Things to consider before moving in with a male roommate


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Well, moving to a new place and that too with a person you don’t even know can be certainly fun and exciting. It is also at some level scary because you don’t know what kind of a person the roommate of yours would turn out to be, right? You will never know what you can expect from your roommate, mainly if he is a guy. There are certain important things you need to consider before you move in with a person who is a male roommate.

There are some issues that you have to handle before you move in. So, here are some of the things you have to consider before moving in with a male roommate.

Top Things to Keep in Mind before Moving in

1His cleaning habits

His cleaning habits

They say cleanliness is next to godliness. Well, if you are clean, then you can’t expect the same thing to happen with your male roommate too. You can definitely see for yourself from your male members. Do they clean everything everyday and keep their rooms clean and tidy? They come home, drop their shirt and pants in each corner and don’t even try to lift up their socks to put it in the washing machine. Well, if that is how they have been brought up, it is a template with other guys as well. You can’t expect anything different from them. You might have to be cleaning the room, hall and the entire house. He could be messy or dirty too. So, you have to look for all these things before you move in with him. Cleaning mainly comes as a problem which can make or break the relationship as friends or roomies between the two of you. If you are visiting the place beforehand, look for all possible corners to see if the room is neat. You cannot live in a dun gent like him.

2Late night gaming sessions

Late night gaming sessions

We all know that men love to play games every single time. They may have parties peculiarly for games alone. They love to stay up and play a lot of games. One other annoying thing is the sound of the game that they are playing. It can blare in the living room while you are trying to study for your exams or while you are trying to speak to your people. If the guy is playing video games, he might not do it all alone. He might want some of his friends to accompany him for this. When they come around, the noise gets more and more and this is pretty obvious. If you are a person who goes to bed early, then this could be a lot annoying for you. Men don’t think or act considerate when it comes to things like this because they don’t really realize it. Before any of this happens, you should make sure that you follow certain guidelines about time, loudness, noise, friends etc. This way both of you can stay clear about what each other want and needs.

3His friends who flirt

His friends who flirt

Your male roommate may not have any interest towards you since he knows the limits. But, his friends needn’t be the same, right? This is a huge concern when you live with a male roommate. His friends can get flirtatious with you on many occasions and they can take the chance of coming to their friend’s house as an easy way out of hitting on you. If you are the only girl in the house with a room full of guys, then you are going to get a lot of ogling, stares and flirting comments. This could make you feel insanely uncomfortable and irritating. If your roommate is going to run down to buy something and leaves you alone with his friends, then it is going to turn even more awkward. So, as a friendly request, you can ask your friend to not leave you alone with his friends or not invite people who flirt. Make sure to ask him to not bring guys who flirt otherwise.

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4Invasion of privacy

Invasion of privacy

In this relationship with you and your roommate, there could be a lot of violation of privacy. Since you are staying with a male roommate, everytime is not going to be a great experience when he by mistakes opens the door to you have a long bath or there could be some weird encounters. This is very common and everybody will be able to relate it. Mainly when you have the chums or periods, the guy could encounter certain things that you might have forgotten to flush down. Since you might have to share the same restroom, things like this is common. If you live with a female roommate, it is more relaxed and comforting. If you feel weird about sharing the same restroom or if you are on alert mode all the time, then it wouldn’t be the best idea to stay with a male roommate.

These are some of the things you should know when you move in with a male roommate. Not all guys are going to do everything listed in the article. There are definitely 100% adjusting type guys. There are guys who understand what you need and how much space you would want and they will give you that space. These could be some of the common things that you might have to be aware of.

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