Milk Face Packs For Summer


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Milk Face Packs

Milk has always been widely used as its natural beauty treatment for over many centuries. It used to be one of the many beauty secrets of Cleopatra, the beauty queen who is famous for taking milk baths to maintain her youth and beauty. When milk is mixed with face packs then it can provide you with amazing results. So here, are some milk face packs, that you can use this summer to make your skin look tan free as well as glowing.


a. The presence of vitamin A in the milk can help to treat dry, flaky as well as peeling skin. They are essential for the healthy new cell division.
b. The presence of vitamin D in it can give youthful as well as glowing skin, it can also help to boost the collagen production. It can help to slow down the fine lines and the wrinkles. It can help to protect the skin from the free radicals which can cause premature aging. It can help to fade the dark spots as well as the marks. Reduce the acne and promote the skin elasticity.
c. The presence of vitamin B6 in it is necessary for the development of new skin cell formation. It can also help to keep the skin moisturized and healthy.
d. The presence of biotin in it can provide for healthy skin, heals the dry and withered skin, revitalizes dry as well as cracked skin.
e. The protein in milk can repair tissue and help in growth. Promotes in the strong wrinkle-free skin.
f. The lactic acid can help to moisturize, hydrate as well as nourish the dry skin. Keep the skin looking youthful just by combating the free radicals that can cause the skin to age.
g. Potassium help to hydrate as well as moisturize the skin and also solve dry or itchy skin.
h. Magnesium in it is good for youthful and radiant skin. It can slow down the aging process.
i. The presence of selenium can help to fight free radicals, which can cause the skin aging. It can help to protect the skin against the sun damage. It can help to maintain the skin firmness as well as elasticity, making it more youthful.

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Milk Face Packs

1. Milk face pack for oily skin

Milk face pack for oily skinIngredients

a. Milk
b. Lemon juice
c. Cucumber


a. First take a cucumber and peel it off properly.
b. Cut in pieces and grind them.
c. Take at least one tablespoon of the cucumber paste and then add it with at least one tablespoon of milk as well as half tablespoon of lemon juice.
d. Mix the three ingredients and mask it as a pack.
e. Leave the pack for about 15 minutes, rinse it off with plain water.
It can help to give you a clean as well as clear face the very next minute of wash. Doing the process regularly can give a spot free as well as clear skin.

2. Milk face pack for dry skin

Milk face pack for dry skinIngredients

a. Milk
b. Turmeric powder
c. Olive oil


a. Take one tablespoon of milk, in it add some drops of olive oil and a pinch of turmeric powder.
b. Mix them well and then dab them on the face.
c. Then let the paste sit for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse it off with lukewarm water to get a smooth skin.
It can work perfectly for the dry skin as well as help to moisturize the skin from deep layers.

3. Milk face pack to get fairness

Milk face pack to get fairnessIngredients

a. Almonds
b. Milk
c. Turmeric powder


a. Take at least four to five almonds and soak them in the water for a night, the next day morning peel off the skin and grind the almonds with milk to make a paste.
b. Add a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply it all over the face.
c. Leave the paste for about 20 minutes and then remove it gently by massaging in a circular motions.
It can help to exfoliate as well as remove the dead skin. The presence of nourishing vitamins, in almonds can help to improve the skin complexion. Turmeric also work effectively in making the skin light and milk can also help for the same process. Rub the skin by removing the paste, it can help to take off the dead as well as flaky skin out. By regular use it can help to increase your complexion tone. Additionally, it can give you smooth as well as supple skin with a proper radiance.

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4. Milk face pack for glowing skin

Milk face pack for glowing skinIngredients

a. Milk powder
b. Watermelon
c. Yogurt
d. Cucumber juice


a. First take one tablespoon of milk powder into a bowl, in it add one tablespoon of yogurt, two tablespoons of cucumber juice and two tablespoons of watermelon juice.
b. Bind them by mixing well, spread the pack on the face and then leave it on for 15 minutes.
c. Now while rinsing off with plain water pat it dry.

The milk powder can help to clean the skin as well as lighten the skin tone. Watermelon can help in clearing the skin, cucumber juice gives a skin lightening effect, where as the yogurt can help to soften as well as tighten the skin.

5. Milk face pack for radiant skin

Milk face pack for radiant skinIngredients

a. Milk
b. Multani mitti


a. First prepare a face pack by mixing two tablespoons of multani mitti and four tablespoons of fresh milk.
b. Make sure to avoid all the lumps in it to form a very thick paste.
c. Apply this paste on the face and leave it on for about 20 minutes and let it completely dry off.
d. Rinse it off with some cold water.

This face pack can help for radiant skin. It is a very simple yet very effective home remedy to get rid of the radiant skin. Multani mitti can help to improve the blood circulation as well as help to tone the skin. Milk can also help to replenish the skin and leave it young as well as radiant. This face pack can wash away the impurities and give your skin a fair and glowing look.

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