Some things your dogs want you to know


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Pets Love and Affection

It is obvious that at least 70% of the houses have dogs as pets. The love and affection you put in while adopting them should only be doubled by time but not many show the same love on their pets after a few months or years. Most owners fail to understand the language of dogs and don’t understand what the dogs expect from them. It is important that you at least acknowledge the pet and treat him with care and love. If you wish to learn more about dog language, you ought to spend some quality time with them and understand what they are trying to express.

It could be awkward at first, but you should understand that dogs are very much like humans and are tad more when it comes to dependence and demanding love. So, here are some things your dogs want you to know. Learn them sooner to help them feel at home

Some Things Your Dogs Want To Tell You – About Dogs

1Don’t get irritated when I lick you

Dont get irritated

Yes, dogs are over caring and like said, they demand and show a lot of love and affection when they see you after a long time. This could be a daily process and it could irritate you easily. But remember that he is seeing you after a good 8-9 hours and it feels new every time. If your dog licks you or barks or even wags his tail continuously, he is just trying to tell you that he missed you and loves you. If you are back home, spend 2 minutes with your dog and cuddle him. That’s all he expects!

2Give me sometime

Give me sometime

He is trying to tell you that he needs time to understand you and your language. It may be very difficult for both of you to adjust at first, but since humans have six senses, it gets easier for us. However, for dogs, it isn’t always easy. They want you to know that they are trying hard to understand your mother tongue and they will strive to do their best when you ask for something.

3Trust me


They want you to trust him like how he trusts you and lives with you. Dogs often have ways to show they respect youand expect the trsut from you.  Dogs sense everything and trust is one of them. Trusting your dog is a natural process and that’s exactly he wants you to do. If you are leaving your child with him, trust that your dog wouldn’t hurt your child. Let loose and since they sense it, they know you have faith on him and his actions which makes him closer to you and people around you.

4Don’t be angry with me for too long

Dont be angry

Your dog wants you to know that he can’t take it if you are angry with him for too long , he feels scared and sad. Also, don’t try to punish him if he has wrecked the place or torn your clothes. Locking your dogs inside a room or putting him outside the house could be the worst kind of punishment you as owners can give him. Remember, you have your parents, friends and people to enjoy. But your dog has only you and it is important that you take care of him with utmost love.

5Take me inside when the weather is bad

Take me inside

Your dog doesn’t deserve to be outside either getting wet in rain or sleeping under the snow. He needs to be taken inside to a warm place when it’s snowing out there. He wants you to know that he is feeling cold and he wouldn’t require the entire house for him to roam. A kitchen door would do or a place in the store room would be sufficient for him. Remember that dogs are much like humans and though they have a lot of thick skin, they get or catch cold easily. So, don’t leave them out there. Bring them in and comfort them. Build a small house for him inside the living or store room.

6Talk to me, please

Talk to me

Yes, you don’t talk the same language. Sometimes you may not understand what your dog is trying to indicate. But all that he’s trying to say is spend some time talking to him whether or not you understand his language. Dogs start to learn your language once you start talking to them. So, even if you don’t understand him, he will understand what you are saying to him. Also, it’s better to communicate with your dog because it increases his intellectual sense. He will understand you even when you are in danger.

7Take me outside

Take me outside

Dogs can get very possessive at times due to over affection. If your dog has been barking for a while and wants to be given attention, he just wants you to know that he wants to go out with you. You get to go out almost every day, but do you take him for walks or to play? If not, take him out and make him experience the different world out there. Let him socialize with other people, dogs and make friends of his own. It’s healthy for dogs to go out and socialize, or they will get depressed easily.

8Treat me sometimes

Treat me sometimes

Food is one of dog’s favorite pleasures in life. You ought to treat your dog at least once a week for him to love you more. He knows you don’t share food because you want him to be healthy. But treating him with dog biscuits is important. It makes him wag his tail harder and he will love you more.

9Please don’t hurt me

Please dont hurt me

Pl-ee-aaa-ssse don’t hit your dogs. This is a great sin if you’ve been doing it. Remember that they have stronger teeth and they can crush you in one second. But they don’t do that because they choose not to hurt you because they value you as their master. The same way, choose not to hurt them.

10Come with me when it’s my end time

Come with me

It is important to make sure you show your dog extra love when he is breathing for the last time. Touch him, tell him how great a buddy he made, kiss him and show him loving looks which will just tell him how much he means to you and vice versa. You don’t have to talk to him, just hold his hands and that’s enough for him.

People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life like, loving everybody all the time and being nice right. Even puppies/dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long. So for the time they are with you, try to take good care of them. Love them with all that you can and he will remember you even he dies.

-Pavithra Ravi