How To Choose The Best Haircuts That Match Your Face Shape


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Do you feel that, you’ve been your boring haircut a long time and it is a high time to make a change in your hairstyle? Then you are in the right place. Every time whenever we see a girl coming out of the salon or even just passing by, or even an actress with a fabulous haircut that gorgeously suits her look and make her face more attractive, we kind of feel more jealous or itch to get the same hairstyle.

We visit our hair stylist describing, the haircut we want, and forget about everything else that we must keep in mind before a haircut. Remember that, before getting a haircut there are many things that you must keep in mind, and inspiration is not enough.

One of the most important part in this, is your face shape. Here are tips on how to choose the best haircuts that match your face shape, and define your beauty more and more.

Right Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

1An oval

An oval

In this shape your face might have a broad forehead. A slightly wider cheekbones, and a taper jawline. All the facial points are always equally proportionate. So basically, any type of hairstyles works for an oval-shaped face. But if you want to emphasize your best features, then it is best to go for

  • Medium length
  • Light waves
  • A bob

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2A circle

A circle

Round or circle face has very discernible wide points, and tapered chin and if you see that you have a round face, then you must try to make it look longer. Try not to cut your hair any shorter than the levels of the chin. So, some best hairstyles to try for being

  • Long straight hair
  • A long fringe
  • A long wavy ponytail

3A rectangle

A rectangle

In a rectangle face, you can see a clearly defines chin and cheekbones. So, the best type of hair styles for this kind of face is

  • Long hair with fringe
  • Medium waves and fringe
  • A bob with fringe

4A heart shape

A heart shape

Mostly this type of V-shaped face is defined for its distinctive narrow chin, broad forehead. So, you can try these hairstyles to draw more attention

  • Medium length flow
  • Medium length curls
  • A side ponytail

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5A diamond shape

A diamond shape

For those of you who have diamond-shaped face, remember that you have your face widest point that mainly occurs at your cheekbones, and your forehead or chin are the narrowest. It is a good idea to just soften the appearance of your cheeks, while avoiding and accentuate straight lines. The hairstyle you can get are

  • Medium length with side parting
  • A thick fringe with waves
  • Pixie style

6A square shape

A square shape

In a square face, you might have all the points in the face that is, forehead, cheekbones and jawlines equally wide. The sharp corners in this shape need to be softened, so that it can look more gentle. Some hairstyles which can cover the cheeks are

  • Multiple layers
  • Long curls
  • A short sideway fringe

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