9 Great Yoga Poses For Women To Increase Height


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Yoga Poses for Increase Height

Everyone don’t like every feature they have. People keep trying for the betterment and the betterment can also be with appearance. Some women want a better complexion and some want good height. Like this the wishes of improving appearance and qualities wise, differs from person to person.

Are you looking for the ways to increase your height? Then, you don’t go with technology and treatment. We suggest you to do yoga. Yoga can bring certain changes in human body, health and skin.

We have many wonderful benefits of yoga. And of them is increasing height with yoga asanas. Here are some of the yoga poses which are proven to be the best for increasing height.

Yoga Asnanas For Increasing Height

Height increase differs for males and females. It is believed that, women stop growing height wise after puberty. Certain body postures also help women grow height as an adult.

It is heard and always said that women stop growing after 18 years old. But certain yoga poses are potent of increasing height even after 20 years. So, you can look out for the yoga poses which can increase height.

1. Tadasana


The primary reason why Tadasana is considered such an important asana is because of the fact that it helps in improving the overall muscle pull and stretch. It stretches all the important muscles in the body, thus helping improve your height.

The elongation of the body in this specific posture also helps in improving the body parts even further. This can help in improving your height for the better.

How to do?

  1. Start by standing erect on the ground, ensuring that you have a straight and firm posture with your neck and waist aligned.
  2. Ensure to keep the feet together with your hands put round on the side of your body.
  3. Inhale deeply and raise your arms upwards making sure that they are placed parallel to each other.
  4. Once done, lift your heels slightly and place all your balance on your toes.
  5. Stretch your body in the upward direction as much as your can while ensuring to keep your body straight.

2. Bhujangasana

BhujangasanaNot many would realize this but Bhujangasana focuses on the spine and helps elongate it which is crucial when it comes to your height and growth. If you have been looking for a good yoga for height increase, this is most definitely one of them.

It works well on your abs, lower back and even your hip muscles that promote better growth. It also gets rid of the unnecessary flabby stomach that you have been struggling with.

How to do?

  1. For this, start by laying on your stomach on the ground, keeping your feet on the floor and your hands under your shoulder.
  2. It is necessary that you do keep the lower portion of the body in firm contact with the floor.
  3. Once done, inhale deeply through your nose and lift up your upper body, focusing on the chest and the upper torso, keeping your arms straightened at the same time.
  4. Keep your lower part of the body in contact with the floor and not lift it as well.
  5. Bend your neck back emphasizing some pressure on the back of the neck muscles as well.
  6. Hold this specific pose for 30 seconds and then come back gradually to the initial position.
  7. Relax.

3. Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

Many people do find the yoga of Surya Namaskar very intimidating but if you are looking for the best yoga for increasing height, this is the one. It consists of 12 poses in one single exercise and helps in stretching the muscles in the body and helping prevent weight gain at the same time. It is also amazing to promote better height gain as well.

How to do?

  1. Start by standing somewhere you can see the sun directly.
  2. Keep your feet firmly placed on the ground and face the sun.
  3. Start with a pose of the namaskar and while inhaling, lift the arms in that position above your head.
  4. Bend slightly forward while exhaling the inhaled air and touch the ground with your palms without causing any kind of bending to the knees.
  5. Once that is done, raise your head and simultaneously push your left leg forward as well.
  6. Follow this up by pushing your right leg forward too.
  7. Keep your breathing stead and exhale and then go back reverse with the steps again.

4. Sukhasana


The next one of the yoga poses to increase height includes the Sukhasana. This is amazing for the beginners who are just starting out with yoga. It is best suggested that you do this empty stomach for the best results. It has amazing impacts in strengthening your back muscles and making it more flexible. In addition to that, it also helps stretch the muscles around the knees and the calves.

How to do?

  1. Start by sitting on the floor with a relaxed body and your legs spread out far.
  2. Once done, fold the left leg and situate it under the right thigh. Do the same with the other limb as well.
  3. Keep your hands on the knees in the chin mudra position which is common during meditation.
  4. Make sure that you keep your spine straight throughout the pose.
  5. Relax your body and your muscles and breathe in and breathe out normally.
  6. Stay in this pose for a few seconds.

5. Bitilasana


If you have wanted to gain height, the Bitilasana is definitely the best yoga exercise to increase height. It stretches the back muscles and even helps get rid of the pain and the discomfort that is caused. It is perfect for the muscles of your back, torso as well as the neck.

How to do?

  1. Start by being on your hands and knees
  2. Once that is done, press your spine a little up
  3. Follow this up by arching your back
  4. With that, you need to hold that position for a few second
  5. Release once done and come back to the original position after that

6. Shirahasana


If you notice, in this pose, you are invloving inversion against gravity. You are taking the support of head and shoulders to stand on which results in increasing height. As you are applying pressure on pituitary gland, it contributes for height increase.
(Pituitary gland is responsible for producing the growth hormone)

How to do?

  1. Lay down on your back and place your palms on the ground.
  2. Gently raise your legs and buttocks in order to stand on your shoulders.
  3. Now, place your hands at tha back for proper hold of the pose.
  4. Keep your legs and spine erect.
  5. Try to balance your body weight on your shoulders and arms.
  6. Continue to hold the pose for 10-15 seconds.
    (If you feel strain or any pain in your neck, then discard practicing the pose)

7. Paschimontan Asana

Paschimontan asana

You must focus on your neck and legs for height increase. If you know this fact, then you will understand the use of paschimontan asana for height gain. The pose is to focus mainly on back thigh muscles and neck region.

How to do?

  1. Sit on the floor and stretch out your legs.
  2. Exhale and bend forward top reach your toes with hands.
  3. Hold your toes with your hands and keep your spine straight at the same time.
  4. Also let your knees be straight and then hold the pose for 10 seconds.
  5. Relax and repeat the pose for 4-5 times.

8. Virksh Asana

Virksh asana

This is nothing but replicating like a standing tree. Your keep your whole body active with this yoga pose to increase height. This pose helps in strengthening your leg muscles. As you keep neck raised while practicing the pose, it helps for functioning of pituitary gland.

How to do?

  1. Stand straight joining your both feet together.
  2. Keep your hands at the side and
  3. Then, raise your right leg while you stand strongly on your left leg alone.
  4. Bring your right leg and place the right leg’s sole on left leg inner thighs.
  5. Balance on the left foot holding the pose.
  6. Then, slowly raise both your hands over your head.
  7. Now join your palms without bending your elbows..
  8. This is the final pose that you need to hold for few seconds.
  9. Then switch the leg and repeat the above steps.

9. Majariasana

This pose is acts responsible in increasing height for women over 20. This yoga pose helps in improving the flexibility in spine. It is also a pose that strengthens your shoulders. When spine is supportive and strong, there are chances of increasing your height easily.

How to do?

  1. Come on to your fours for starting pose.
  2. Now keep your knees slightly away from each other.
  3. Let your arms be erect.
  4. Breath in and push your belly out. Mean while raise your head towards the ceiling.
  5. Breath out gently and slowly lower your head. Eye your belly holding the pose for few seconds.
  6. Repeat the above steps for 2-3 times.

Now, you need not look out for tough and unsafe ways to increase your height. Yoga poses can help you to increase your height. Every yoga pose is to focus on the organs which are responsible for height increase.

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