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sunglasses for women

Having a pair of sunglasses is a must these days. Be it for looking stylish or saving your eyes from the dust while driving. Owning one of these trendy shades is also a style statement. It gives you a fashionable and elegant look. There are different types of trendy sunglasses for women. Which allows us to choose the best style according to our preferences and also our face shapes. Here are few types of sunglasses which can help you pick your style.

Different Types Of Sunglasses For Women



Known as the ‘pilots glasses’. Initially aviators were designed for the pilots for protecting their eyes while flying. Hence, it was named aviators. In India these glasses gained their popularity back with Salman Khan’s movie Dabangg.

There are different variants of these glasses, the all-wired with gold glasses are the classic ones. The other types are as stylish as the classic one. But, you can always choose any aviator type and carry a cool look whereveryou go.

2Cat Eye

Cat Eye

Cat eye is a very attractive glass type. The look it carries is a very trendy yet vintage one. Not all can carry this look, but if you are a style enthusiast you will defiantly pick these glasses. This vintage looking sunglasses, with a polka dot scarf is all you want to look summer perfect.



Round things are so cute! Girls love cute stuff. Rounded sunglasses for women are the cutest things they can own. But, always make sure that you try these babies out before buying them. If you have a round face, rounded goggles may not be the right style for you.



These are the simplest yet trendy looking sunglasses for women. The best thing about wayfarers is that, they look good on all face types. You can carry them for any occasion, be it a wedding party or a formal event. There are new variants of wayfarers, which gives you a wide range to pick your style.



If you want to have a total vintage look, oversized sunglasses will be the perfect choice. Make sure that it does not cover the whole face. A trial before buying one is the best thing to do.

Sunglasses are something which accents your style, while getting a pair of them make sure you have done your homework. Branded sunglasses will allow you many choices, while assuring you the best quality. Always try them on before buying them. When it comes to your looks, never compromise. Grab a pair of lovely sunglasses and look confident and beautiful.

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