8 Striking Ways To Style A Blazer- Trendy Shades Of Blazer


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Clothing is a need but styling the clothes is a passion. If you are passionate to check out and style your outfits, you must be looking for the blazer styles to wear as well. You have a fashion alert to know how to style the blazers for various occasions.

This article also shows how you can pair the blazer with bottoms. If you haven’t see and known that blazer can be a flexible outfit, then you must know it now.

These styles of wearing a blazer will let you know that- blazer is one of the flexible outfit. Be it to make a style statement or an ultimate formal look, blazers are unbeatable for women.

Blazers Styles

The black blazer over tee or shirt is a known and fully worn outfit. But we want to bring out the various styles of blazer and show it to all you fashion ladies. Now, you got to be a wide eyed of fashion to try these trendy styles of blazer.

1. Blazer with a pencil skirt

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A polished blazer outfit look comes with a pencil skirt. This must be a three piece outfit with a blazer over a tee or shirt. Be a fashion confident woman when you are wearing this stunning outfit.

If you want to make your appearance look super striking for a formal outfit, then you can go with this outfit. You can make a style statement accessorizing this outfit with a lovely statement necklace.

2. Flower blazer with jeans pant

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You can be a stunner with that semi feminine and dynamic look. The floral design are known for feminine appearance. The colourful blazer with a trendy skinny jeans is super fashionable.

You must be having a torn jeans. Now, just pair that torn jeans with the floral blazer. Choose the right colour jeans to make this outfit awful. You can wear black flower blazer with blue torn jeans like as it is shown in the above images.

3. Blazer with palazzo

Src, Src

The palazzo that was your favourite back then, is outdated now. Is it so? Then, look up to this style where you come out with a whole new trend. A blazer and palazzo is super trendy.

This is a unique style that you can wear for a special appearance. If the crowd is staring at you- don’t take them wrong. They are just awestruck with your fashionable outfit.

4. Checked blazer with cigarette pants


To look chic, we crop cut the pants and sleeve up the tops. This is all a struggle for a fashion lady. You must go for something that is ready and meant for fashion. Look at this outfit- it is just to have a checked blazer with cigarette pants which are not to hard to find.

You are going to happy with this dressing as you look upgraded with fashion and style. You can also go with ultra posh attitude when you are in right and presentable dressing. If you are looking for a outfit that fits for office wear, this is good to go with.

5. Belted blazer with flared pants

Src, Src

Setting a unique outfit is easy when you have the new styles. We have seen many belted outfits and belts never fail to style. A blazer with belt is a cool looking dress.

You will look like new well dressed lady in the same city. Chin up wearing this outfit as you are elegant. Make it presentable with minimal accessories. Get on those stylish shoe heels and a casual hairstyle. You are all ready to step out with this super trendy outfit.

6. Blazer with leather leggings


Leather leggings are just wow! The skin fit bottom that makes women look hot. Change your fashion view and try this outfit. Blazer and leather legging is a wonderful outfit that suits for an out an out formal look.

You can wear boot shoes with this outfit to look simply perfect. When you are craving for fashion, this outfit must inspire you.

7. Bell sleeves blazer with cropped pants


Women want the fashionable version of the outfits. A blazer with bell sleeves is something chic. You can choose any cropped pants like trousers, jeans cropped pants to pair with bell sleeved blazer.

Choose a bell sleeves blazer which got the detail button design. The lavish vibrant colour blazer with cropped pants looks stunning. You can check out the above image and imitate the style.

This outfit is to a just go for formal look. The bell sleeves are even more flared with ruffled style. You can look for the variations which are the stylish shades of a bell sleeves blazer.

8. Stripped blazer with shorts

Src, Src

If you are a type of woman who wants the very casual outfit also to be stylish, then you have many options. Before looking other outfits, check out this blazer and shorts pairing.

When you find a stripped blazer, you can get one and team it up with your shorts. You can wear a stripped blazer and printed short, stripped shorts. It is also great to go with a plain shorts.

The sexy outfit that you can wear for a fun outing, night outs, parties.

9. Blazer over maxi dress

Src, Src

Now, keep the doors open to let the fashion outfits inspire you. Look at this blazer outfit which is extremely unique. This is only taken by the unique women and who want to stay updated with fashion.

The day you want to make a fashion statement, you can go with this blazer outfit. The simple casual maxi dress becomes a next level chic outfit. You are going to look voguish in it.

10. Peplum blazer with trousers

Src, Src

Being a fashion dreamer, you will not know what suits you better. So keep trying the styles and trends. This peplum blazer is a trend that you cant miss.

Doubtlessly it is the blazer that fashion women must buy.If you are looking for a blazer this must come first as it is a chicest style. A lovely colour blazer with pale trousers makes a right pair.

11. Blazer dress

Src, Src

Do you want to feel royal without walking on the red carpet? Then go with a blazer outfit. It is to make you feel modish and the you get that fashion attitude once you slip into the blazer dress.

When you are going to walk red carpet, this is a more relevant outfit that you can wear. You can look extremely fashionable in this super cool outfit.

When it is fight for yourself to go in a smart outfit, these blazer style come in use for you. Get a blazer and try all these stylish shades of a blazer. Also try to create some fashion fusion with blazers. It is all about your fashion view and passion that show off in your dressing. So, just go for it!

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