9 Types of Dresses Every Woman Should Have


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Every Woman Should Have

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without having a couple of tempting dresses. We all own a number of outfits that are just not comfortable but also compliments our look and perfect figure. We are not going to stereotype any of you women out there on the basis of your figure. As we all own a unique figure to embrace our beauty and feminity. Well, to get back to what we are about to tell you, let us start from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong if I say, a woman in a flauting dress will always catch more pair of eyes than a woman in tight jeans or in any other outfit. This is completely my opinion and I would rather choose a pair of jeans over a dress but a dress is something which is a synonym for feminine side of a woman. So, in this post, we have compiled a list of those dresses that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Dresses That Every Woman Should Have

1A Little Black Dress

A Little Black Dress

A perfect little black dress that fits you well is a must-have dress for your wardrobe. These dresses go perfectly fine on a date night or when you are going in a social funeral event. You can also wear your little black dress in a charity function. You can match your black dress with a light colorful cardigan or with a contrast colored high heels and a matching purse. You can also wear a few of accessories to complete your look. And a simple tip, if you are planning to wear a knee length dress, then you can use a dressier ballet flat to complete your look.

2Casual Looking White or Off-White Dress

Casual Looking White or Off-White Dress

A white casual looking dress will always find its way out in public. You can use it on various ocsasions such as when you are planning a lunch out near a beach or going out in summer. This casual look will not make you feel more like contented but yes, it will help you to feel fresh and young throughout your day. To be in trend, you can opt for a white dress which is having embroidered lace work on it. Even the feature like knee lines also looks good whenever a white or off-white dress is taken into consideration.

3A Dress For A Perfect Date

A Dress For A Perfect Date

This kind of dresses won’t be in use frequently but these dresses are considered as a must-have outfit for your wardrobe. Always keep a dress ready in your closet for a dinner date or a movie date. A perfect date dress should fit you in every absolute way and should compliment your skin tone also. Choose this dress in such a way that it should go well with either high heels or flats. You should keep in mind that a perfect date dress should compliment your skin tone as well as your figure as these are the two elements on which your first impression is dependent on.

4A Dress For The Interview

A Dress For The Interview

When you are having a scheduled interview, especially a job interview for the corporate world then opt for a dress which you usually don’t wear while going to the office. This perfect dress for your interview should display your conservative nature and at the same time should have the elegance. Also, ensure that you don’t expose much of your skin. Neither from your arms nor from your neckline (especially cleavage). Your dress should not go above your skin. Pair this look with wedges. This quality look will help you to bag this job opportunity.

5A Dress For Attending A Wedding Ceremony

Attending A Wedding Ceremony

A girl should have a dress exclusively stored in her closet for her wedding appearance. No one knows who you might end up with in the big day of the bride. You might find a partner for yourself and for that, you need to keep yourself up-to-date with stylish and elegant looking clothes.

6A Dress For Going To A Social Event

A Dress For Going To A Social Event

Do you that kind of person who likes to get into community functions? If yes then, you should own a dress, especially for your social event appearance. You can wear these dresses in social events like fundraising events or in a charity event. A dress which you are planning to save for your social event should have a stylish but conventional look about it. If you opt for a gown then this will be the best option for you. You can pair this gown with short heels and a simple but fancy looking hairstyle.

7A Party Dress

A Party Dress

You should own a dress which you can wear in a normal party. You might need this dress for a birthday party or a farewell party. So, whatever you buy, try to include one party dress in your wardrobe to have a backup plan whenever you need to crash into a party. Parties always need your high-quality look, so try to dress likewise only.

8A Floral Dress

A Floral Dress

You can wear a floral dress when you are at a backyard barbecue. This kind of dresses will also go well with parties arranged in a garden. Big and bright printed dresses are trending these days. They have a casual look about it and at the same time helps you in exploring your perfect curves.

9A Floor Length Dress

A Floor Length Dress

Go for a bold and bright color whenever you are choosing a floor length dress. They look fantastic with high heels and flats. A slip dress always compliements the curves of a long and tall figure. Let the fabric of your dress be soothing and silky in nature. It helps you to get a perfect flauting look for any event. Instead of going for a handbag, try to include a sequin-studded clutch to complete your look.

So, this completes our list of 9 best dresses that every woman should have in her wardrobe. These dresses help you in exploring different faces of you. From a crazy party lover to an elegant social activist, a dress can make you get any look you want for yourself.

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