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Being beautiful and pretty is definitely one of the best things for a woman. But, haven’t we seen so much more than just that? Well, while a lot of women would still prefer being called beautiful, there are different things women can be in life than just being pretty or beautiful. Let’s face it! A compliment would definitely make you blush or smile and if it is for a man or men, it is definitely something that is going to make you go ga-ga about it. But think of all that you are than just being beautiful. You are creative, you are responsible, you are mature, you are intelligent and so much more. While the outer looks matter a lot, what matters most is how you see yourself.

If you like the inner you, don’t be afraid or ashamed to embrace it at all. Women are definitely a lot more than the bare skin and the outer looks. So today we are going to list down the different things women are and can be in life than just being pretty. Yes, prettiness is important but being pretty and having nothing on the top shelf (brain) makes no sense, right? So, let’s read about the different things women are Independent.

Top and Different Things Women Are In Real Life



Bring intelligent or intellectual will definitely not make you dumb or a geek. It is all about handling the intellectual part of you, brilliantly. If you have seen Greys Anatomy, you will love a quote that Christina yang would say. She says ‘Screw beautiful, I am brilliant’! That is how you should be too. You are more than the outer flesh and the sexy body. The street smartness and the quick thinking will definitely intimidate all the men around you and you will soon be the super intellectual girl among them.

You should prefer being called or complimented as an intellectual person than being called pretty. Men think that they are intelligent and super smart when it comes to work and experience. Well, that is something that is definitely not true at all. Women are brighter, quick learners and are multi talented. While you are complemented for your body and looks, make sure you put out your beautiful brain out in the light and get the satisfaction of getting complimented even on your brains.

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2Creative mind

Creative mind

Everyone knows that creativity is something that cannot be learned or bought. It is something that you should have and it is mainly the ability to think differently and beautifully. This is something women are and are not complimented much on. If you are being called a creative person, then that is something which is better than being called beautiful or pretty. It is a great compliment for sure. It is a quality in women and women don’t embrace it much often. But, in most firms, women are the people who come up with out of the box ideas and thinking and crack the most important and difficult case studies. If it is not professionally, you can definitely be creative in your extracurricular stuff like art, singing, fashion, photography or even cooking for that matter. Creativity needs an extra set of eyes to see it differently. So, if you are being called creative, then don’t shy away at all. Don’t be modest also! If someone calls you creative, that can be the best and greatest compliment. So, embrace it happily!



Being humorous and making people laugh is a divine gift. Not everyone gets the chance to make others laugh or make them be happy. Well, we all know that laughter is the best medicine, no matter in what situation you are in. Even if you are in the hospital, if you can laugh or make jokes about something minimal and ease the situation, it is something great. People would definitely want to spend time with you if you make them feel happy and laugh. Sense of humor is very important and as a woman, if you have it, then it is god’s gift. If someone tells you that you are a funny women or that your humor is impeccable, that could be your super compliment. Your personality will double up in front of others. If you are a happy person, people will respect you more.



Well, working hard on something or trying to work hard to achieve something is what makes you a fighter. The easy route to success is when you have an ambition and you know that you have to work hard for it. If you do that, success comes chasing you. If you’re working hard is recognized by your peers or by your colleagues or even your boss, that is your best and most important compliment. A lot of men like women who are very independent, hard working and go after what they want! So, if you are a hard working woman, feel happy for yourself. Nothing comes easy in life and not everyone understands this aspect. Remember that looks will not take you to many places. But brains definitely have its worth and it will take you places even without your persuasion.

A lot of women think that being pretty is their only soul idea. Well, let me make it clear to you. Being thin, zero size, pretty, beautiful and all the adjectives related to that is fine. But unless you are looking at a career in fashion or acting, your looks will not take you to a great place. You should try to be a combined solution of pretty, intellectual, smart, hard working and humorous woman. That is what will take you to heights even without your trying too much. That is the own everyone would like to hand out with. So, try to be all this!

-Pavithra Ravi

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