Facial Massage Routine For Glowing Skin And A Slimmer Face

Facial Massage Routine For Glowing Skin And A Slimmer Face

Who doesn’t love getting massages? Everybody! When the word pamper, or spending “me time” comes to anyone’s head the only thing anyone can think of is getting a massage done. It increases the beauty of your face. Now, you may be thinking that, I am going to talk about body massages or spas. But, the answer is no! This article is about massages,but in a slightly different way.

The benefits

facial massagesEverybody is raving about facial massages and why not? Do you know that massaging your face improves blood circulation and removes all the toxins as well as give you a natural flush of glow on your cheeks. Also, it reduces signs of aging and helps you distress and removes all the puffiness, around your eyes. It is also a great way to slim down your face and accentuate your jaw line. In other words, beautifully changing the look.it is one of the best skin care you can do in some simple steps.

Do it anywhere

Do it anywhereLiterally, you can massage your face anywhere. Be that in work, or early in the morning, or before you go to bed, you can do it as many times as you want in a day or in a week. Just make sure that you wash your hands before you massage your face and your face is free from all the dirt and bacteria.

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Now, you can use a face oil, cleanser or a moisturizer to massage your face. So here are some facial massage routine for glowing skin and a slimmer face.

Facial Massage Routine

1The Sprint

The Sprint

Run your fingers all over your face, as though they are sprinting. It is like a warm up that helps in relaxing your facial muscles, before your start off with the massage.

2Zig-zag streches

Zig-zag streches

Gently move your fingers in a zig-zag motion. Then move forward and backward,stretching the skin in an opposite direction. You can do zig-zag vertically as well. This helps in tightening fine lines and also releases tensed muscles on your forehead.

3Stress press

Stress press

With the help of two fingers gently press the temples of your head and slowly move from left to right in circular motions. After this just gently pinch your eyebrows, couple of times. Also, you can simply press the centre of your forehead and below the ears and just go with it in a circular motion.

These massages are definitely more effective skin care stress buster.

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4De puff

De puff

Move our finger around your under eyes in a seen motion gently. This helps in reducing puffiness around your eyes, making you feel fresh and calm instantly. So, if you feel that your skin is dragged, then just apply some more moisturiser.

5Cheeky push up

Cheeky push up

Stroke your hands in a upward motion. Do the circular motions from the centre to the end of your cheek bones. Make sure, you do this in an upward motion always and not in downward, always. This massage increases blood flow giving your cheeks a pink flash of freshness.

6Minus sinus

Minus sinus

This is one of the easiest. Just gently, pinch your nose from the tip to all the way from the center of your forehead.

7Toxin removers

Toxin removers

You lymph nodes are typically located under your chin and neck. So, collect all the toxins and push it down. Try to push it down from the front of your chin towards your neck.

8Saw your face

Saw your face

Massage your face from the center to cheek bones to the upward till the brow. All these massages are actually making your facial muscles more active, which promotes slimming and toning of your face.

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These massages are really easy and effortless. You can do it for five to ten minutes or even as long as you may want.


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