How To Get Different Hairstyles In 5 Minutes

Different Hairstyles

We love to look cute and beautiful every single day. It gives us the confidence to achieve our dream. But, everyday going out for a hairstyle becomes more difficult. Sometimes we get late or even feel lazy to work on a particular hairstyle. Also, when we are very late, it becomes more difficult to try out any kind of hairstyle. So here are some tips on how to get different hairstyles in 5 minutes.

Hairstyles You Can Do In Less Than Five Minutes

1Red Carpet Ponytail

Red Carpet Ponytail

The very first thing you need to get this simple and easy hairstyle, is a tailcomb and rubber band. Then use the tail comb end to give yourself a middle parting, in the front part of the head. Then try to flatten or smooth your fringe with your fingers. Make sure that you really smooth it out. Now, spray some sea salt, in your hair and again flatten the front with the tail comb. Then, grab all your hair, and pull it back.

Tie a ponytail in the mid section. Now, use your two thumbs to lift or push up the ponytail on top, and tighten the ponytail by pulling the top end of your hair. Remember to use the top end not the bottom. Just make sure to give yourself a slight puff with the tail comb. Use more sea salt spray in the ponytail and then use your fingers to scrunch the ponytail so, that it looks really messy but fun.

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2Accidental Indian Princess

Accidental Indian Princess

For this look you do not need a brush. But, yeah do not forget to comb your hair!

  • First divide your hair into for even parts. Which is two front section and two back sections.
  • In the two front sections, spray sea salt all over the hair.
  • Then, with all your fingers scrunch it into your hair.
  • Now, take one part of the front section and do a super tight plaits.
  • The trick to these plaits is, keep checking that whether you can pull it back or not because it has to be loose on the top. So, that you can take it back.
  • Now, repeat the same process in the back two parts also.
  • Plaits these sections too and tie them. Now, put all the plaits at the back and hold them all together in your hand like a ponytail and twist them.
  • Then, turn them around into a bun. Now, just tug your bun a bit. The bun looks slightly fallen, which also gives a beautiful hairstyle.

3Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

Gather hair to the ponytail on the side. Split your hair into two.

  • Now, you will have a right portion and a left portion.
  • Get a piece of hair from behind the right portion, cross it over and gather together into the left portion.
  • Take the left portion, and once again get a piece of hair from behind and cross it over and gather together with the right portion.
  • Repeat these steps until you reach the end. Now, take the first elastic out and loosen the braid a bit.

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4Puffy Ponytail

Puffy Ponytail

Tie your hair on the side like a ponytail.

  • Then, tie another elastic about four inches down.
  • Part the bunch into two, take the tip of the ponytail and pass it through the hole and just loosen the hair.
  • Repeat this step until you reach the end of your pony. Even you can also add a cute little braid on the side with your bangs for a slightly different look.

5Simple Braided Ponytail

Simple Braided Ponytail

Do a ponytail, take a little portion of your hair from the ponytail and then braid it. Twirl the braid around the pony, where the elastic is to cover it. The, tug the braided end inside the twirl and be ready to look gorgeous.

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