Never break up using these ways


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Break up

Firstly, let’s start with how you should probably tell your boyfriend that you are not in love with him anymore will be hard. But making that happen via other means is not right. It might be hard to say it on his face.

Well, stories may change if your partner is the biggest jerk in history. Otherwise, make sure to please remember that there are ample ways to break up with your guy, either in an humane and respectful way. Well, having said something like that – Here are some of the worst breakup methods that you shouldn’t use to do the big thing. Sad thing, your boyfriend might expect a ‘love you’ text and you may end up hurting him if you follow the following ways, so never or not to breakup using these ways.

Ways How Not To Breakup



The top way that most girls follow is by texting their guys. This is kind of the worst way of saying about breakup with him in simple text because it’s simply stating – doesn’t he’s worth to make a call at least. It doesn’t matter if he is worth or not, he is at least worth more to you than a mere text.

Also know – why is it hard to break up with someone



Well, let us say that if you and your boyfriend are in a LDR (long distance relationship), trying to break up over an E-mail really sounds very bad that why you’re ending-up the relationship. So, don’t do that or don’t even send a text. For all it is worth, try to break the cliche and either break up in person or at least the maximum you can make it on the call.



Never ever, try to break up through Facebook. Don’t try to just change your relationship status from “Relationship – Single”. That could be the worst way because he will be hurt like hell if he finds out through the notifications that you’re no longer his girl. Ouch, that could really, really hurt the poor guy. For what it’s worth, just avoid this social media for breaking up.

4Twitter or Instagram

Twitter or Instagram

Well, let us just say that you can’t seriously do this to the guy you have spent last summer with, alright? Using a hashtag (i.e., #ForgetAboutMe) or a breaking up picture to tell the guy that you are breaking up, is seriously unfair and you are just making a fool out of yourself. If you end up doing that then people will just think that you are a heartless person who is breaking a man’s heart on a social media platform. It kind of doesn’t make sense.

5Voice mail

Voice mail

Another worst method is “Voice mail” – Dont endeavor to put an full stop to your relationship with a voice mail. So kill that method and be a man! Embrace your womanhood and tell him why you don’t love him anymore. He will in fact respect you even more.



Yes, everybody accepts that you are a creative person. But that doesn’t have to stand out all the time, right? At least not during a break up! Try to be sensible enough and don’t write a song about your relationship being over then upload it on YouTube. This could be the worst way of telling the world that you are a horrible human being who doesn’t have the spine to break up in person and uses her creative gift to break a man’s heart. Do you really want to be that girl?

-Pavithra Ravi