Trendy Bed Pillow Arrangement Ideas


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bed pillow arrangement ideas

Who does not love pillows? The most comfortable material and our sleep companion is a pillow. The fact that it comes in different sizes and shapes is very exciting. One can just sleep peacefully with a bunch of pillows spread all over the bed. They technically are made for resting your head comfortably. Cozy and fluffy pillows are my favorite. They just make it so difficult for us to get up in the morning, and also make us want to jump back to sleep when we finish our day.

Apparently, having a pillow was a sign of luxury in the past. The concept of pillow began seven thousand years BC. People then used wooden and stone pillows to keep their head higher than their body. Pillow was also used to keep away the bugs and insects from climbing on their face and entering into their nose, mouth and ears.

Pillows now are used for comfort and also for the decorative look they have. Here are few trendy bed pillow arrangement ideas you can use to organize your bed in a fashionable way.

Different Bed Pillow Arrangement Ideas

1The simple four pillows style

The simple four pillows style

You can always have less pillows and still make your bed look stylish. The simple and the best way to arrange your bed is with four pillows. Make sure that you have either matching or contrasting pillow cases.

Use two pillows as a base and put them under the bed sheet. Then take the main pillows with the matching pillow case, and place them on the base pillows. You can place them like the above picture shows or in any other possible ways.

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2The Simple Six Pillows Style

The Simple Six Pillows Style

Having pillows with two different colors is useful, you need not wait till you change the bed sheet to put the other colored pillow. You can always arrange your pillows in a way that they contrast with the existing bed sheet.

I personally love this, out of all the other bed pillow arrangement ideas. It allows you to have a fancy yet simple look. Using six pillows while arranging them according to their color and size, gives a neat and crisp look to your bed.

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3The Mix and Match Style

The Mix and Match Style

The picture explains it all. Different sizes of pillows increase the trendy look. You can always give a little crack in the middle of each pillow making it look like a bow, the crack should be on the top. Using six pillows while arranging them in a triangular way gives your bed a peppy look.

4The Casual Style

The Casual Style

For a single bed, two big pillows and two small ones with a roller pillow is the most apt option. The arrangement can be very casual, you can throw in your pillows according to their size. The roller pillow is the show stopper in these types of bed pillow arrangement ideas.

5Another Casual style

Another Casual style

If you don’t have a roller pillow, you can always go for small cushions. It can be circular or the regular square shaped cushion. The difference in the size and shape allows you to have a different and fashionable look.


If you have five pillows, this is how you can arrange it. The above picture has more ways in which you can arrange your bed pillows.

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