10 Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Bride-to-Be

weight loss tips for bride-to-be

All brides-to-be are really anxious about weight loss. What you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat, what you should do, what you shouldn’t do. In this article, you will learn what are the does and don’t before the wedding. Here are some of the weight loss tips for bride-to-be.

D-Day Preparation

1Plan Your Journey

Plan Your Journey

First and foremost you should never do crash dieting. You should always plan your weight loss journey. Suppose if you want to lose 10kgs, you should plan 5 months in advance. If you want to loose 5Kgs you should plan 3 months in advance so that you have some maintenance period also.

2Take Guidance

Take Guidance

If you don’t know how to lose weight, then you can go to the nutritionist and take proper guidance as they take guidance for their clothes, jewellery in the same way you should take guidance from a nutritionist.

3Stop before D-Day

Stop before D-Day

Always your weight loss journey should end at least 15 days before your wedding. So, in those 15 days, you can take care more about your skin, sleep enough because 15 days before your wedding you feel crazy. You are stressed. All kinds of emotions tend to come at you and if you do dieting at the same time you will loose your charm and beauty. You have lots of work and exercise so you should refrain from any kind of dieting. Also, avoid taking the excess amount of alcohol 15 days before your wedding because you will get puffiness and acne.

4Work it Out

Work it Out

You should always do the exercise along with dieting to lose weight. Once you exercise, you only lose fat otherwise you can lose muscle also.

5Healthy Way

Healthy Way

You should include good antioxidant fruits in their diet. You should include enough amount of protein in your breakfast, lunch and dinner so that your immunity are taken care of.

6No Crash Diet

No Crash Diet

Doing crash diet with pills or liquid diet or only high protein diet. Sometimes you tend do get hair fall and back skin. Also, the weight what you loose because of crash dieting all comes back and very quickly and also their immunity is challenged. So, you should never opt for that. It’s better not to do the crash diet and remain the way you are.

7Drink Liquids

Drink Liquids

Make sure you have enough amount of liquids. You can start your day off with warm water with lime and honey, the glass of buttermilk, and have enough glasses of water throughout the day so that your skin is hydrated. On your wedding day, your lots of light is on you because of the camera and you tend to loose the moisture in your skin. So, water is always recommended.


8Keep Emergency Snack Ready

Keep Emergency Snack Ready

Always keep some healthy and compact foods either in your car, purse, or desk drawer. It can help you calm your cravings and stop you from going overboard in all the wrong foods. This idea works when you’re hungry at work and cookies are tempting, or when you’re out all day and see the bright fast food signs inviting you.

9Eat Breakfast

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the simplest meal to make and it sets the scene for your day. Eat a healthy breakfast to get your metabolism fired up, and make good choices during the day. It is like buying a smart lunch and going to the gym after work. Eating breakfast can help you lose weight, as studies have shown eating breakfast helps you consume fewer calories.

10Skin Glow

Skin Glow

Obviously, every bride wants a glowing and healthy skin on her wedding day. so, for that eat carrots, apricots, yellow and orange fruits, spinach or green vegetables and tomatoes. All these contain lycopene which is good for your skin.


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