11 Amazing Post Workout Skin care Tips


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Workout Skin care Tips
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For a lot of women, working out at the gym can be therapeutic. But for some, It is not just the Great body and exercise that makes it worthwhile but also the beaming glow that your face gets after sweating it out every day at the gym. And even though we love how great it can for removing the toxins out of your body and skin, it can also be a problem for some women who do not know how to take care of their new sweaty gym face. For the best post workout skin care just follow some simple tips that will leave your skin looking fab and feeling great.

How to Take Care Of Skin After Workout-

1. No Makeup Workout-

No Makeup WorkoutWhile this may not necessarily be the reason for your acne or why your skin breaks out, Avoiding makeup during workouts, is a great way to let your skin breathe. In any case, rigorous workouts or cardio sessions will make you sweat badly, you wouldn’t like your base or your liner smudging over your pretty face and making it look like panda eyes, Right? Stay natural for your gym look, if you want to look less sleepy just swipe a little bit of kajal on your waterline and apply a lip balm. It will make you look gym ready and yet natural and bright.

2. Hands Off the face-

While this is a no brainer, that all of us end up sweating profusely in the gym and use the same equipment leaving behind our sweat and dirt on the seat and handle of every exercise equipment. This sweat is a breeding ground for all the dirt and bacteria and contagious infections and it can very easily be transferred to anybody using this machine. The best way to avoid your skin getting infected from this sweat is to keep your hands off the face.

Even if you’re sweating or your hair is short and you like to flip it, or you just love touching your face every few minutes, Avoid all these habits to transfer this alien sweat to your face and contract bacterial and fungal infections. Keep a dedicated face towel that you do not use for any other purpose. Also, wear gym gloves to keep your hands from getting dirty and sweaty.

3. Wash your hands-

Wash your hands

For the above quoted reason, your hands after a gym workout are going to be infected by all the sweat and dirt form the gym equipment. These bacteria can be easily transferred to your face, body, and food if you do not completely wash your hands. So, for a flawless skin, Always wash your hands as the first thing right after a good workout session. Use a good hand sanitizer and then proceed for a meal or other skin care routine.

4. Be Gentle on That soap-

Sweating it out at the gym can make you feel filthy and dirty because of the sweat, but that does not mean you should rigorously rub your face off with a harsh soap. It will only ruin your face and skin as it can strip off all the natural moisture of your face. Always use a gentle face wash or a cleaner to keep your face clean and fresh after a sweaty workout. Avoid as far as possible using your normal bathing bar for the face, It can destroy your face pH and can be excessively harsh on your skin over time.

5. Skip a Hot Shower-

Skip a Hot ShowerWhile we agree that nothing can be as relaxing as a hot water bath or a hot shower right after a gym trip, the best thing to do is to skip the hot water and instead use normal or cold water for a shower. Although the hot water can help you relax the strained muscles it will also remove all the natural oils from your skin, leaving it dehydrated and dry. It will eventually make your skin look parched and dry. For a healthier looking face opt for normal water to wash your face along with a gentle face cleanser.

6. Sun Protection-

Have you ever wondered why your face and body have different skin tones? Well, this might be happening because you are loading up the SPF only on your face rather than your back arms and legs. Use a good sunblock for your legs if you wear gym shorts and head out to the parking lot which is a few meters away from the gym. Your face might be covered with a cap or your scarf but exposing your body to the sun will tan the body and give it a different skin tone. For the face, never skip the sunscreen even if you use a car to get to the gym. The UV–A rays of the sun can easily pass through your car glasses.

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7. Easy On the deodorant-

Easy On the deodorantA workout at the gym can turn into a pretty bad experience if you start smelling the sweat. No wonder we end up applying loads of deodorant to prevent any such embarrassing situations. But, did you know that excess usage of these deodorants can block your pores and give you severe health complications. The best way is to keep this practice under some restrictions and take some off days to let your skin and body breathe.

8. Moisturise-

After a sweaty gym workout, your face and body has perspired a lot of moisture out of your skin. This process also evicts out the essential moisture from your face, Try to avoid using hot water to wash your face and always apply a good amount of moisturiser after washing the face clean. This practice will replace your skin of the essential moisture content and keep it from getting chronically dry. For ladies who have acne prone skin use a gel based moisturiser, it will prevent the clogging of pores. And for women with dry skin apply a quick absorbing creamy moisturiser that will keep your face hydrated and healthy looking.

9. Restrict The Sauna-

Restrict The SaunaAlthough using a sauna bath has its own benefits, Excess sauna baths have been known to severely dehydrate your body off the water. It can show up in the form of patchy skin and dryness over the body. A sauna can also give rise to low blood pressure and dizziness if you end up spending too much time in the hot steaming room.

10. Drink Enough Water-

We cannot stress enough on the great effects of drinking plenty water can have on your face and body. It helps flushing out all the bad toxins and keeps your skin free from all the dirt and toxins. Water will keep you hydrated and be feeling healthy. Drink water a few minutes after you have finished your workout, do not drink right after you get off that treadmill. Sweating from all the cardio can make your body lose a lot of water, drinking a few extra glasses of water will make it easy to flush out the toxins.

11. Eat Healthy-

Eat HealthyFor everything related to a radiant skin, the path always will cross over the good diet spot. It is an essential way to maintain your body’s healthy balance by providing all the essential nutrients that a body requires to maintain that plum glow. Consume enough water containing fruits if you do not like drinking plain water. Eat a balanced diet and fresh green leafy vegetable to keep your minerals and vitamin levels optimum. With a good diet and a workout every alternate days there is nothing that can stop you from achieving that perfect glowing face with a healthy happy soul.

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