10 Contemporary Dresses For Roka Function With Indian Fashion Appeal


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Roka function is a beautiful wedding ceremony where the families of the bride and groom discuss the wedding and the arrangements. The family interactions of a wedding cannot miss the fashion talks. The most discussed and attractive spot wherever the couple is. Your near and dear people love to see you with flawless style and fashion.

Wedding shopping is a situation where your fashion sense and style rings the bell but you can’t finalize anything that easily. Of course, you want to be chosen. More than just choosy, you want to look perfect with what you adorned from top to bottom.

For your roka function, you don’t have to get confused with your outfit selection. We have a pretty collection of fashionable outfits for contemporary women.

Fashionable Outfits For Your Roka Function

1. Ghagra Choli Forever


A ghagra is a must try outfit for roka function. Go for a trendy ghagra with an offbeat color or a monochrome color palette. Ghagra will make you look ravishing and it keeps the look traditional. Ghagra choli works wonders as you can get it customized according to your choice or theme of the function. You can always experiment with a unique style blouse and dupatta to make it look chic yet traditional.

Ghagra is simple and elegant outfits which will make you feel complete. Draping the dupatta in a different style also adds to the beauty of lehenga. The dupatta draping surely turns heads with the modernity and contemporary style of modern brides. One should undoubtedly add Ghagra to the roka function outfits list.

2. Sharara Suit Set Is Sizzling


Sharara suit sets are trending for roka functions now. Sharara is elaborated and effortless. A heavily embellished sharara suit or a properly coordinated sharara suit can never go wrong. Choose colors that will make you look bright and cheery. You can never go wrong with a sharara because it’s comfortable and sophisticated. It will also make you stand out when styling it with the right makeup and jewellery.

There are also different varieties and looks to try out. You can try a pastel color sharara suit set, gold color sharara suit set, fully flared sharara suit set, dual toned sharara suit set, glittery sharara suit set, bright sharara suit set, mirror work sharara suit set, and classic white sharara suit set.

3. Floor Length Kurta and Lehenga


A floor length mid slit kurta with a lehenga is a perfect combination for a roka function. This will be a unique combination and will enhance the outfit for the roka function. It will look sophisticated with a trendy vibe. It also has an indo-western touch with the mid slit. You can explore the kurta with various styles like Anarkali, a- line kurta, asymmetrical kurta, layered kurta, flared kurta, and fitted kurta.

This style will add layers and make your ensemble look spot on. The style of the lehenga will embrace this whole outfit. You can go all out with styles and do many mix and matching outfits. The slit, the kurta length, the flair of lehenga, the colors, the embroidery, the makeup, and the hairdo should be majorly focused on.

4. Floor Length Jacket with Lehenga


For your roka function, prefer the dress with modern designs like embroidery and the ethnic embellishments. Keep a close eye on these factors to stand out among the crowd and to look balanced on your special day.

A floor length jacket comes in stylish ways like cape style, knot style. This will be one of the modern styles with an Indian touch to it. The long length jacket with an embellished border is simply beautiful. Choosing a flair jacket that is lightweight is prettier with heavily embellished lehenga. You can check the above image for fashion ideas for your roka function.

The best style for this comes with a simple hairstyle that matches your pretty outfit. Another style tip for floor length jacket and lehenga is to play with contrast colours. You can flaunt with the colour combinations.

5. Anarkali Suit


It is one of the perfect outfits for your roka ceremony as they look fashionable and traditional. A bride wants to look back elegantly adjusting her dress and hair. All that she wants to stay pretty is a modern outfit with Indian traditions. The whole outfit will make you look attractive and will turn out as a statement look.

You are into the contemporary style wearing a simple Anarkali suit. If you want to look desi, then focus on the traditional colours.

Select the accessories that make your outfit look flawless. If you are preferring a heavy Anarkali suit, then let your accessories be minimal. You can have a look at the image attached to your idea. The simple Anarkali suit is adorned with the outstanding necklace and earrings.

6. Modern Pant Saree


An Indo Western style is to make a fashion statement. It suits the occasion with an appeal of Indian style mixed with western patterns.

Preferably, look for the ruffled sarees and naartoe bordered sarees. Choose a blouse with a modern pattern. The way you are draping the piece of saree around your body adds the contemporary style.

Adorn your appearance with sleek fashion accessories. A bracelet and long chain with a pair of long earrings are the perfect way to style a modern pant saree. The modern colours that pant style saree comes in are peach, royal blue, pastel pink, pale yellow cherry red.

7. Belted Saree


The pattu traditional sarees are a good choice for roka function. But not to keep your style outdated or routine. Belt up your traditional saree and it creates a voguish structure for your saree.

Doll up to be a flawless modish bride. Never commit a fashion mistake with disconnecting accessories. So, for belted saree what’s your choice of accessories? From our side, we would ask you to get the super stylish pieces like a sleek bracelet and neck choker that is light and comfortable around your neck.

8. Gown With Desi Dupatta


You can get a customized gown to pair with a desi dupatta. To go right with your outfit at the Roka function, get silk embroidered gown. Pair the gown with a fully embellished dupatta.

The netted dupattas are also a fitting style with a western gown. If you don’t want to miss the Indian style of your outfit, then get customized down with traditional colours like maroon, forest green. You look bright and super pretty with the head turning appearance.

Let in the style set with you with this combination of gown and dupatta. You are more of a traditional style and modern fashion sense with this outfit.

9. Peplum Top With Lehenga


A lehenga dress is like any other party wear outfit. Then, what’s so new wearing a lehenga as a modern bride to be. You can do the styling with the top that you are pairing with the lehenga.

Keep those other blouse designs and the crop tops in the catalog out of your view. And check on the outfit with the combo of peplum top and lehenga. You look prettier with the pattern of peplum top and flared lehenga. Let your lehenga touch the floor with style and elegance of your own.

10. Indo Western Gowns


Indo western gown is one of the best striking western dresses to keep it gorgeous and stunning. Gowns have become the latest function outfit and will stay in trend. This will look unique and contemporary which will make you look like a princess on your special day.

You can try styles like Mermaid style gown, Cinderella gown, sheer gowns, long sleeve ball gown, lace gown, satin gown, beaded gown, velvet gown, flared gown, and Cape style gown. These styles will make you look elegant and stunning for your Roka ceremony. You will surely accept that it’s a perfect outfit for your roka function.

The bride starts with the outfit shopping. Your shopping and ideas of fashion encourage you to go with the best appearance. As Roka function is the first wedding ceremony, you choose an outfit that intensifies your real style. Pick your best outfit from the fashionable collection we listed for you.

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