6 things to do on a Mauritius Honeymoon


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Mauritius honeymoon

The gorgeous side of white sands, pristine beaches and a lot more to explore, Mauritius has the best to offer in terms of Honeymoon packages for newly wed couples. The beautiful destination offers more than just this. From enjoying the privileges of living in a private king room for exploring the city adventures, the destination gives you everything that it has to offer. The crystal blue lagoons, clear sand beaches and the coral islets are definitely unimaginably wonderful and to be spoilt for. Right? There is more than just the tropical beauty in this place. Water sports, bars, club hopping, trendy restaurants and much more that you can do to explore the beauty of the city. So, without any further delay, here is what you should be doing if you go on a Mauritius Honeymoon.

Top Things You Should Do On Your Mauritius Honeymoon

1Endless white beach

Endless white beach

The journey will be totally incomplete if you don’t dine in alongside of the amazing pristine beach where you can soak your legs in the water and have dinner, all of it at once. The Grand Bay, Pereybere, Blue Bay and many more finest beaches will you the best reasons to cuddle your husband and enjoy the breezy wind and the cold sand. You could also try parasailing session, which is famous in these beaches, or trying under water diving is even more amazingly adventurous. April-June would be the best time to visit the place because planning it during Feb-March will make you get stuck under rainfall.

2Rent a car and be on your way

Rent a car and be on your way

It is best to rent a car for yourself in Mauritius. In fact, taking the car for a day or two is much cheaper than getting in a taxi every time to every other place. The car will be at your disposal 24/7 and you definitely can drive through the long and huge motorway that will let you enjoy the coastal areas and lets you go on a long drive. You can wind through the city center, sugar cane plantations, flea markets and much more. There is nothing better than driving on your own and exploring the city all by yourself, rather than being hooked to a boring planned trip with unknown strangers. This should be first on the do to list!

3Go local shopping

Go local shopping

You can actually get amazing deals when you go shopping in the local flea markets. If you can bargain, you can definitely get the best rates out of them. The island is a shopping heaven with everything available from local souvenirs to clothes, footwear, cologne etc. Visit the Grand Baie Bazar, Quatre Bornes and many more local nearby shopping places to take full advantage of the city. You can definitely buy beach dresses for a cheaper price and woo your partner by wearing it for dinner.

4Fast food to Fine Dine

Fast food to Fine Dine

The best thing about Mauritius food is that the cuisine is a mix of Indian, Chinese, Creole and African. You need to experience both their fine dine and street food which will have lip smacking items on their menu cards. Dholl Puri which is a local street food is the most famous in Mauritius which will be served to you with chili paste that will make your taste buds touch roof top. There are other street food areas on the Chapeau La Paille road, which offers an array of different kinds of cuisine. Of course, you also have big restaurants like Oberoi, Dewa and many more that are comfortably set up to give you the experience and the taste. Make your reservations and count on having some amazing food.

5Chamarel Village

Chamarel Village

This is the most famous attraction in Mauritius called Chamarel Village, which is a home to seven-colored earth. It is famous for its surfaces that are colored with rainbow colors. This uneven village land also has an amazing waterfall, which is the highest in Mauritius. You have a combined trip to this particular place called the Seven Colored earth trip. You can assign a day or two for this particular visit and keep it on the priority list. This is one of the best places you should go to on your honeymoon without fail. The colors, water splashing and the adventure will give you a great experience. Think about a kiss on the roof or under the waterfall. Doesn’t that sound interesting and romantic?

6The Treasure Island

The Treasure Island

There is an amazing and extraordinary attraction called the Ile aux Cerds, which is an island that is located off the east coast of the city. This is nothing different than other beaches, but it lets you travel to a private island all by yourself with your partner. You get to prepare barbeque with your partner, go on a parasailing session and enjoy the waves. You can definitely spend time at the resort near the beach which will offer you a couple spa session all for free.

There are other things that you can do on your Mauritius Honeymoon like not missing to take a couple spa, visit the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, Grand Bassin Lake, Sky diving and a lot more that will excite you. It is better to plan where to go because you have a lot of places to visit in Mauritius. It’s best to plan way ahead to avoid confusion at the last minute.

Happy Mauritius Honeymoon!

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-Pavithra Ravi

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