How to Make Your Pores Look Smaller with Proper Makeup – Cleanse It Well


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Having open pores on the face is an extremely common hitch and especially if you have got oily dermis the problem is acute. If you’re among many others who are putting up with enlarged pores and has no idea how to sort it out, then you have a facile formula to make openings look minimized on the face.

Believe it or not, you can hide those bothering pores with makeup. But, all you ought to be conscious is some best makeup tricks to hide pores since your routine makeup practice might make your pores look more awful.

Before moving into best makeup tricks to hide pores, know what is leading to pores on your face.

What Causes Pores on Face?

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1. Gender

Though it may seem strange, gender is one of the factors involved in causing pores on the face. In an innate way, men generally in most cases have larger pores than women. But then, hormonal changes, such as puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy can increase the appearance of pores in women.

2. Oily Skin

If you have naturally oily skin, it is quite common to have enlarged pores owing to the fact that when excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt collect in your pores, your skin expands and your pores look larger than wonted.

3. Age

Growing older trigger snag and pores is one among them. Aging makes our skin naturally lose some of its elasticity and when it happens, our skin begins to sag a bit and it starts to stretch. This can elongate your pores, which eventually leads to an increase in their size.

4. Sun Exposure

Too much sun exposure cuts down your skin’s collagen, elastin and water levels resulting in pulling of the skin which can tug on the pores and make them larger. Due to excess sun exposure, the underlying dermis is affected tends to lose water and ultimately starts to shrink. This pulls on our facial skin, causing pores to turn more evident.

5. Environment

The environment undeniably plays a vital role in settling on our skin essence. If you are living in a hot and humid climate then the increase in oil production is excessive inevitably making you sweat, causing clogged pores and acne.

6. Genetics

If you have large pores on your face, it’s within the bounds of possibility that someone else in your family also has large pores. You might have also fell heir to thick or oily skin, which can cause your pores to appear large to a fault.

Ways to Make Pores Appear Smaller with Makeup

Make-Pores-Appear-SmallerIf you have large pores on your face you should consider yourself blessed with good luck since you have untold makeup tricks to conceal the pores that are bothering you.

a) Start with Serum

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Serums, to the most part, can be used in combination with most products to find a solution to a number of issues including acne, dry skin, and discoloration.

The best pore-minimizing serums take the edge off the appearance of clogged, dark, or enlarged pores by increasing your skin cell turnover through tender exfoliation and reducing the production of excess oil.

Antioxidants like vitamin C, retinol, and exfoliating acids are all cardinal ingredients in pore-minimizing serums seeing that they can unclog congested pores, clear dead skin, and reduce excess sebum.

How to apply serum accurately? The way that you apply a serum and the amount you use is just as important as the product itself.

Firstly cleanse your skin with a toner to remove excess dirt and makeup. Dispense two or three drops of serum onto your fingertips. Press your fingertips onto your cheeks, forehead, and chin. Massage the product gently into skin with upward strokes.

b) Apply a Cream

Apply-a-CreamAfter applying your serum, follow up with applying a cream that right away gives skin a soft-focus finish and can help improve overall skin quality with steady use over time.

c) Apply Primer

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A makeup primer helps in filling in your pores, leaving you with a smooth surface to apply the rest of your makeup look. Especially, primers that contain silicone will “fill in” your pores and make up a smooth canvas for your foundation.

How to apply primer? Apply the primer dot by dot and blend it in a gentle circular motion over your whole face or to targeted areas. For large pores, in particular, apply the primer to your nose and cheeks to help minimize their appearance.

d) Wear a Matte Foundation

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You can conceal pores with a matte foundation. The matte foundation makes your pores appear smaller as they won’t reflect light and highlight your pores. This type of foundation also keeps the skin from looking shiny throughout the day. Choose a matte foundation that’s oil-free and non-comedogenic so that your pores stay as clear as possible.

How to apply a matte foundation? You can use a makeup brush or blending sponge to blend in your matte foundation. Make it certain that you blend it well on all areas of your face.

e) Pick Makeup Blender Instead of Brushes

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Brushes can emphasize the look of your pores by leaving behind brush strokes, while a blender helps to create seamless coverage. Apply a small amount of foundation the blender and quickly dab and roll the blender onto your skin to easily blend the foundation.

How to use makeup blender? To use your makeup blender, press the damp sponge into the makeup. Don’t dab it too hard or else you may end up picking up too much product. After dabbing some of the makeup onto the sponge, tap the round bottom against your skin to apply the makeup. Don’t wipe the sponge across your face, but bounce it to mildly press the makeup into the skin for a flawless finish.

To apply foundation under the eyes, around the nose, along the lips, or in other small areas, press the pointed edge of the blender against the skin. Press it harder with the rounded edge to make it sure that the makeup is entirely blended into the skin.

f) Use Concealer to Perfect Imperfections

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Use the concealer by applying it to any imperfections as well as in an upside-down triangle shape below each eye to leave them appearing more awake and open.

How to apply concealer? The most befitting method to apply concealer is to draw a triangle with the base beneath your eye and the point toward your cheek.

g) Apply a Translucent Powder

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After applying your foundation, apply a translucent setting powder to help keep the rest of your makeup from shifting throughout the day and night. Dust a thin layer over your face with a big fluffy makeup brush to set your foundation.

How to apply translucent powder? Dip the brush into the powder, only covering the top of the brush. Don’t smash the brush into the powder. Buff the powder onto your face in small circular motions. To apply the powder to your T-zone, moving across your forehead and then down your nose. Keep on with buffing the powder onto your face, moving toward your hairline.

h) Stick with Classic Makeup Look

Stick-with-Classic-Makeup-LookA classic cat eye and red lip makeup look pair perfectly with the skin that blurs the look of pores.

i) Spritz with Setting Spray

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As a final step, set your makeup a setting spray. Spritz the setting spray 4-6 times in a “T” and “X” shape to help extend your just-applied makeup look and get a long-lasting finish.

How to use the spray? To use the spray, hold the bottle out at arm’s length, and spritz it several times over your entire face. Make free from doubt that you pick a setting spray that is right for your skin.

On top of that, be certain to use the best products to hide pores with the use of best make up. From using the right facial cleanser to pore-minimizing face creams, there are a variety of products available to help hide pores with makeup.

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