Different blouse designs to wear for weddings


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Blouse Designs

If you have always wondered what to do when it comes to sarees and blouses, then you are going to not wonder from now on. A lot of people wear the same kind of blouse for every wedding. It is either too simple like a cloth or too grand like a garland. So, we are going to tell you what different blouse designs you can wear for your relative’s or friend’s wedding. There are many blouse designs for different occasions and for different purposes. If you are attending your friend’s marriage, you don’t want to steal her thunder and yet you don’t want to be looked at by aunties in the marriage hall. So, you have to wear something appropriate, stylish and in which you feel comfortable. In India, sarees and blouse designs never end. Designers and tailors come up with so many designs and neck shapes that can confuse a woman. So, let’s not beat around the bush anymore. Let’s dive straight into the topic of different kinds of blouse designs to wear and how to make yourself look super hot, sexy and hot-shot all at once.

Here are Some Blouse Designs to Wear for Weddings

1Princess cut blouse design

Princess cut blouse design

Princess cut is the safest bet when it comes to Indian and orthodox weddings. This is because, it is neat and also stylish at the same time. You don’t have to get judgmental looks from people around you and still you would look young and pretty in them. The best part about a princess cut is that, you can pad them so that your breasts won’t look extra big. Most women prefer princess cut because it is very comfortable as well. This way you will not steal the bride’s thunder and your assets are intact in their place. You won’t embarrass yourself in a pretty princess cut.

2Zari Vine blouse design

Zari Vine blouse design

The best part about a Zari vine is that it is very feminine and a very romantic blouse design. It basically is a large back cut with a zari added to the bottom or on the hand sides that make you look beautiful. You can obviously have a knot tied that will look even more feminine. You can pick to stitch motifs and embellishments on the blouse too that will give a detailed look. Gold motifs, flowers, mango shaped motifs, zari with floral designs are generally the most loved type of motifs. The only thing with a zari blouse is that you have to keep it very neat and careful because the heavy work on the blouse can get damaged if you don’t keep it safe and secure. So, always remember to keep it wrapped with a soft cotton tissue or paper towel. You could also use the blouse shaped storing bag that can help you with the safe storage of the zari designed blouse.

3Velvet blouse design

Velvet blouse design

The best thing about a velvet bodysuit is that they are very sexy and make you feel hot. You can wear this kind of blouse for your friend’s sangeeth or your relative’s Mehendi. Since they hug your body, the best part is that it helps you show your body figure. The beautiful designs go really well with a chiffon saree or a plain cotton saree too. The bodysuit also fits any size, so you won’t have a problem with the fitting too. You need to make sure that all the velvet blouses like the ones that come with knit designs or the weaved one should be dry cleaned well. There is a separate velvet type called the crushed velvet which can be used in the washing machine. You should make sure to hold your velvet blouses in a horizontal way while handling them and make sure to keep it under all your clothes so that they don’t get dirty or torn easily.

4Sheer blouse design


The best thing about sheer blouse design is that it can go to any wedding night or a cocktail party night. Sheer blouses are basically high necked blouses that are beautifully laced on the back. The only thing about a sheer blouse is that it can also be transparent, so don’t bother to wear a bra inside if you have a padded sheer blouse. If you don’t have a padded one, you could try to wear a halter neck designer bra so that it doesn’t look awkward. You can try to wear subdued colors like silver, blue, gold or black. The classic one is always white. You can try designer sheer blouses as well. Make sure to iron it every time and wash it every 2 times after you wear it. Sheer blouses are self embroidery, so don’t add anything else on it because it may not look great if you overdress yourself with it. You will look good if you opt for a plain yet elegant look.

5Jacket blouse design

Jacket blouse design

When you want to mix traditional and modern fashion, you could go for a jacket blouse. The best thing about a jacket blouse is that it can be short, long or even medium length. If you opt for short jacket blouses, then remember to wear a blingy saree because that will make your blouse stand out and you will look great. If you go for long blouse, then that is good too because it will look like a Lehenga. The long blouses are pretty figure hugging that will give more silhouette-like feel. A jacket blouse is sexy, trendy and totally wearable. Just go with your gut choice and you will look fab.

-Pavithra ravi

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