Surprising Weight Loss Benefits Of Different Types Of Tea


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Different Types Of Tea

The popularity of Tea in India compared to any other beverage surpasses all limits. If there was a national beverage of the country, it would definitely be our beloved ‘Chai’ or Tea.

Who doesn’t like a hot steaming cup of tea? It is a soul satisfying feeling,to even hold a hot cup in your hand, and enjoy the aroma as you sit by the window on a rainy day. It is just incomparable right? But what if, we told you that this heavenly feeling of sipping tea can help you lose weight? Wouldn’t that be just amazing? Well, it is true. Tea has so many different varieties that you might not have even heard names of some of them.

Some of such varieties are extremely great at helping you lose weight, And what better way to be leaner than sipping your favorite cuppa tea. Look out for these teas that help you lose weight.

1. Green Tea-

Green TeaThe most popular variety of tea for weight loss is green tea. This superb green concotion of herbal goodness contains antioxidants that burn away the fat.

Especially from the belly. It contain Catechins that are known to break adipose tissues and release the stored fat. It increases the metabolism of your body and aids the process of weight loss. It also increases the liver’s capacity to turn fat into energy.

This is a tea that is most widely used and considered as one of the best teas that help you to lose weight. Combine this tea in your daily routine and follow your green tea with proper diet and exercises. You will definitely start noticing the change in a matter of 5 to 6 days.

Consume this healthy beverage in place of those sweetened artificial juices. Green tea also has good effects on your skin.

2. Oolong Tea-

Oolong TeaAnother famous Japanese tea which is greatly known for its weight loss benefits is Oolong tea. This tea is responsible for greatly boosting your metabolism and preventing fat deposition in your body.

It is also a good weight loss tea as Oolong tea also prevents fat absorption because of the high levels of anti oxidants it contains called as polymerized polyphenols. Oolong tea also has soothing and calming effect on your mind.

It is a great way to de-stress after a hectic day at work. A lot of people who drink Oolong tea regularly have been observed to have lesser fat deposition over all compared to non tea drinkers.

3. Mint Tea-

Mint TeaA lot of people gain weight even when they do not eat as many chapatis at lunch as others. What could be the reason, in a almost half the cases it is munching of unhealthy snacks at wrong times.

If you are guilty of this crime too, Then mint tea is exactly what you might need. While science says that a certain smells can increase your hunger, some scents actually inhibit your hunger pangs.

Mint tea is a great way to stop that untimely snacking as the aroma of mint can suppress your appetite. Mint also improves digestion and it is extremely healthy option tot those cans of soda or fried chips that you keep on consuming every time you feel hungry.

4. Rooibos tea-

Rooibos teaRooibos tea is basically a tea from Cederberg region of South Africa, where it is made from the leaves of red bush plant. It is greatly beneficial for humans as it contains a powerful flavanoid called Aspalathin.

It is responsible for reducing the secretion of the stress hormone. This stress hormone in excess can lead to triggering hunger repetitively. It also stops the formation of new fat cells considerably.

This beautiful looking red hue Tea is naturally sweet so no added suger will go into your body. Take this tea everyday to improve your health and lose weight.

5. White tea-

White teaWhite tea, very popular for weight loss power it is a tea really sought after by health fanatics. Other than the weight loss benefits it is a great tea for health. It is usually sun dried and it has thus, maintained sources of antioxidants.

One of the expensive teas of the world, White tea has 3 times the antioxidants contained by green tea and it is effectively responsible for not just breaking down lipids(fats) but also restricting the formation of fat cells.

It is also considered great for skin as it is known to protect your skin from the sun inflicted damage. Just sip this superb white tea for a week to see the amazing change in your rate of losing weight.

6. Chamomile tea-

Chamomile teaOne of the famous soul soothing teas chamomile tea is a great way to end the day. Sipping this tea at night before sleeping will make sure you’re calm and your sleep is sound.

Chamomile tea is known to reduce fatigue and depression symptoms that can occur due to sleeplessness. Chamomile also thus, helps you in indulging in night time snacks and untimely meals. Take this tea for your overall health and care.

7. Kava Kava tea-

One of the most strong reasons for weight gain can be stress. Stress can make you fluctuate on the weighing scale. Stress due to work or anxiety to perform can lead to worrying thoughts, This stress can lead to Insomnia and other disorders like eating disorders.

Kava kava puts and end to those thoughts and helps you sleep better. Anxiety caused eating disorders can be bought down with kava kava. Make sure you use kava kava on just some instances and not always as it may cause intoxication of the liver.

8. Matcha Tea-

Matcha TeaMatcha tea is a great tool for weight loss as it contains superb amounts of EGCG. This compound is responsible for two main actions that lead to weight loss one of them is that it boosts Lipolysis (breaking down of fat cells) And secondly it also inhibits Adipogenesis (Formation of fat cells ).

These two complementary processes keeps match ahead in the aiding the weight loss game. Drink Matcha tea to lose weight as it contains Proteins too. It is a super great way to lose weight in an accelerated way drinking tea.

One of the best herbal tea for weight loss Matcha with its green creamy looking texture is one of the teas to lookout for while planning to use teas for weight loss. Make it in a traditional way or by adding it in lattes or you smoothies. This will always give you great benefits.

9. Mate Tea-

Mate TeaAnother one of great herbal teas for weight loss, Mate tea contains ample amount of Antioxidants that help fight cancer, B Vitamins and Chromium. This is far much better than green tea for weight loss.

Mate teas has thermogenic effects which helps increasing your body’s calorie burning rate. It also increases insulin sensitivity and thus, reduces weight.

In a certain study it was seen that people you consumed Mate tea has increased levels of metabolic rate even without indulging in any kind of exercises.

10. Barberry Tea-

Barberry TeaKeeping the best for thew last, Barberry tea is like a master key to the excess weight problem. Made from the barberry tree stem, fruit and bark.

This tea contains a very powerful chemical by the name of Berberine, that is literally like dream while burning fat. It can help contain weight and stop any further gaining of weight.

This tea makes it possible to be able to spend more energy and make it possible to the cells to absorbs any further fats. It also prevents tendency of your body to resist to insulin. It keeps your body healthy and extra fat free. It is a great inclusion in any weight loss diet.

This is not just the best herbal tea for weight loss but also our favorite weight loss teas.

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