17 Lesser Known Facts About Underwear That Will Leave You Amused


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Lesser Known Facts About Underwear

One of the most essential piece of our day to day garments, Underwear like all the other pieces of garments has a history. While it may not be as great a topic for office cafeteria discussions but these interesting facts about underwear will leave you really amused. Here are 17 lesser known facts about underwear that will surprise you.

1. A 10 year old boy named Jack Singer of Warwick, New York. Holds the record of wearing maximum number of underwears 215 in total one over the other on 13th June 2010.


2. Every women wears average six different sizes of bras throughout her lifetime.

3. The police in Colfax, Washington arrested a man named Greg Flaherty who was suspiciously roaming around an apartment laundry room. After investigation it was revealed he had stolen about 1,613 pairs of women’s underwear.

4. In Italy women often wear red underwear on New Years, as a practice to bring good luck.

5. Men’s breifs were invented in the year 1935.

Men’s breifs
Image Source: en.rocketnews24.com

6. Bra fitting experts say, that almost 80% of the women who wear bras, are wearing a wrong bra size.

7. During the Victorian age, Women usually wore Panties without the crotch. Apparently they considered the crotch-less panties more hygienic.

8. Wonder what G in the G-string mean? The etymology of g-string says it could stand for groin, since groin was always a word attached with taboo.

9. An auction in Edinburgh, sold the underwear of queen Victoria for a record ₤ 9,375. Roughly about 825300 rupees. It was a cream white knicker with her initials VR (Victoria Regina)

10. According to sexual researchers, men who wear boyish briefs are subconsciously not ready to grow up.

According to sexual researchers
Image Source: www.sportsdirect.com

11. Where did ‘ going commando’ first start from? Although the origin is unclear, it might have come from military commandos who preferred to go without under wears. In harsh climates underwear could give them infections, crotch rot and itching.

12. An egyptian paraoh, Tutankhamen or king Tut was found burried with 145 pair of underpants.

13. Mary Phelps, a woman from newyork is known to have the credit of designing a bra. She patented her Bra design and sold it off to Warner Brothers Corset Company for 15,000 USD (9,85,612 rupees.)

14. Can you imagine getting killed for wearing a certain bra? Well, in 1995, a woman named Berbel Zummer was taking a stroll in a park wearing a metal wire enforced bra under her dress. The metal attracted the bolt of lightening and she died on the spot.

15. A bra with an alarm. A women from Britain has made a bra that monitors heart beat. If a women is in danger, the increased heart rate will trigger an alarm and ward off the danger.

A bra with an alarm16. Corsets, one of the most popular yet controversial piece of underwear was often made by using whale bone parts. This led to so much killing that is brought almost near extinction state to the Baleen whales.

17. One of the most absurd styles of wearing your pants below the waist and letting your underpants peep, were made popular by Hip-Hop dancers. It is called as sagging and it probably originated when jail inmates were asked to remove belts and wear pants without them as the belts can be used as weapons.

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