11 Visible Signs That Say Your Husband Is Ignoring You


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When you know the person’s behaviour and the reason for it, then it becomes easy for you to digest it. Sometimes, we don’t even notice the clear signs and changes that people try to show us. This is going to be toughest with close ones. Especially in married relationships. All this is relatable to the ignorance of your partner. Did you identify any signs that your husband is ignoring you?

If you are wondering “what are the signs of husband ignoring his wife”- then you must know them to get clarity.

Look at these signs and it will be easy for you to tackle your husband’s behaviour towards you. After knowing that your husband is ignoring you, think about the right step to take.

Do You Feel Your Husband Is Ignoring You?

The signs that you are trying to observe in a person are not miscalculations or to increase the problems in a relationship. Signs give you clearance and give you an idea to deal with things better. It can also save your relationships.

1. He cuts the conversations


A couple having deep conversation at tea time is lovely. But for this mutual interest and happiness matters.

If you see that your husband is cutting off the conversations again and again, then this can be a sign of ignorance. Again you can’t think that he is not interested in you anymore. What if he is not interested in the topic you are coming up with? Think!

2. Doesn’t initiate conversations


Is this the first time seeing your husband silent? Then this is something to think about.

A naturally calm person initiates conversations least. So, if you are seeing your husband’s sudden silence, then it can be a sign of ignorance.

3. He is in his own world


Do you feel that your husband is in his own world? Then, you can take it as a sign of ignorance. When he is his own world- he will be lost in thoughts, he has nothing to share with you.

If your husband is not ignoring you then, he must be excited to share things. Even if you are giving attention, he might not see it. If your husband’s behaviour is matching with what I said, then he is ignoring you.

4. Mostly on phone


We generally stay engaged on the phone to ignore people around us. This modern way of ignoring works even at home. So, your husband is escaping from you using his phone.

Instead of connecting with you, your husband is connecting with the phone. This sign seems like everything is fine. But you think of it, if your husband is one phone more the required. Moreover, when you are feeling really ignored, then you must think of it twice.

5. Stops appreciating


It is not that you are expecting too much from your husband. It is also not seeking attention. When you are doing your best, it is the way of showing affection. Appreciation matters a lot in relationships. Again it is not just boosting with words but showing in actions also can be a way of appreciating.

If your husband is not seeing your best and appreciating, then isn’t it ignoring you?

6. He don’t expect anymore from you

Couples having expectations is part of love. When your husband is keeping less expectations it is great but no expectations can be a sign of ignorance. To understand the point, you must read it again.

Don’t you expect from your husband? The same he must also have some basic expectations.

7. He has no complaints or problems with you


Is it just going with the flow? Then, it is tough to say if your husband is ignoring you. How you must think is this way- until someone gives us attention they would not have any complaints. A person who wants to walk along with would have complaints. I mean to say, once in a while if something is not as expected. It doesn’t mean that a relationship running only with complaints and conflicts is a healthy relationship.

8. Silence becomes his favourite language


When a person who loves to talk becomes silent creates endless puzzles until they break the ice. You feeling it as ignorance is not your bad at all.

It is a sign that your husband chose to show you that he is ignoring. Be it any reason but you can it as a sign of ignorance.

9. He responds late


I also don’t think responding late is a sign of ignorance. But we can find the change when a person is responding late just to ignore.

Be it on through social media or direct communication, every time something is more important that you must create a doubt. Not assume anything but this is also a sign that shows your husband is ignoring. Your observation make it clear for you.

10. Vague answers

This is a situation when your husband is responding for formality. He can’t stay calm for the question you raised and also not interested in giving you deep explanations.

He might not feel a need to give you a clear explanation. The talk you are doing is just important to you but not to him. Agree that a few perspectives differ but not all the sudden and every time also. The change of behaviour says it all. So, the vagues answers are enough to ignore a person clearly.

11. Doesn’t participate along


A couple must be a team when handling or tackling something in life. If your husband is not taking part in dealing something along with you, then this can make you feel ignorant.

The relationship is meant to share the phases and moments. When something natural is not happening- then I call it wrong. This is definitely a sign of ignorance.

Reasons Why Your Husband Ignores You

1. You are too late to give him attention

It can be one of the reasons that your husband started ignoring you. He is done with waiting for your attention and now he is prepared not to get attention. It is obvious that we leave things when we are tired chasing them. Did you ignore your husband badly? Then it can be a revert also!

Now your husband wants to remind you about his presence by ignoring you.

2. That Is how he looks for your attention

We react when people change their behaviour. The routine doesn’t work. When he is not getting proper attention from, this is a trial of looking for your attention. And it is sweet sometimes. So, you can check it out and give your partner some attention and affection.

3. He is fully occupied with something

If you are observing your husband is occupied with multi work and other tasks, then it is tough for him to give you time. This busy schedule makes it look like he is ignoring you. We tend to assume things and situations, So, before thinking far that your spouse is ignoring you, check if he is occupied with some work.

4. He is fickle minded

When a person is fickle minded, you are definitely it’s not your fault. As he is changing his behaviour for no reason and minor reasons, then you need to discuss and get your peace. Such a situation coming up often in a relationship is not healthy at cost. Before it affects either or both of you, you must sort it out and come to a right conclusion.

5. He wants his space

It is natural to get bugged or frustrated with someone. It happens in relationships and everything becomes normal over the short time. What I am trying to say is- at a point, everyone wants their own space. If you can recollect, even you must have gone through something like this.

Sometimes, you may unknowingly suffocate your husband and this leads to unhappy marriage. So, you can give your partner some time to come back after getting it clarified. Yes! You need to clarify if he wants his space.

These signs are not to mislead but to get clarity. The signs are the reactions of the reasons. So, we also mentioned the reasons for husband ignoring wife. You must interrelate both and then you will be able to sort it out or come to a conclusion.

Sorting out things in a relationship makes it a happy married life. So, know and do what you are supposed to know these signs of your husband’s ignorance.

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