over the years can sometimes cause the hair to fall out. Some of the examples of extreme styling are hair weaves, tight braids or even corn rows. Some chemical relaxers can also be responsible to damage your hair like the one used for straightening the hair, or hot-oil treatments or any type of harsh chemical or even high heat. It is because of these practices that it can actually affect the root of the hair, your hair sometimes might not grow back.

Amazing Benefits Of Rosemary Essential Oils For Hair Growth

Benefits Of Rosemary Essential OilsYou must have been wondering, on what make the rosemary essential oil special for the hair growth? Well, rosemary essential oil has many number of valuable properties which helps to make it perfect for hair care. So here are some of the few benefits:

a. Antioxidants: In a recent study it show that the rosemary had a superior antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory values as compared to the other herbs like spearmint, oregano, thyme, peppermint and basil. The presence of antioxidants in the rosemary essential oil can help to combat the free radical damage which people face now-a-days at an increased levels because of the pollution and usage of the harsh chemical products. These type of rich levels of antioxidants in the rosemary oil can help to prevent the hair loss and also contribute faster to the hair growth.

b. Antibacterial: Rosemary is also very powerful antimicrobial essential oil which have antifungal, antibacterial as well as antiseptic properties that help to prevent as well as treat dandruff, flaky scalp, acne on the scalp and other type of infections on the scalp which contribute to the hair fall.

c. Anti-inflammatory: Inflammation is also among one of the most root cause of many problems that include unhealthy skin or hair. Many people are facing inflammation now-a-days, it is because of the high amount of refined foods that they are eating. Even though, many unknown inflammation can also be of unexpected hair loss, and rosemary oil is very rich in many anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the inflammation in the scalp and help in reducing many related hair loss as well as foster hair growth.

d. Stimulant: One of the important qualities of the rosemary is that it is a great product for the hair growth and is also a powerful stimulant, which when it is applied to the scalp it can induce the blood circulation to hair follicles. When the hair follicles are being supplied with greater amount of many nutrient-rich blood, faster as well as healthier hair growth can seem to occur.

e. Fights Oiliness: Oily scalp can be one of the reasons that you are having an hair loss. An excessive oily scalp can not only attract the dirt as well as dust particles but can even grease up and clog the hair follicles, thus also preventing the hair growth. Rosemary essential oil, can help to prevent the excess oiliness in the scalp, thus promoting a clean and healthy scalp which can foster the formation of the new hairs.

How To Use Rosemary Oil For Hair Growth?

Here are some of the effective natural remedies for hair growth as well as thickness, that are essential oil for hair with the use of rosemary oil for a natural hair growth tips:

1. Rosemary Hot Oil Treatment:

Rosemary Hot Oil TreatmentBy treating yourself in a hot oil hair treatment, it can help to enable the nutrients from oils that can help to penetrate deep in the scalp as well as stimulate the hair growth. In a pan, pour two teaspoon of coconut oil and two teaspoon of castor oil. Then carefully heat the pan on a low flame for about one to two minutes, be sure that you don’t overheat the oils to a smoking point. Take the pan off from the flame and in it add four to five drops of rosemary essential oil as it can give a quick stir with the spoon. Now using tips of the fingers, massage the oil in the scalp while it is hot enough to handle. Remember to allow the oil to rest on the hair for at least of 15 min before you wash them off. Try it once in a week or once in every three days.

2. Rosemary Hair Growth Serum:

Rosemary Hair Growth SerumIn 50 ml of sweet almond oil, mix at least eight drops of the rosemary essential oil, six drops of the lavender essential oil as well as three drops of the clary sage essential oil. Then apply the serum to the scalp and along with the hair shafts. Brush through the hair to evenly distribute the serum. You can also use this serum every one to two days, after bath. Not only this can help the growth of the hair, but it can also leave you smelling like the garden from paradise!

3. Rosemary Hair Mask for Super Growth:

Rosemary Hair Mask for Super GrowthThis is basically a weekly treatment recipe, just mix one teaspoon of organic honey, one teaspoon of coconut oil and six drops of rosemary essential oil with a egg in a bowl. Try to whisk it until it can reach into a smooth consistency and apply on your hair for at least of 30 to 60 minutes. Later wash it off with some lukewarm water and dry the hair without using any heat.

4. Rosemary Hair Massage Oil:

Rosemary Hair Massage OilCombine five ml of jojoba oil with eight drops of rosemary essential oils. By using the finger tips and systematically working through all the areas of the scalp starting from the front, to all the sides and finally to the back. Then using circular motions as well as firm pressure you can stimulate the blood circulation.

5. Rosemary Leave-in Conditioner

Rosemary Leave-in ConditionerBy using rosemary as the leave-in conditioner it might leave the hair feel more glossy and soft while it helps to improve the blood circulation in the scalp, promoting the hair growth. This is also considered as a good treatment for some people who are having itchy or dandruff-ridden scalps.

To a cup of boiled water, add about 15 drops of the rosemary essential oil. The essential oil as well as the water mixture will have no color content. First pour this mixture in a spray bottle. After washing the hair, spray it with rosemary infused water while the hair is still damp. Make sure that you cover most of the hair as well as scalp.

Let the hair air dry. Alternatively, if you are suffering too much from the hair loss, you can drink the rosemary tea to improve the blood circulation and promote the hair growth.

Try to use this leave-in treatment every time you are washing your hair, and also in between the washes to freshen the hair up.

Try to avoid this treatment if you have high blood pressure, or if pregnant.

6. Rosemary Essential Oil Overnight Treatment:

Rosemary Essential Oil Overnight TreatmentFirst mix two tablespoon of organic coconut oil with one teaspoon of raw honey and three drops of rosemary essential oil. Then apply this mixture on your scalp, hair shafts as well as tips of the hair. Later tie the hair in a bun and wrap them with a shower cap. Over the night coconut oil, nourishing and hydrating honey & hair growth that induces rosemary oil will work their magic. In the morning, wash off and behold the glossy, as well as nourished hair!

7. Hair Growth Oil with Rosemary:

Hair Growth Oil with RosemaryA very extremely simple hair growing oil which you can even use every day is, just mix a cup of pure organic coconut oil with at least 20 drops of rosemary essential oil for much faster hair growth, less breakage with stronger hair, thanks to all the amazing properties of a coconut oil!