Some Vegetables those are best for babies

Food for Babies

You may find it very hard to feed your babies with solid food for the first times because they are used to having old milk or formula during their first year. Every mother’s special interest in making their babies eat more of vegetables starts from the very beginning itself. Vegetables do have a lot of nutrients, protein, vitamins and elements that are good enough to make your babies strong. But when you feed them with vegetables, it may get mundane, so it is important that you add new flavors and different veggies each day. There are a lot of ways in which you can introduce vegetables to your babies that are not only healthy but also tasty.

There are a few vegetables that can be introduced to babies in the first few months itself and one need to wait till they grow a little more. But, whatever you do, it is better to consult a pediatrician before you go ahead feeding solids to your baby. Here are some vegetables that are best foods for babies.

Vegetables Those are Good for Babies

1Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are the best and first vegetables that you should start off with. They are extremely sweet when boiled, easy to chop or mash and they are not spicy and have a sweet flavor. They have rich contents of vitamin C which will help your baby gain the much needed stamina and strengthens the immunity system. They are rich in fiber as well, which helps better digestive flow for the babies. It is always good to start off vegetables that are easy to digest so that your babies will not feel discomfort while starting solids.



Carrots have loads of Vitamins in them like A, B, C and other calcium elements that strengthen baby’s bones. This could easily be one of the best vegetables to start off with too for its sweet nature. There are packed vegetables that you can get in store or you can choose to go in for making it at home. It is better to opt the second option since it is homemade and you will make it with a lot of care and love. It is good not to add salt or butter so that the baby will learn to eat it plain for better health. As our parents have always told us – carrots are great for the eyes. So, the same follows for your babies too. Boil and mash them and add a little water so that you can feed easily.



Green peas or frozen peas are very good for your babies. Some parents may avoid the idea of giving children peas because of gastric issues, but there are chances that your children would love it if you introduce it to them in early stages. They do have a balanced taste and it is tasty too, even without adding anything to it. Peas have proteins in them and high content of fiber for good digestion. You can use peas, as an evening snack or for dinner so that babies can sleep through the night properly. Did you know peas can make you groggy? So, it is good to give it in the nights.



Broccoli can be one of the finest yet advanced vegetable that is not preferred by most parents because of its intricate care in cutting and boiling the vegetable. If you consider giving it to your kid, remember to feed children who are above 10 months only. This is not advisable for newborns because it has a slighter advanced taste and stronger to chew. You can steam the broccoli and add salt and a bit of pepper to taste. Broccoli is high in Vitamin C and D which is great for passing good and a softer portion of the stool.

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You can also opt for cauliflower, which can be given to your babies from their sixth month. Steaming cauliflower is very important so that you remove any germ of the worm present in it. Mash it and add it with onions so that the vitamins are not washed away. Cauliflower contains Vitamin C and K which is very good for babies mainly above 6 months for stronger bones.

It is extremely important that you give all of these in the mashed format so that your babies can eat it faster and it can digest well. Solid food can be difficult at first for the children to adopt. There could be loose motion, dehydration and other things that may irk you, but do not worry. It is all because of the new kind of food that your child is having for the first time. If it gradually doesn’t stop, consulting a pediatrician is a good choice so that you can be on the safer side. Apart from vegetables, squashes are also best for babies. Remember to make sure you clean your vegetables at least 3 to 4 times before you cook. Have a happy time exploring your baby’s favorite solid food.

-Pavithra Ravi

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