How to get your hair stylist to understand exactly what you want


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How to get your hair stylist

Isn’t it a nightmare when you aren’t able to convey to your hair stylist what you exactly want? Well, there are many times when you would have gone into preparing a list of things you would want to tell him/her, but when you sit on their chair, it all vanishes. You forget everything that you prepared to tell and search for words. Well, this could happen to a lot of girls. Trust us, we have been there and have tried and fought back our feelings and words. Well, it is difficult to find a hair stylist who gives what you ask for. So, here are a few things you need to know about how to get your hair stylist to understand what you mean/want.

Things Hair Stylist Needs To Know from You

1Touching and feeling your hair is important

Touching and feeling your hair is important

It is extremely important that your hair stylist touches your hair before he/she picks up the scissors. It is obvious that most of the girls think their hair stylists know it all. It might be true, but you need to convey to him/her that you would want to know more about your hair from him/her. While the shampoo stage of your hair cutting could be extremely relaxing and interesting, you shouldn’t rush into it already. You need to make sure that your stylist asks you, has a conversation about what kind of a cut you require, suggests different cuts and then fixes on the one you want before anything can happen. He also needs to tell you the various benefits the cut will give you. Obviously he knows more about the texture and growth. So, always gather information about your hair from your expert and then go ahead.

2Use the right lingo

Use the right lingo

Well, we are not saying that you will abuse your stylist. Lingo here means talking the right and descriptive kind of words that explain what you would require from him/her. Words like bangs can be very general. You need to tell him/her what kind of bangs. Strong bangs or softer bangs. Long or short, thick or thin. Words like this will be descriptive and won’t be very general.

3Talk in terms of problems

Talk in terms of problems

Talking like you know everything doesn’t work with your stylist. You need to list down the number of problems you have and all the mishaps that have happened with your styling techniques instead of asking if this would look cool or that would suit better. This is a very effective way of telling your stylist your problems and this could give him/her a chance to solve it immediately instead of beating around the bush.

4Take samples

Take samples

It isn’t wrong to take a scrap book, magazine or reference to show it to your stylist. It in fact makes the work easier for both of you. Photographs are a terrific way to start your conversation with your stylist. Actually speaking, your stylist would love you for doing this. It makes imitating easier for him/her and he will like it that you are taking extra pains for your hair.

5But, be ready!

But be ready

How much ever you think you are going to rule the parlor with your suggestions, ideas, you should always have the benefit of doubt. Yes, there are those unexpected moments when you wouldn’t know how a reality check can come as a shock to you. Your ideal choice of hairstyle might not always work with the hair you were born with. A good stylist would try to do his best which sometimes could result in a less-than-sexy hair do.

They will give you reality checks on why the particular hairstyle won’t work for you or give you an alternative hair do. This could bog you down, but that’s why talking to her/him before would help you in a lot of ways.

6Short and shorter are two different words

Short and shorter

You need to know the difference between short and shorter. Your version of short could be totally different from that of your hairstylist. You need to tell your stylist how exactly short you want your hair to be done. As a hairdresser, they wouldn’t know what you expect. So, be very careful when you explain to them and speak your thoughts without hesitation.

7Specify details

Specify details

It may look too unnecessary to specify details to your hairdresser, but remember that when you tell him/her about your lifestyle, it gets easier for them to address your hair accordingly. You need to specify if you are high or low maintenance, for clarity. If you’re a pony tail-n-go kind of girl, don’t ask for a hairstyle that’ll take you two hours to get right. It’ll only frustrate you down the line. But if you can manage a 2 hour dressing up, go ahead and get one.

8Ask for product advices

Ask for product advices

Yes, hairstylists are total great at their work, but part of the reason your hair looks so good when you leave the salon is because they use the right products. Make full use of the opportunity while you’re sitting in your chair to find out what they’re using, what they like and what precisely you should use. To get the finest answers you have to be specific. If you have curly hair, ask how often to shampoo and what products you should use, so that it doesn’t dry out your hair. Ask what styling products are going to give the best results and not weigh down hair, etc. This could help you re-create salon like look every time.

Don’t be afraid that you are going to turn out to be the annoying client because the more clarity you give the better it is for you and the stylist. It is always better for both of you to be on the same wavelength. Bond with her/him, speak personal, help him find out your interest and then you will have the best haircut ever! The secret of getting anything done is to be polite, personal and professional!

-Pavithra Ravi

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