Essential Honeymoon Checklist for a Bride


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Honeymoon Checklist

Congratulation for your wedding! So, the next thing you need to plan is the honeymoon. This is a private time for you and your new spouse. This is the moment you both get a chance to relax after you hectic wedding schedule. Firstly planning for your honeymoon needs a proper time. Make sure you carry all essential things for your honeymoon. Many of us usually tend to forget something or the else. So, here is the honeymoon checklist for a bride.

Honeymoon Checklist



Documents are an essential thing in your honeymoon packing. Without these, you neither can travel nor enjoy your honeymoon. So these are the first thing you need to include in your checklist. Here is what all you need to carry:

• Passport
• Driver’s license
• Airline tickets
• Address of places you want to visit
• Traveler’s checks
• Two sets of photocopies of all of the above
• Photocopy of related medical or trip insurance coverage
• Medical prescriptions



Once you put your essential documents, take your toilet case. These are the stuff you need to carry in your toilet case:

• Toothpaste
• Toothbrush
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Hair Dryer
• Hair Gel
• Hair Spray
• Hair ties & clips
• Hairbrush or comb
• Moisturizers
• Powder
• Perfume & deodorant
• Soap or Body wash
• Sanitary Napkins
• Sunscreen lotion
• Body lotion
• Face Wash



Now every woman needs this because she has to look gorgeous on her special trip. Without these she is empty. These are some basic stuff a bride needs to carry:

• Lipstick or Lip-gloss
• Make-up remover
• Cotton balls and swabs
• Eyeliner
• Kajal
• Foundation cream/ powder
• Makeup brushes
• Hair curler/Straightener
• Aloe Vera



Now this depends on where you are going and on which time. If you are going to honeymoon during the winter you need to carry woolen clothes and if it is summer wedding you need to carry the fewer clothes. Here is the list:

• Undergarments
• Woolen clothes (if winter)
• Bathing suits
• Sexy PJs
• Sexy Lingerie
• One formal dress
• Shorts/ skirts
• Pants
• Shirt/tops/mini tops/crop tops
• Shrugs
• Jackets
• Bikinis



Wearing just clothes won’t be enough. You have worn matching accessories so that you look hot and sexy in your honeymoon. Don’t carry any expensive jewelry as it might get lost. Don’t carry too much of unnecessary stuff which you don’t need. These are some of the essential stuff you need to carry:

• Watch
• Bracelets
• Hat
• Fashion jewellary
• Hair clips, bands
• Purse, clutch
• Shoes and socks
• Heels
• Flip Flops
• Sunglasses
• Reading glasses
• Camera
• Phone Chargers
• IPod
• Contact lenses
• Earphones

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Now medicines are the important part of your life you agree or not. Just because you are going on honeymoon it doesn’t mean that you don’t carry your medicines. You should carry all your important medicines which your doctor has prescribed and which you daily take for health. Here is the list:

• Cold and cough medicine
• Sprain spray and bandage
• Headache medicine
• Birth Control
• Medication according to your health
• Band-Aids
• Aspirin
• Antacid
• Antihistamine
• Diarrhea medicine
• Motion sickness medicine

7Other Important Stuff

Other Important Stuff

Apart from all the above these are the stuff you need to carry which are very important and should be there in your wallet or handbag compulsory.

• ATM cards
• Money
• Visiting cards
• ID proofs
• Your itinerary
• Hotel phone numbers


The main thing of above all this is spending time with your husband. Don’t get involved in using mobile or laptops. This is a special trip so make use of most of the time. Keep your phone away and just enjoy the moment. After all it is the first trip you and your husband are going. This is a special moment and you have to make your trip the most memorable one. Enjoy Your Honeymoon!


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