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handle a fling

There is one thing that common between every single person in the room you are reading this in. Yes, the one thing that controls our life and has a majority of portion is sex. Everyone loves sex and sex has become a very significant part of everyone’s life. Since sex has become super important, so has the means of having it also. Of course, you are cheating on anybody, but one night stands and flings have become very common these days. There are in fact rules set in place for you to have a successful fling or to handle a fling. The term fling gives you a raw feel of having sex without any kind of emotions. Casual romance, sexual encounters have become the part of everyone’s life. If you find a person who is 24 and virgin, the world would probably laugh at them and shove nonsense at their faces.

Let me explain to you what a fling is. Fling is a very casual relationship that involves two or more people. Whether it is sexual or not, people in the fling would decide that. Fling is basically everything but for love or emotions. But, let me tell you that there are a lot of downsides to having a fling. Yes, sometimes what happens is, you or the other person may end up having some kind of emotion, feeling. If you end up having any kind of feeling for the other person, then you will expect something more than just sex. Fling doesn’t work like that at all. So, there are some rules that you need to know before you jump to a conclusion. I am not here to judge or tell you whether it is right or not. But, since, we care for you, we have put down some rules that you need to know on how to handle a fling.

Tips on how to handle a fling

1Set some rules

Set some rules

Remember that when you have some ground rules laid down, you will be aware about them and you wouldn’t cross unnecessary lines. A fling like I already mentioned is a casual engagement of two or more people and has no place for feelings. Set rules like where you want to meet, what level you want to take it up to and how you are going to do it.

Yes, it is very important for you to be transparent and open about this because you don’t want to get into trouble later on. If you accept and understand the relationship that you are having with the concerned person, it is easier for you and you will be able to cope up with any kind of emotions you have in your mind. Also, remember that you should keep the relationship in a particular limit. Crossing the limit can be troublesome for you and the partner.

2Set your reasons straight

Set your reasons straight

It is also vital for you to know that you need to do this for the right kind of reasons. If you aren’t okay with a serious relationship, then it is always find to fool around. But, if you have a serious relationship going on, having a fling is cheating. If you are undergoing a breakup, a fling is fine. If you are having a divorce, fling is still fine. But, a steady relationship does not need to bring complexity in between.

Remember that cheating your boyfriend or partner can be very consequential and you might end up hurting everyone involved. Fling is just another way of adding spice to your life. Don’t change and turn over what you have in real just for a fling.

3Pick a person you can trust

Pick a person you can trust

You don’t have to marry the person you have a fling with. You don’t have to bring in a person who is sweet, caring or anything. But, it should be someone you can trust and have fun at the same time. It is very important for you to understand that your privacy should be given the space. This person you are having the fling with can also be a person who shares the same kind of opinions like you.

Remember that flings have downside of the other person blackmailing you and recording any kind of photographic images of you and him. So, make sure such stuff doesn’t happen with you. Be clear with the guy and make sure, he understands what a fling is all about.

4Practice safe sex

Practice safe sex

It isn’t wrong to remind your fling to carry some safety measures. Yes, though its just a onetime thing, remember that there are so many sexually transmitted diseases these days. Communicate your rules to him and make sure you also practice safe sex from your side.

5Keep your fling a fling

Keep your fling a fling

You cannot, just cannot bring your fling or introduce him to your friends or family. A fling remains a fling no matter what. Lets keep it straight. There are no extra feelings on him or don’t empathize for him. Don’t bring in any kind of official status for your fling amongst your family or friends. Remember that once you introduce, you might have to keep in conscious touch with that person. If you have decided to keep it as a onetime thing, stop it there and continue with your personal life.

6You can’t get too attached

You can’t get too attached

This is one thing many people don’t understand too. They easily get attached to each other and start giving it a name. If you are clear that it’s a fling, then it stays as a fling and not as a relationship. You cannot define a fling as a relationship. So, getting attached is not a feasible option. You will end up breaking your heart if the guy doesn’t have any feelings for you like how you have for him. So, it is better to keep it very open and clear. No strings attached is the best option for a fling.

-Pavithra Ravi

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