9 Makeup Must Haves For Every Woman- Update Your Makeup Kit


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Women have many requirements, beauty vice. They love to look refreshed and it is a need as well. The little break during work time is to give a touch up or to apply their favourite lip colour is common. The love for makeup is forever for women as they can enhance their beauty. The minimum makeup that women do every day is part of self-love.

You have some of the makeup must haves. The makeup must haves in woman’s handbag make her look refreshed and charming instantly. When something is easy to make, how can you not have it with you?

For an instant makeover, you need a set of must haves. You can have a look into your handbag, if you have these makeup must haves. You may not need everything that is there in the list for a minimal makeup look. In fact, it depends on the occasion and the outfit you wear at that particular time.

What Are Must Haves for a woman?

You can make a presentable look with neat and fine makeup. The makeup must haves let you put on that flawless look. We have covered all the makeup must haves you would need for basic makeup. You get them all, if you feel there are the essential makeup items you need, even as a beginner. You may also have some other makeup products like eyebrow pencil, blush, highlighter but the list mentioned here is for basic makeup.

You may check out, if you have the below makeup must haves in your makeup kit.

1. Makeup Brushes

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You need makeup brushes to apply any makeup product. Your fingertips can do some of the makeup but not everything. You get a set of makeup brushes by which you can apply makeup evenly and smoothly. You will be able to spread the powder and creams nicely with the help of brushes. So, makeup brushes are a makeup must have.

2. Primer

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Primer is the base for the following makeup application. If you want your makeup to last longer, then you will need a primer. Primer also makes the foundation application spread evenly and smoothly. So, you cannot start your makeup without primer. You can invest in the best primer to make your makeup look natural and real.

3. Foundation

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Foundation gives a flawless complexion which we don’t have naturally. You must be knowing the fact that, face skin doesn’t have the same complexion all over. So, the foundation helps you get perfect skin complexion. Foundation comes in different tones, liquid and powder as well. You can apply foundation and instantly get a uniform complexion.

4. Concealer

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The dark circles, blemishes and dark spots are the common beauty obstacles for women. If you are skipping concealer, all the flaws on your skin will be clearly seen. So, concealer is a makeup must have for every woman as it conceals all your flaws in seconds.

5. Compact

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You get compact powder and cream which makes the fine lines invisible on your skin. Compact removes the oiliness on your skin. Your makeup can stay as-is for a long time without too much of oil and greasiness. It creates enough dryness and makes the skin smooth and softer.

6. Eyeliner

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Eyeliner is the liquid that used to cover the eye lines. Eye lined with eyeliner looks extremely beautiful. Eyeliner is to make your eyes look bigger and darker. The darker and bigger eyes can be the most attractive feature for a woman. You can line your eyes perfectly with eyeliner for dramatic eyes. The winged eyes look dramatic and classy. The darker and smokey eyes are every woman’s needs these days. Off eyeliner eyes look dull and lifeless.

7. Mascara

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Mascara can curl up the eyelashes and make your eyes look big and darker. A women needs mascara to enhance her beauty and make her look confident. The confident eyes talk bold and set a strong expression. So, every women need a mascara in her makeup kit.

8. Eyeshadow palette

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You need attractive and bright eyes for a big occasion. So, you need an eyeshadow palette to make your eyes look outstanding. You cannot go with the same colour of eyeshadow for any occasion. For different occasion, you will need a different shade. If a woman is attending a formal event, she would wear a classy light colour. For a wedding, she would need a vibrant and glittery shade. So, the eyeshadow palette covers all the shades and colours.

9. Lipstick

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You need lipstick to elevate your lips by wearing your favourite and suitable colour.

You have multiple shades in lipstick and you can match up with your outfit. You can apply lipstick and make different expressions like a bold, classy, poppy. The shade you select also makes your personality and attitude. So, lipstick is a must have in your makeup kit.

Let your makeup kit be occupied with right and useful products. You need to collect all the above makeup must haves for basic makeup. Carrying these makeup must haves, you can get ready in a corner instantly and you will be able to your own makeover. You can appear charming and classy with the makeup must haves. With the right application, you look natural and classy in any occasion.

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