14 Fantastic Wedding Sandals And The Alluring Designs


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A bride stocks up everything she needs for her big day. But the selection of accessories and fashion stuff for the wedding must go smoothly. For wedding shopping to go without any disturbances, you must have a plan, fashionable ideas and updates.

Haven’t you bought the bridal sandals for your wedding yet? Then don’t go for anything that comes to you saying “it is a trending piece”. In a hurry, you forget the styles and trends where you go with others opinions and tastes. It is always better to own your choice than others.

How should your bridal sandals look like? If your answer is just bright and embellished, then you must look at the below designs. Bridal sandals are not just to be well decorated but also must be easy to wear, fashionable. So, check these designs of wedding sandals for India brides-

Sandals For Indian Brides – For A Fashionable Bridal Look

1. Sandals With Embroidery Design


The footwear that beautifies your legs will be your first grab. But what if the footwear is also trending and traditional. Yes! Sandals with embroidery designs are the ultimate choice for Indian brides.

Embroidery sandals look grand on a bride’s foot. It can also be a super match with a bridal outfit. You can choose the sandals which are of low height if you cannot handle the heels. If you are pro at flaunting wearing the heels, then you can go for height embroidered sandals.

2. Sandals With Embellished Straps

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You hold the embellished footwear but is it fashionable? Look at the above images where the sandals are uniquely embellished. The embellished straps give your feet a bridal look. The sandals can be paired with bridal lehengas, sarees, Anarkali suits and many other traditional wears.

If you are looking for selection suggestions- then I would ask you to buy that can be used again. Go for the sandals which are lightly embellished. Embellished straps can be the perfect pair of sandals for Indian traditional brides.

3. Elegant Simple Worked Sandals


The overloaded design maker the sandals look grand and it is all cliche in current fashion. So, the new-gen brides must try the simply worked sandals. The detailing of the designs makes the sandals look effortlessly beautiful.

If a bride feels the overloaded designs make it look fussy, then you can go for simply designed sandals. You can check out the above images where the elegant simple worked sandals. The pairs are fabulous!

4. Glossy Sandals


Glossy sandals are attractive to the finishing. Though these sandals are not embellished, it looks pretty on a bride. Glossy sandals are cool with the high heels.

The sandals can be an amazing pair for fancy outfits like gowns. If you want the fancy-looking sandals for your reception, you can simply choose glossy sandals. The sandals can make your foot look classy. You can pick the trendy sandals which are of silver, peach colours for your fancy outfits.

5. Sandals With Pearls


Bridal sandals with pearls are more like fashion accessories for a fashionable bride. A modish bride would love to own a pair of sandals woven with pearls. The pearled sandals cover the foot in a traditional way.

You have various styles in bridal pearl sandals. The footwear styles like heels, flats and wedges don’t fall short when it is pearl sandals. In the above image, you can see the flat sandals with pearl work. Isn’t it too pretty?

6. Sandals With Traditional Designs


A bride who is looking for traditional looking sandals can glance at the above image for an idea. Here, you need to choose sandals which are of Indian traditional colours like maroon, gold, cream. You can also choose sandals with traditional motifs and designs.

A pair of traditionally designed sandals are designed specially to match the bridal outfits. You can also look for sandals with traditional colour combinations.

7. Mirror Sandals


The sandals covered with mirror designs are pretty cool for Indian brides. Mirror designed sandals can be brimful that looks royal. If you want to keep it minimal and classy, then you can go for the simple mirror worked sandals.

Sandals with mirror designs look ethnic and perfect for an Indian bride on a wedding day. The mirror sandals can also be worn for a special look. The sandals are too lovely to be corned.

8. Shimmer Sandals


A bride waits to add the shine and shimmer to her bridal look. Shimmer sandals can the perfect way of adding shine and brightness. Shimmer sandals are absolute stuff for reception and night wedding ceremonies. The shimmer sandals for a bride are always a classy choice. If you are going for shimmer sandals for your wedding, then you can prefer heels.

Your feet look extremely bridal and grand with shimmer sandals. You can choose the sandals that match your rocking bridal outfit.

9. Stoned Sandals


Every girl has the dreamy footwear for her wedding day. So, the stoned sandals can be part of the bridal footwear that every girl loves to wear. The stoned sandals give you a special girly feeling with the heaviness. The shiny stones make the sandals the most elegant bridal sandals.

The coloured stones make your sandals look funky. If you want traditional sandals, then you can choose the golden stoned ones. The silver stones sandals look highly classy. If you want to make a unique choice of wedding sandals, then choose the stoned heels sandals.

10. Floral Designed Sandals


A queenly look of the bride is possible with the special pairing and combinations. Your traditional outfit must be paired with the floral designed sandals. And there you will get the real bridal look. The floral designed sandals are very Indian style which is made with kundans, beads and some thread work.

The floral designed sandals are awesome for modern brides who want light work but a breathtaking look. You can be a classy bride with lightweight floral designs.

11. Sandals With Lace Design


When sandals are topped with lace, it looks fully fashionable. These are modern sandals for an ultra modish bride. The sandals look ethereal with the lace design. You can pair the lace sandals with your fancy gowns.

The delicacy and look of these wedding sandals are complementary for your bridal look. The images give you an idea of lace wedding sandals.

12. Tulle Sandals


Planning for a beautiful destination wedding? Then, get a lovely pair of tulle sandals. Tulle fabric is extremely delicate and gives the sandals an attractive look.

Tulle sandals are from the contemporary style of footwear for Indian brides. Tulle sandals are more like vintage sandals. The sandals can be part of your rocking bridal look. It is a kind of girly footwear that a modern bride can wear.

13. Velvet Sandals


If a bride wants the clam shine on her, then velvet should do the bright magic. The mesmerizing velvet sandals are a wise choice for every modern bride.

The sandals can also be embellished or embroidered over velvet finishing. The designs on velvet elevate in a lovely way. If you want to pair the velvet sandals with a fancy outfit, then choose the no designs ones.

14. Sandals With Bells And Hangings

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A bride dolls up with everything that adds beauty on a special day. Even if she is a simple girl, she would love wearing decorated sandals on the wedding day. So, every bride who wants to enhance her beauty will be happy with these fashionable sandals.

The sandals with bells and hangings can be paired with the outfits like bridal sarees, lehengas. You will fall in love with your decorated foot when you wear sandals.

When you slip your foot into the sandals, you feel it special and place your foot elegantly. All this bridal blush starts when you start decking up yourself for the wedding. But it is also needed to have the right accessories and footwear to feel it all. We are pretty sure that all these wedding sandals are in every girl’s dream bridal look. So, go on with your choices to feel unique and special on your wedding day.

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