Romantic vacation types for newly-wed couples

Romantic Vacation

A lot of times, newly-wed couples don’t get the perks of going on romantic and exotic dinners and outings every day. There could be a lot of external reasons like work, people and of course let’s not forget the pressure of impressing the in-laws. In Indian culture, we often have to be the people pleaser and try to adjust our requirements according to the family, people etc. But wait! Don’t lose hope yet. If you live in one of those conservative families were going out with your wife or husband is frowned upon, we have some really exciting ideas that we have collected for couples like you. Yes, while the vacation season is coming to an end, you can take your own trip to amazing and romantic places outside India. We are going to list down some vacation types that will give you a widespread ideas about the kind of vacation you might want to spend with your better half.

There are millions of ideal vacation places around the world. But the most important thing is to find the right one that suits your needs and of-course the budget as well. Newly-wed couples should definitely try to go to these places as they are laced with rare romantic scenery and naughty laced ideas. If you are interested in everything I just mentioned, then here is your chance to dive in and look for more information on the same. Here are some sexy romantic vacation spots for newlywed couples.

Top Vacation Spots for Newly Weds

1Paris – the queen of romance


Paris is one of the most amazing and perfect city for everything that you are looking. From gorgeous beautiful big eyed gardens to quaint little coffee shops, the surrounding is just filled with amazing and stunning architecture. You will not only be surprised but will start falling in love with the city as and when you arrive. The place is all about romance, love, fashion and whatnot. You have the French streets, the French food, and the magnanimous architecture of course. The Eiffel tower is one of the most visited attractions which gives you a good vacation spot if you are a newly-wed.

You can take a stroll alongside the streets of Paris and shop, relax by getting a spa treatment done, and indulge in the food they offer and more. If you want something more personal and sensual, you can always opt the famous The Five hotel, which is designed mainly to tease all the five senses you have in you. Yes, they provide floating beds, star watching in the night, outdoor Jacuzzi option, spa treatments and indoor services.

Paris will literally pamper you and your partner to the best. You cannot find a better place to spend your romantic vacation. Don’t forget to take your camera because Paris is also the most interesting place to click pictures. Enjoy the beauty and magnanimity of the wine country with your favourite person.

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2The Cancun temptation

The Cancun temptation

Most Indian couples pick a crowded place for vacation. But let me tell you that vacations are supposed to be secluded, romantic and of course totally sexy. The Cancun resort which oozes out romance from all sides is one place you should definitely consider if you are planning for a vacation. This adult’s only resort is situated in Mexico.

Yes, you heard it right! It is a adults only resort that lets you roam around naked or topless if you wish for it. They have special and sensual body massages for couples and sensual entertainment as well. If you go alone, you can explore more into it. Since you are going with your partner, the best thing to do is to book your room in prior so that you can be offered an array of amazing options to choose from. They have private pools, Jacuzzi parties, a lot of sensual and entertaining sports. Don’t freak out about the adults only part! They are extremely conscious about not having any sexual activities in the resort. They keep it strictly sensual and romantic.

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3The orient express fun

The orient express fun

If you don’t try the orient express, it is probably a waste of your lifetime. No, I am not exaggerating or anything, but ladies! Ask your men to take you to the most romantic, serene and silent vacation. Orient express is all about old fashioned cabin fun that takes you through the lanes of the countries you want to visit. These places also include Paris, Venice, Istanbul and many more such scenic places.

You can choose to try either one or all of them at once. If you want to keep it close to India, try the orient fun to Singapore and Bangkok. The important thing in this is the luxurious fun and gala time you will have with the Belmond group who offer the most exotic couples treat.

You will instantly love it for the big and spacious attractions you find inside a moving train. Isn’t it just romantic to travel to these countries in a comfortable, luxurious train that offers you everything from spa to massages? Book your tickets for a fun-filled ride.

4Island magic

Island magic

The Islands have always been the magic beans of couple’s vacation. If you are interested to take your dear one somewhere alongside the beach and waves, then this is the best kind of vacation for you. Nicaragua is a place that offers you everything that you can ask for in an island.

Beach hammocks are a wonderful adventure and this sexy island will give you and exotic experience as well. You can rent a tent or a cabin and just stay along the beach. The cabin is so comfortable that you will be able to literally live inside the tent straight for 2 days. Isn’t it sexy to build your own cabin and stay alongside the beautiful waves? The cabins are pretty economical that starts from $35 and go upto $150. It depends on the comfort you are looking at. You should definitely check out the water sport options that they present as well. You can do couples sports and have a lot of fun in the water for definitely a weekend.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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