Ways to match your bra and outfit


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Woman fashion world is really weird. One day you are wearing a turtleneck and the next day, you are attending a party with a backless dress. The neckline of a woman’s attire is completely unpredictable. You need to be very careful when you pick up bras for yourself because you have no idea what you are going to wear and what kind of bra you might need. Knowing the right kind of bra is very important for the outfit you wear. Look for colors, sizes, and strapless or with straps that will keep your bra hidden under any kind of dress you wear. Wearing the right size bra is the most important since your size can break or make your look for the day. Here are ways to match your bra and outfit

Top Ways To Match your Bra and Outfit

1Choose an appropriate color


Always choose a color that makes appropriate feel to the dress. If you are wearing a white dress, choosing a black bra only makes it the case worse. Pick ones that match your skin and that match your clothes. Print or dots, check out for your dress color and pick the one that is similar to that. Avoiding bold colors while wearing transparent or light colored tops, should be kept in mind.

2Always match your bra to the activity


Sports bra does not make a huge appeal to you, but does the work perfectly of keeping you comfortable. Match your bra to the activity you are doing. Some studies suggest that a sports bra is best during exercise, which reduces 74% of bouncing of your breasts. You need to match your activity for your comfort and stick to the kind of bras that give you what you require.

Wearing a halter neck for halter-tops will make it easier for you.
A strapless bra for backless dresses
Spegetti bras for spegetti type tops which will look elegant

3Convertible bras


This is also called flexible bras. Convertible bras are generally easier to match the dress you are wearing allowing you to adjust the straps according to the dress you wear. You will have more options in convertible bras making it easy for you. This would be cost effective and you would not have to buy many other kinds of bras for every outfit. Have one or two and you are good to go.

4Match your bra and underwear


While it is good to match both your inner, it isn’t all that necessary also. You may wish to match them for a good look, which will satisfy you. If you are not aiming at matching them and are looking for comfort, do not worry about the match. Just wear whichever makes you feel more relaxed.

5Buy thicker bra strapped ones


Thick bra straps give you support and won’t break easily. If you have bigger breasts, it is always best to go for thicker ones that give cup size coverage and holds you bra for you.

6Padded push-ups


Buying a padded or push up bra will give you volume under your t shirts or dress. This will emphasize the look and feel. Look for one that creates a smooth, natural silhouette, otherwise it will end up looking lopsided or fake.

7Choose the right size


Right size is the most important part when it comes to buying a bra. Go for a fit that will, suffice both the breadth and the cup size of your breasts. Sometimes you can take your own measurements using a tape. Measuring your breast size is easy. You might have to consider wearing your bra and even your t shirt and then tape your size. Usually, the tape measure should go across your nipples.Do not allow it to become slack, or even too tight. Whatever the tape shows is your bust size.

8Buy quality ones


Quality bra stays as long as 2-5 years and has a lifespan more than those of the cheaper ones. You need to take care of the bras like you take care of any other apparel. Washing it or dumping it with other clothes, may sometimes loosen the elasticity or break it open easily. Instead, try to wash it with your hand.

9Go to a professional


Sometimes it is fine to seek professional help. Go to a lingerie store to buy and measure your size. Remember that your size will keep changing from brand to brand. So, do not wed with just one size and go ahead buying all the bras without even trying it.

10Always, a trial is good


Try your bras before you invest. Though this may take a lot of your time, it is an investment you are making. So, try it on, check for its comfort, size, color, pattern and then consider buying. You might also want to look for the cloth. Write down your favorite brands and then go for shopping. This will help you find the right kind and the information will be helpful for your future also. Remember, it’s the fit that matters, not what the tag says!

-Pavithra Ravi

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