16 Body Language Signs That Says He Loves You


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16 Body language signs that says he loves you

The friendly nature and smiley face is a bit confusing if you are trying a man’s inner feelings for you. You are stuck in thoughts of whether he loves you or treats you just as a friend. You can’t peep into someone’s heart or mind to know their feelings for you. So, the easy way is to watch their body language signs. The signs that a man tends to do or behaves says a lot about his interest for you.

If you have got into a relationship recently, then you must notice your partner’s body language. Is it love or just cloudy feelings that pass soon or over the time in a relationship. All this is for women who take love and relationships seriously and not for granted. If you are one, then we are happy to help you with a list of body language signs a man loves you.

When you are meeting the guy next time, notice his body language. Don’t overlook making it evident that you are watching him.

Body Language Signs That Tells If The Guy Loves You

The secret lovers hide their love but they show it off through actions and behaviour. Feeling flows out and becomes noticeable for the other person. But they don’t realize it as they are busy admiring and adoring their love. Now take a chance and make a note of his body language signs that say he loves you or not.

1. An open posture

An open posture

Firstly, an open posture is being relaxed without folding hands or legs. He doesn’t tighten his body when you are around but feels comfortable with you. He doesn’t hesitate to stay around you. For him it is a fun, enjoyable time when you both are together.

The open body language says this as well- he is curious and listens to you. If he is crossing his arms then it could be a sign of hesitancy or uncomfortable feeling.

2. He doesn’t lock his hands

He doesnt lock his hands

Hand movements are the most known and noticed body language sign. When you are in a conversation, you express or explain things with hand movements. It is a natural body language of comfort and confidence.

Of course, a person who loves you would be confident and comfortable when talking to you. Crossing hands and locking fingers is a sign of tension, over thinking or being lost in thoughts. Though the man is busy with attempts to impress you, he wouldn’t be lost rather he would pay more attention to you. Isn’t it?

3. Relaxed breathing

Relaxed breathing

You hold your breath when you are absent minded and come back suddenly into the present moment. This happens when you are involved in a boring conversation. By this breathing becomes stressful. Maybe because you want to get rid of the person or the conversation. These would not be the signs of a man who loves you. Instead, he feels relaxed and stress free in your company.

4. Tends to touch you

Tends to touch you

If you know that he is tending to touch you then it is a sign of interest. It could be accidental or not but he is not sorry about it. That means he is trying to get physically close to you. When you are emotionally attached with a person, you tend to get touchy. The man adores you and he wants to show it off.

If you are not feeling weird or uncomfortable then he is not with bad intentions. You would know how a man with pure intentions touches a woman he loves. So, you must feel it to feel this body language sign.

5. Sweaty palms- know why?

Sweaty palms know why

When you are coming his way, his palms start to sweat. It is due to humidity less but nervousness more. He is nervous about delivering his rehearsal he did to impress you. The way he speaks, appears and his style everything is set for you. So, he becomes nervous if you will like it or would be impressed with him or not. It is an absolute body language sign of a man who fell in love.

6. Efforts to look good

Efforts to look good

A man appearing presentable is not a sign of love. But what do you think about a man’s efforts to look better than best for you. His consciousness on physical appearance is new for him. He wants to look polished, trimmed and decent which could be different from casual. Then it is something to think about. If you are finding him being this conscious, you must not ignore his efforts.

7. When he sees you-his eyebrows raises

When he sees you-his eyebrows raises

Eyebrows go high when we are surprised and happy to see someone. Though he knows that he will meet you, still it is a kind of surprise for him. He loves the moment that you are with him. Raising eyebrows is a reaction of excitement and happiness to have some time with you.

Raising eyebrows is an adorable sign of man who loves you. If you are planning for a next meet, notice this body language sign and you will read it right this time.

8. He can’t his eyes off you

He cant his eyes off you

Did you feel this? If we need to explain it- the guy who loves you can’t stop staring at you. You would be busy talking and laughing in a conversation but his focus is on your appearance. It is nothing but his admiration for you.

Technology made it the connection and bond virtual. So, maintaining eye contact is not so easy until you have interest in someone. This is a common body language sign is enough to say that the guy secretly loves you.

9. Leans towards you

Leans towards you

This may not be a sure sign but it could be. When a guy feels attached to you, he may feel better leaning towards you. When he is interested in you, he makes such signs evident. He is also showing willingness to listen to you. Getting closer is a sign of being attentive and affectionate. This becomes natural for the people who are mutually in love.

10. Fumbles and stumbles while talking to you

Fumbles and stumbles while talking to you

How stumbling and fumbling says he loves you? If a man is sociable and lively but fumbles when he is talking to you, then it’s not normal. He is over conscious about when he is speaking to you.

He also feels awkward which is not normal for him.This is because he is interested in you and wants to be sure of his words. He can’t talk anything vaguely or talk overly which gives a bad impression to you. So, fumbling and stumbling over words is natural when you are with someone whom you secretly love.

11. His voices becomes soft and sweet

His voices becomes soft and sweet

Voice the well focused sign of love language. It is also a body language relatedly. The one who loves you knows the magic of a sweet and soft voice. So, dont wonder when his voice becomes sweet when talking to you. He is trying to attract you and impress you with his sweetness.

The rough and high pitch voice tunes down when it is you around him or beside him. He wants to be his best as he loves you. Anyways, who wants to show power over loved ones. Feel it!

12. Avoids any distraction when he is with you

Avoids any distraction when he is with you

Does the guy turn off his mobile or keeps it on silent mode when he is with you?

Then it is because he doesn’t want any kind of distractions when you are together. He wants to spend quality time with you. If you have already noticed the man switching off his mobile when with you then take it as a body language of love.

Paying all the attention to your company is very important. If the man falls for you then it’s not a wonder of him paying attention every time you both meet. It is a common thing for you but he is celebrating your company from inside. So, the first thing he would do to pay attention is avoid distractions.

13. He turns his body cross and towards you

He turns his body cross and towards you

What is the very first sign that says a person loves you?

I guess the answer is “paying attention”. The man who loves you pays all his attention to your words. These are the little things that matter in relationships.

And if man turns his body towards you when you are talking then it means he wants to listen to you. He is also letting you know that he is interested in listening to you and having a conversation with you.

This is the body language of a man who loves you and how sweet is it!

14. He tries to look desirable

He tries to look desirable

Did you ever notice the man taking deep breaths after meeting you? It is when he is trying to appear physically fit and desirable. The deep breath automatically opens the chest and makes the hips appear slimmer. So, he is trying to look desirable by taking deep breaths.

If you have noticed the man doing it then you can consider it as a love sign. Otherwise, why would he want to look best without any interest in you.

15. Smiling more at you

Smiling more at you

Even a stranger smiles at you. So, a known guy’s smile can’t be a body language sign that says he loves you. It is not just smiling to greet you or happy to welcome you. He is genuinely happy to see you.

When you must take his smile as a body language sign of love? When he smiles wide, showing his teeth and that affects his eyes, cheeks and forehead, then it is a sign of happiness. He is interested in you and the sign exposes his unsaid love.

16. Mirrors your body language

Mirrors your body language

When you will know if a man is obsessed with you? The best body language sign that says a man is interested in you is, when he acts like you. This is an unconditional thing that happens to people in love. They tend to absorb your way of talking, behaviour and styles. Their admiration, love and interest reflects when they start to mirror your body language.

Hence, we can say that this is a body language sign that shows a man’s love. His secret interest is growing for you and it cant be hidden, so comes out through actions.

A man’s secret love is hard to hide for longer. He gives the love signals which you may miss or not pay attention to. The body language signs that talk about his feelings for you are clear. Most of the signs are clear and he would repeat those signs. Now all you need to do is look at his signs.

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