How to wear a bra in ish-tyle

bra in ishtyle

Do you have similar looking bras? Well, gone are those days when women have similar looking un-colored-faded bras that they wear over and over again. Yes, it is now time to show off their skinny bras that look sexy and totally irresistible. India, though, is not a huge fan of exposing too much of their lingerie, there are Bollywood actresses, who are inspiring young girls with all kinds of style. It indeed has brought out a great fad in the fashion and bridal world. The lingerie stores nowadays have a lot more than just straight cuts and cup size differences.

Colors, textures, look, feel, fabrics have come into the play and makes it tough for girls to pick out on what they are looking for. We have come up with a few stylish ideas/tips on how to wear your bra stylishly. Here are a few fashion tips on how to show off your bra, confidently and trendily.

Tips On How To Show Off Your Bra Confidently

1Bra as a saree blouse

Bra as a saree blouse

Well, if you have followed Bollywood movies, you will find out that bra has been their blouse on the saree. Yes, this is a huge fad and looks sassy. Songs like Desi Girl, Batameez Dil has actress Priyanka and Deepika sporting a bra on their amazing saree. If you have the confidence to pull off a halter neck bra, and if your body complements it well, why not try something new. You can very much ditch the boring blouse that is done to death. Get a designer bra that goes great with one of your Chiffon sarees. You can try out patterns and sarees that can go colorfully with your bra. It would be fun to make a difference for once. Isn’t it?

2Bra as a Choli

Bra as a Choli

This has become one of the most followed trend, in weddings and receptions nowadays. Young girls have been trying this feisty style and have been pulling it off quite well. If you are confused what this is, this is nothing but the top that goes on your Lehenga. Instead of a long Choli that covers your assets, wear a bra Choli that will give way to accentuating your abs. If you don’t get a bra that goes great with your Lehenga, get a bra type Choli stitched. It’s that simple! Yes, by looking stunning, you may probably end up looking better than your bride.

3Bra over your jeans

Bra over your jeans

Have you seen Katrina Kaif wearing a cover up spaghetti top inside? No! That’s because she knows her bra can make the perfect mark. Try looking different by following her trend too. If you have the confidence and body, you can actually pull off a great designer bra over a transparent top. Most of the times, girls wear a spaghetti top inside a transparent shirt or top which may make it lose the beauty. Get a designer or gold shining bra and pair it up with a top and jeans. A shrug or jacket can give you the confidence to look great if you are a beginner.

4Bra with a skirt

Bra with a skirt

Another excellent way of wearing a wonderful bra is by matching itwith a beautiful flowy skirt. Printed bras can go very well with such skirts. Patterned bras look great with short minis also if you have the attitude to carry it off. If you are too apprehensive about a short skirt, you always can make it knee or below knee length and make a beautiful set out of it. It will be a modest and sexy combination. Although the skirt will take the center stage, your bra will show off the modesty and confidence in you. It depends on how much you want to show or not.

5Bra on Hot shorts

Bra on Hot shorts

This is the perfect beach outfit. Go for sporty, colorful bras since you are planning to give out a very beachy look. Florescent, big patterned, bling ones would make a great match with lifeless-colored shorts. Halter neck bras go great when it comes to beach outfit. With the beach outfit, people are surely going to gawk at you, but if you are in Goa, who cares?

All said and done, you need to spend a good time in your trial room trying different kinds of bras and bringing out new ideas on how you are going to match it. Confidence is the key, so don’t forget to pull off a great outfit with a pinch of attitude and a lot of confidence. Your idea is to look sexy and not cheap. Spend some money and invest on your lingerie, so you can look absolutely great and stunning!

-Pavithra Ravi

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