Traditional Feather Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattoo Designs For Women

The feather tattoo is considered as one of the most sought after designs, that give a cultural symbolism as well as heritage. The feather tattoo also come in different styles and designs and has a quite rich background with meaning which depicts the character of a bird from which it is taken from. Some feather tattoo designs for women are so distinct as well as elegant, that it effectively reflects the characters of different species of the birds they are basically derived from.

If you have a feather tattoo of an eagle, ostrich, peacock or any other bird, then it intuitively identifies with the bird’s character. Some feathers of a specific birds like the eagle are mostly deemed to have some sacred attributes. Another symbol of a feather tattoo is that of its aspect of freedom, due to the fact that feather can fly easily in the wind. Peacock feather is also popular with women tattoo lovers with its given beauty and the array of colors.

Feather tattoo designs for women also symbolize many different things with many cultures, like the Native Americans perceive wearing a feather tattoo that can reflect on the rich heritage. So here, are some types of feather tattoo designs for women that you can even try.

Feather Tattoo Designs For Women

1Single feather Tattoo

Single feather Tattoo

Single feather tattoos look pretty awesome on anybody, and plus when it is on the back of your hands it can reflect the sexiness in you more. This tattoo is simple plain and have no much work done on it. You can even easily hide it to the places you don’t want to show your wild side too.

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2Full hand feather tattoo

Full hand feather tattoo

If you are more bold enough to show off the full hand tattoo, then I would recommend to go for this amazing one. It have the feathers drawn from the wrist and the feather later breaks into birds who fly away. It can look like breaking free from something. Remember it is not for everybody, so if you are ready to pull off this beautiful tattoo then it can never be better than this one.

3Anchor and feather tattoo

Anchor and feather tattoo

Well you might think that anchors are basically for men, but my dear you are wrong. Even women can easily and very elegantly pull off this amazing tattoo that has a little touch of feminity with feather. This can make you look more strong, and give you the women power.

4Elbow pointing feather tattoo

Elbow pointing feather tattoo

What can me more sexier than this single feather tattoo at the lower arm. No body will notice, but everybody will love this simplicity. It is a very simple tattoo so you can wear it off with anything you want. A best tattoo for minimalist and a simple person.

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5Single shoulder tattoo

Single shoulder tattoo

Same like the full hand tattoo, in a smaller version. Only one feather depicting the motive of flying high and breaking free from all the boundaries. Shoulder tattoos always look great, and what can be better than this amazing feather to take the place in your shoulder and increase the amount of sexiness in you. The best part is you can flaunt it whenever you want, and hide it whenever you want.

6Infinity ‘love life’ feather quote tattoo

feather quote tattoo

Infinity and quote tattoos are always amazing, and how great it is to have a mixture of both? Yes, include a dose of feather in this style. I am sure, feathers can make this really cute infinity sign without much of a gizmo. Include the quote ‘love life’ and live it to the fullest.

7Peacock feather tattoo

Peacock feather tattoo

Here comes the peacock tattoo, the most famous as well as the most sought after tattoos. Peacocks can show off your real colorful personality. You can wear them anywhere you want, be it in your arm, shoulder, or just like the picture your belly. It can never go out of style, just like you.

8Arrow feather tattoo

Arrow feather tattoo

Arrow and feathers is one of the common types of Native American tattoos. Why not give that type of tattoo a twist? Just an arrow and the feather hanging around it. Wear it any wear, just be bold enough to show it.

Best Tattoo Designs For Women

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