How to handle shoe bites while wearing new shoes


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prevent from shoe bites

You go to the store, buy a pair of new dream shoes or heels and you feel that your life is all happy and fun. But, only when you start thinking that something happy is happening, your shoe starts to give you all the scares and starts to annoy you with its bites. It doesn’t matter whether you get discounts or not, but with brand new shoes comes shoe bites that are free and painful. It spoils your entire day or week and makes you hate your new shoes which you actually and ideally love. With a sore feet and a swollen ankle, all you can think of is walking to the office or to the party bare foot. All that you spent on your pedicure and your nails is a total waste because you can’t really do much about your feet now when it has bite marks all over.

But hey, don’t worry! We are pretty awesome at finding out the best solutions for shoe bites. Trust me when I say that, I have been there too. Yes, even I have had many sore bites and crappy leg days. So, what do I do? I follow some easy steps that I am going to share with you as well. So, here are some amazing and easy tips to prevent from shoe bitesthat can lift up your day and make you feel better about yourfeet.

Top Ways to Fix Shoe Bites

1Freeze the shoes

Freeze the shoes

Have you ever tried freezing your shoes? No, no! I am not asking you to throw your shoes in the freezer. Well, if you haven’t tried doing this, get to know the tricks of it. So why do new shoes give you shoe bites? That is because your shoes are either too tight for your legs or the material is a little ditzy and makes you a foot rub against it which causes irritation. So, when you feel like that, the best remedy for you is to take a zip lock bag and fill the bag with extremely cold water.
Now use the zip lock and stuff it inside the shoes and leave it aside for a few hours or overnight. Now, you can easily wear it the next day because the cold water in the shoes would have frozen the shoes which means that the leather or the material easily expands as and when the water freezes the shoes. After once or twice of this trick, it becomes easier for you wear your shoes whenever you desire to!



Vaseline is the best medicine for almost everything. From rashes to shoe bites, it sure helps you get a hand on your rashes. This little jelly squishy thing can actually make it much easier for you to put on your shoes and walk a happy life. All you have to do is just rub some Vaseline on to your feet and let it dry for a while. Apply it basically on the areas where your leg is sore or you feel it itching. Wait for a minute or two and then slip your legs into the new shoes. Tada! You won’t feel a thing after that!

3Potato juice

Potato juice

What? Potato juice? Ha-Ha, you wouldn’t be able to understand or believe the magical aids of potato juice unless you try it all by yourself. Potato juice comes in handy as one of the most easy and amazing home remedy that will help in curing and preventing all your itchy shoe bites. All you need to do is to cut a few thick slices of potato and rub it juice against your ankle or on your heel where it hurts. The main remedy happens when the juice from those potato slices acts as a remedy for your cuts or bruises. It is an antiseptic that easily makes sure to reduce your inflammation and keeps your foot healthy.

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4Use powder

Use powder

Do you know that even sweating too much on your legs can cause shoe bites? All you need to do is to keep your foot extremely dry and breathing. So try to put some powder on your legs and that would do it. It easily reduces the burning sensation and keeps your leg even clean and stink free. It acts as a two side agent. Try it and then see how much magic it turns out to be.

5Blow dry it

Blow dry it

To prevent a sore foot, all you need to do is to apply some heat or blow your shoes off its mind. HA-HA! Yes, all you have to do is stuff a pair or socks into your heels and use your dryer to blow dry it. Your socks have to get extremely hot. All the heat from the dryer is transferred to your socks, which when pulled out slowly open up your shoes and makes it expand. That keeps your leg comfortably while wearing it and expands your shoes as well.

6Band aid


Band aids are the easiest fix to sore foot or shoe bites. All you need to do is stick a band aid on the edge of your shoes or put one on the area that keeps you leg irritated and itchy. That’s all you need to do. Once you do that, your sore feet will not be sore anymore and you can enjoy the perks of wearing a brand new shoe.

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