8 Diwali Outfits for Women – Spread The Lights Of Fashion

Diwali outfits for women
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Diwali is a festival of lights and brightness. Diyas and fire works bring the brightness that lasts for minutes. But the real brightness comes with people. Are you always giving a chance for diyas to make Diwali brighter? Why don’t you be the light- beautiful moving light for this Diwali.

You can go with some fashionable and brightening outfits for Diwali 2019. Let the coming Diwali be a fashionable and traditional one.

Some of the latest outfits let you stay outstanding from the routine wear. As you keep growing in fashion, look back to the last year appearance. The growing fashion sense gives you confidence, happiness and lot more. Are you ready to look out for the trending Diwali outfits for women?

Diwali Outfits for All The Beautiful Women

1. Maroon outfit with gold zari work

Maroon Outfit with Gold Zari Work for Diwali
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Every woman who is looking for bright looking outfit, must choose a maroon outfit. A maroon outfit with gold zari work is the best, especially for Diwali.

You can pick the various styles of outfits with the combination of maroon colour and zari work. The gold zari work stands out on the vibrant colour. If you want to change the colour from marron to any other, then it can be- wine red, burgundy.

All you will need is a pair of earrings to set festive appearance. You can also choose saree to wear with the said combination- maroon and gold zari work. The gold zari work in your outfit is enough to brighten up this Diwali. It is a matches with the light of Diya with shine!

2. Flourescent Lehehga

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Do you think flourescent is an odd colour? Then you are going wrong in fashion. Flourscent colour outfits let you come out with festive brightness. You can choose a floursecent outfit with silver work which is a fashionable blend for ethnic wear.

It is a kind of twisty option for Diwali fashion outfits for women. Every woman who is looking for surprising fashionable outfit for Diwali 2019, will find flourescent outfit as a wonderful choice.

The simple accessories like earrings and necklace make you stay with festive fashion for this Diwali.

3. Khadi Anarkali Suit

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Khadi Anarkali suit is for modish women who want to keep festive traditional alive. The anarkali suits are anyways every festival’s routine outfit. So, give it a fashion change over with khadi fabric. The khadi anarkali is great for simple wear at home for Diwali.

The classy women who wants to go with simple and subtle style can pick khadi anarkali outfit.

Be ready with a pair of heavy ear hangings, set of bangles and ethnic footwear. A puff hairstyle or pony tail becomes a crazy style with Khadi Anarkali suit.

4. Peach Net Outfit with Embroidery

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Planning to attend a Diwali party at your friend’s place? Then, look for peach net outfit with embroidery.

Peach and embroidery is an inseparable combination for ethnic outfits. The sobering peach colour outfit with bright emboridery designs is something that is much suitable for Diwali occasion and events.

The reason behind giving this combination of peach net outfit with embroidery is- you look enough fashionable and bright on Diwali. This is not an outfit that makes you look over loaded with embellishments and accessories. You need some light accessories which are just a complementary for your Diwali outfit.

5. Outfit with Blue Shades

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You can choose an outfit with blended blue shades. The vibrant blue and light blue is a lovely combination. This is a cool blend of blues for ethnic outfits.

The above images of blue lehengas will give you an idea of shades of blue for ethnic outfit. The combination of royal blue lehenga with light blue work is simply breathtaking on a ethnic festival outfit for fashionable women.

This is going to be a heavy outfit that you may need when throwing a Diwali party at your home. The brightness of blue shades spreads beautifully. You can wear pearl jewelry with ethnic blue outfit for Diwali 2019.

6. Yellow Outfit

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Ethnic yellow outfit that is going to make you look super fashionable. Yellow alone can add all the brightness and shine that you need in Diwali outfit.

A yellow outfit with traditional gold jewelry can be everything for this Diwali. A fashion lady who wants to set a brightest Diwali look can go with all yellow outfit.

A full yellow outfit is trending and traditional idea for festive day. You can add the traditional accessories which set you dazzling. A yellow outfit can be for both being a guest at Diwali party or for throwing a big party. Women look godly in full yellow traditional outfits.

You can check out the attached images of yellow outfits for Diwali.

7. Ivory Top with Bright Lehenga

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Ivory tops with bright lehenga or skirt is a known fashion. Let this look fully ethnic with traditional bottom for this Diwali. This is a super stylish outfit for women to attend the evening Diwali events.

The ivory top or shirt with lehenga/ shirt is worn by celebrities for last Diwali. This already known ethnic outfit is still fashionable for Diwali 2019.

8. Magical Greens in Outfits

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Greens are magical in ethnic outfits for women. A blend of two green shades can make an ethnic festive outfit. The golden and embroidery designs can make the green outfit fashionable for Diwali.

The forest green is a beautiful colour that elevates the light green embroidery designs. The golden work and the zari designs also stand out in an ethereal way on dark green. This is an outfit that you can choose when you are inviting your friends for a Diwali party.

You can also choose a dark green kurti with light green dupatta which is a lovely fashionable blend for this Diwali. You can check out this creative outfit idea in the above attached images.

Each of the Diwali outfit is let you set a block buster fashionable look. You will bright along with your the Diwali decor. This time Diwali fashion and ideas for women are going to raise with brightness and super traditions.

Happy and safe Diwali!

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